The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on eCommerce. That’s why at Easyship, we’ve been keeping a careful eye on the coronavirus’ impacts on online shopping and global shipping.

After carefully filtering through the data we’ve collected over the last few months, we decided it was time to share it with those for whom it would do the most good - our users. In this unprecedented times, we hope that these shipping insights and eCommerce trends will help you make better business decisions and help your brand better navigate the twists and turns of coronavirus shipping.

This report will take you through the different verticals on Easyship so you can see what impact the pandemic has had on different eCommerce sectors, like health and beauty products and electronics. More importantly, we’ll dive into exactly what products are sought after right now and what people are avoiding as “non-essential” during this time.

It should come as no surprise that current eCommerce sales trends reflect the fact that most of us are staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic. With people rightfully concerned about their health right now, soaps, sanitizers, and medicine are trending up, with major increases in shipping volume across the Healthy & Beauty vertical. Similarly, no one’s traveling or spending much time on outdoor leisure, so luggage, bags, and sports equipment have all lost significant shipping volume over the last months.

As always, the Easyship team is on hand to help you figure things out. If you ever need any questions answered or ideas on how to navigate shipping during the pandemic, reach out to our support team.

Health & Beauty

Month-over-Month Sales: down 48%

Top Routes

Singapore to: Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, US, Macau, Australia, New Zealand
US to: Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Canada, Qatar, Japan, Brunei, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Russia


Month-over-Month Sales: down 53%

Top Routes

Hong Kong to: Australia, New Zealand, UK
Singapore to: Malaysia, Australia, US, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, South Africa, Hong Kong
US to:  Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Chile


Month-over-Month Sales: -49%

Top Routes

Singapore to: Hong Kong, Taiwan
US to: India, Taiwan

Bags & Luggage

Month-over-Month Sales: -37%

Top Routes

Hong Kong to: Australia, UK, US
Singapore to: Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong
US to: Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Norway, France, New Zealand, Mexico

Home Decor and Appliances

Month-over-Month Sales: -45%

Top Routes

Hong Kong to: US, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, France, UK
Singapore to: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, Brunei, Philippines
US to: France, Switzerland, Canada

Month-over-Month Sales: -32%

Top Routes

Hong Kong to: Australia, US, UK, Germany, India, Canada, Romania
Singapore to: Brazil, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan, UK, Indonesia, Aramex
US to: Canada, Japan, Singapore, UK

Month-over-Month Sales: -31%

Top Routes

Hong Kong to: US, Canada, Singapore
Singapore to: Brazil, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan, UK, Indonesia, Aramex
US to: Singapore, Australia, Canada

*figures all cover the January 2020-August 2020 period

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Blog post updated on August 28, 2020 to reflect new information