At Easyship, we know that great shipping software simplifies your workflow so you can spend more of your valuable time managing and growing your business.

The Easyship dashboard provides you with powerful filter settings for shipments, making it easier to view shipments by certain criteria. And oftentimes, we know you need to return to this view, which requires you to enter the same filters, over and over again.

There must be a better way! Well, there is now. We’re happy to introduce a new Easyship feature: Saved Views in the dashboard. This feature allows you to easily save your filters from the Advanced and Manage shipments pages, which will save you from entering the filter criteria each time.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Saving Views

You can create saved views under both the Create Shipments and Manage Shipments sections, with the views unique to each section.

To save a set of filters into views in the Advanced and Manage shipments page, here’s how to do it.

  1. Navigate to the Advanced Shipments or Manage Shipments page
  2. Open Filters
  3. Filter by the relevant fields to find your desired shipments
  4. Once you are happy with your filters you can click on the page name and save the view for future use.
  5. By selecting “Set as default view” you can make sure that every time you come back to this page this is the view that will be selected.
  6. You can always change the filters again and update the same view

You can save as many views as you need, but there will only be one default view, which you will see when you navigate to the screen after logging into your account. You can easily switch between views by selecting the desired Saved View from the menu above the filter bar. Easily switch between views to quickly find the desired shipments.

Easyship Save Custom View

How Will This Help Easyship Users?

There are currently 16 different filter categories on the Easyship dashboard which offers you numerous ways to sort your shipments for specific business purposes. Sometimes you only need to use a filter once to find one specific shipment, but there are other filters that you may use more frequently.

This is where the Saved Views becomes a powerful tool. Rather than building up these filters each time you need for particular shipments, you can now build these filters once, save the view and then access the filters in the future in a couple of clicks.

For example, you can have a saved view for shipments filter with Insurance or from a specific destination country. Here are a few saved views we think will come in handy.

10 Examples of Saved Views to Optimize Your Shipment Workflow

  • Overnight shipments
  • Hot sellers
  • Amazon Shipments
  • Shipments to Dropoff
  • Delayed shipments
  • USPS shipments
  • In Transit
  • Pending labels
  • 'Box A' shipments
  • Return shipments

If you have any questions about Saved Views, you can find details in our Help Center, or reach out to the Easyship support team for advice and guidance on how to implement this for your online store!

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