Shipping to Tuvalu: The Definitive eCommerce Guide

This guide is designed to show you everything you need to know about setting up your shipping strategy in Tuvalu. Unlock your growth, by utilizing our tools and expertise, in serving millions of shipments to Tuvalu and beyond.


Tuvalu eCommerce Facts & Figures

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Shipping Rates & Couriers to Tuvalu

Easyship offers a wide range of couriers & services that ship to Tuvalu. Link your own courier account, or use our pre-negotiated rates to show the fastest, cheapest and best value deliver options for every customer.

Tuvalu Shipping Tips & Information

Get helpful Tuvalu shipping tips & information. Find out about public holidays and non-working days before you ship.

We're experts to Tuvalu

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When shipping to Tuvalu, ensure you pack shipments securely. See our guide .

Popular eCommerce platforms in Tuvalu are eBay , Shopify & Magento .

Payment methods used by Tuvalu are Bank card & cash on delivery

Consumers generally don't expect free shipping in Tuvalu.

Saturday and Sunday are considered non-working days. You may experience delays for your shipments on these days.

Public holidays are also considered as non-working days. Please refer to the country's official Public Holiday page for specific holiday dates.

Tuvalu Import Tax & Custom Fees

The taxation for a particular country depends on the local GST/VAT, as well as the item category and its declared value. The tax & duty threshold is the amount at which a person begins paying taxes based on the declared value of an item.

Tuvalu calculates using the CIF method, which means the import duty and taxes are calculated based on the value of the imported goods as well as shipping costs. Click here to learn how to calculate customs charges or use our calculator to see fees.

Duties & Tax Details For Tuvalu

Currency: (TVD)

Calculation Method: CIF

Tax & duties are calculated on the price of the products and shipping costs

Tax Threshold: 0 USD

Tax (VAT/GST): 20%

Duty Threshold: 0 USD

Import Duty Product Categories

Shipment items in an order will have relevant duties charged at this rate


20 %


20 %


20 %


20 %


20 %

Accessories (Battery)

20 %

Health & Beauty

20 %


20 %


20 %


6 %

Pets Accessories

12 %

Dry Food & Supplements

14 %

Home Appliances

20 %

Home Gardening

20 %


20 %


20 %


20 %

Audio Video

20 %


0 %


6 %

Books & Collectibles

1 %

Tax & Duty Calculator
Shipping Documents

Shipping Documentation to Tuvalu

Shipping internationally requires a lot of documentation, which can be confusing and time consuming. Easyship generates this paperwork for you automatically based on your shipment's information, making the whole process easy.

Commercial Invoice

Battery Statement

Tax Documents & Shipping labels

Tuvalu Customs: Shipping Restrictions & Prohibited Items

Confused on Tuvalu customs and regulations? Before shipping to Tuvalu (or any country), it's important to know if there are any special arrangements to make when sending them or even if they are legal at all. Get shipping regulations for Tuvalu and other countries at Easyship.

Prohibited Items

  • Alcohol

  • Animals

  • Chemicals

  • Currency

  • Drugs

  • Explosives

  • Firearms

  • Fresh Food

  • Plants

  • Seeds

  • Tobacco

The list of restricted items changes frequently, so it's always best to check the official customs page prior to sending your goods.

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