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September Fresh 2020: New Brands and Products We Love

At Easyship, our ethos is to support creative brands of all sizes. This month we're featuring Beforeyouspeak, Pass the Honey, The Miracle Milkookies & more!
September Fresh 2020: New Brands and Products We Love

By Jules


September 9, 2020

At Easyship, we’re always excited to see the cool and innovative products that brands are bringing to the marketplace. Whether they are an established brand with a new product launch or a hot startup looking to make a splash, we strive always to make sure these businesses can ship their products quickly and at an affordable price.

Our clients are making amazing products, so each month, we’re showcasing new brands and products that have started shipping with Easyship.

This month we’re featuring an Australian brand that blends coffee with superfoods, a honey brand on a mission to save the bees, miracle lactation cookies, a supplement company for high-performing athletes, and a baby bow company that sells, as the name suggests, bows for babies.  

Beforeyouspeak Blends Coffee with Superfoods

What do you take in your coffee? In 2020, the morning cup of joe has been transformed into a performance-boosting drink infused with superfoods. The team at Beforeyouspeak wants to transform the functional coffee space by creating high-quality instant coffee blends that are brewed to improve your health.

The team launched the company with The OG, a Colombian Coffee mix infused with turmeric, MCT oil, Siberian ginseng and a host of other goodies. They’ve since expanded their offerings to include other blends infused with marine collagen, ashwagandha and turmeric as well as adding creamers and brand merch to the mix. On their website you can order packets of 30 of one flavor or mix and match and can even subscribe to have a new box sent every three, four or six weeks.

On their blog they share recipes featuring their blends and offer other health tips for mindful living. You can follow along on Instagram where they’ve accrued a fanbase of 85K followers  sharing behind the scenes clips from their Youtube series Behind the Brand as well as delicious-looking product photos.

Pass the Honey Wants You to Rethink beekeeping

You might have tried the Honeycomb cereal, but what about the real thing? Pass the Honey is on a mission that goes beyond providing consumers with pure, raw and unaltered honeycomb. They want to help save the bees by pushing honey beekeeping practices and related biodiversity to evolve past the current perceived limits of innovation.

Pass The Honey has partnered with Terra Genesis International, the company has launched the world’s first regenerative honeycomb initiative, with the goal of enhancing 7 million acres of land for pollination. The company has also worked  with landowners, research & advocacy organizations, beekeepers and apiarist professionals to bring their vision of environmental innovation to life.

And in case you’ve got a craving for something more than cereal, the company currently sells honeycombs in boxes of 7 servings for one-time purchase or as a subscription delivered every two weeks. Their blog is filled with insightful information about the health benefits of honeycomb, beekeeping and basically anything to do with bees! Need a mood boost? Their  Instagram feed is filled with tantalizing food photos certain to make you crave sweets.

Miracle Milkookies Give Nursing Parents a Boost

New parents know that taking care of your newborn also means taking care of yourself. And sometimes, that self-care can be as simple as a sweet treat.

In 2015,  a friend gifted Whitney Rowell, who was a new mother at the time, a batch of cookies that were intended to help her with nursing. Rowell became inspired to look into information about lactation-promoting ingredients that were in the cookies, such as oats, flaxseed and yeast. She eventually turned her curiosity into lactation cookies, and a new business was born. Fast forward a few years, and Miracle Milkookies are being shipped across the US, helping nursing mothers produce more milk while satisfying the sweet tooth.

The company currently offers two flavors: the original oatmeal chocolate chip and the “klean,” which is gluten-free  and vegan. The cookies can be ordered in batches of 12 or 14 for a one-time purchase or as a weekly subscription. Nowadays, the company offers more than cookies. In 2019, Whitney launched her podcast, “Message From Mom,” which features interviews and helpful tips and stories about parenting.

Hungry for more? Miracle Milkookies’ Instagram highlights inspiring photos of mothers with their children, and, of course, plenty of cookie photos!

Bare Performance Nutrition Pushes Athletes to Go One More

September is all about self-reinvention. Maybe you’re embarking on a couch to 5k journey this fall. Or, perhaps, spicing up your quarantine routine of WFC (work from couch) and Netflix with some home workouts is more your speed. Whatever the case, fueling your body is key to establishing sustainable and healthy routines.

Enter: Bare Performance Nutrition. Founded by Army veteran Nick Bare, the supplement company is built around the “Go One More” philosophy, which challenges athletes to train a little harder and run a little further each day.

Their line of superfood supplements helps people build muscle, stamina, lose weight and improve their overall athletic performance. The supplements can be purchased as single bottles or in bundles, like the Go One More Stack, Pre-Workout Stack or Daily Health Stack.

BPN publishes recipes and guides on their blog, and has a podcast where Bare interviews athletes and trainers as well as answers questions from customers.

Over on Instagram, the brand’s fitness community comes together to share their fitness journeys, workout videos, and other feats of strength accomplished as they push their performance.customers.

The Baby Bow Club Has It All: Scrunchies, and Hairbows, and Face Masks, Oh My!

Sometimes it’s tough to get into the club — and then when you actually do, it doesn’t live up to your expectations. While we’re not members yet, we’re seriously contemplating joining the Baby Bow Club after checking out this Aussie family-run accessory store.

Founded by one-time DJ, and now head bow lady, Tara, the Baby Bow Club creates beautifully handcrafted bows, clips and scrunchies for toddlers. With an array of pastel and floral designs, the bows come in classic and petite sizes, for kids of all ages. Plus, they’re doing their part to help keep everyone safe with a line of masks in a variety of catchy designs.

With the Bow subscription package, parents can have a new set of three bows delivered monthly to keep the collection fresh and seasonal. After all, there’s no faux pas worse than rocking last season’s scrunchie.

For a look at their latest offerings, head to the shop’s Instagram where their latest offerings are on display — including immaculately styled flatlays demonstrating just how a true club member rocks a Baby Bow.

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