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How to create an amazing holiday marketing video

Laura Cueva

by Laura Cueva

On 2018 M11 2

by Laura Cueva

The original version of this article appeared on Lemonlight's company blog.

The holidays usually marks one of two things for companies big and small: a time of more relaxed, heartwarming initiatives that coincide with the feelings of togetherness customers have around the holidays – or a time of high-stress, ROI-first initiatives marked by an increase in sales, advertising spend, and customer acquisition.

In either case, you want to make sure you’ve got the right content at your fingertips that will help you accomplish your marketing goals.

It’s important to think about what your holiday marketing plans are when it comes to video from an early start. Since video itself can take longer to get just right, making sure you have something you can be proud of as well as integrating it seamlessly with your other campaigns can take a lot of time.

In this post, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about creating the perfect holiday video so you can get started as soon as possible!

Determine your holiday marketing goals

The type of video you create will depend on your team’s overall marketing goals for the season. Do you want to delight your audiences with some fun content that shows off your brand personality? Or, do you want to use video to increase your fourth quarter sales and conversion rates?

It’s important to make this distinction because not all videos are created equally. A behind-the-scene video from your office holiday party may not do much for your sales numbers. On the other hand, a promotional video announcing a limited-time holiday coupon code may not delight your internal employees. Gear your strategy around who your target audience is and what action you want them to take.

Figuring out your holiday video timeline

You already know how hectic and packed seasonal calendars can be. That’s why getting started early is crucial!

Depending on when you want to launch your holiday video, you should give yourself somewhere between six and nine weeks for the strategy and implementation stages.

If you want to promote your holiday video starting early or mid-December, you need to start planning it around early or mid-October.

Of course, you may want to shoot something more personal on an iPhone that doesn’t require a lot of high-quality effects or equipment. If that’s the case, you should ideally start filming in mid or late November, still giving you plenty of time to download your video, make any simple edits, and promote it where ever you want to.

Creative ideas for your holiday video

Here are some video ideas that can help delight your audience:

1. Send personalized holiday well wishes.

This is one of the best ways to instill a positive brand association. Think about it. When’s the last time you received a personalized video message from a company you bought something from? Receiving a quick “Hello” and “Happy Holidays” via video will warm the heart of anyone who sees it. Focus on past clients or prospective clients and keep it short – use their name and be sincere. Pick a list of recipients who are mostly likely to spread positive word of mouth.

2. Take part in a corporate social responsibility initiative.

What’s better than doing something good for others? Host something like a charity drive, which is low effort and high reward, or work on raising money for an organization of your choosing. Film your efforts, which will not only help raise company morale, but will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it – and the organizations you help!

3. If you could say one thing to your customers, what would it be?

Go around asking your entire team this question and create a beautiful montage of their holiday answers. This is a low-budget way to create amazing content that will really resonate with your audience, creating positive brand association and an emotional connection.

If your marketing goals focus more on user conversion and revenue, you might want to stick to more product-related messaging. Here are four examples to help you do just that!

4. Promote a special deal.

Got a special coupon, discount, or giveaway offer for the holidays? Create an announcement video that outlines the benefits of your offer and lets viewers know how to claim their deal.

5. Create a holiday contest.

With people creating tons of holiday-themed content this time of year – think family gathering photos, dressed up pets, amazing food and recipes, and more – the holidays give you the perfect opportunity to engage your audience. Use video to launch a holiday-themed contest where your fans can submit their own photos or videos, which not only helps spread goodwill among your audience, but gives you tons of user-generated content you can use throughout the season.

6. Start a branded holiday tradition.

Could your brand or service be specifically tied to the holiday season? For instance, outerwear, kitchen appliance, and air travel companies can easily create campaigns around the holidays. Entice users to create a their own holiday traditions using your product or service. Create beautiful video examples, launch a unique hashtag, and see how many users you can get to participate.

7. Film a unique, seasonal testimonial.

Have any of your customers had an exceptional experience using your product? Whether their testimonial is related to the winter season or not, you can create a great, season-inspired theme and tie it to your company’s work. It might be about giving back, it might be about easing the life or work process of someone stressed during the holidays – the narrative of your testimonial could be almost anything, but the power of the testimonial itself could be just the thing to convince users to buy.

8. Show your office holiday transformation.

Do you hang up festive decorations each year? Do employees bring in special knick knacks and decorate their desks? Humanize your brand by showing how your office is getting ready for the holidays, from putting up office streamers to wearing outrageous holiday sweaters. Tie it together with a fun holiday song or grand finale.

9. Who’s your office Santa Claus?

Create a quick day in the life video of your office Santa Claus. Does he drive in every morning? Grab coffee? Is working at your office his “day job”? As Christmas approaches, show his excitement build. Does he hand out presents? What happens on December 26? Use a fun, humorous video to bring Santa to life.

About the author: Laura is a Content Strategist and Copywriter at Lemonlight, a video production company based out of Los Angeles, California.