Key Points:

  • DHL shipping cost is calculated by considering several variables, including the dimensions of the shipment, the average cost of the company, and the speed of delivery
  • Shipping parcels over 154-pounds (70kg) with DHL will incur a shipping surcharge
  • Easyship offers up to 91% discounted shipping rates, including for DHL domestic and international deliveries

DHL is an established global market leader in international shipping and courier delivery. Their domestic and international shipping rates fall in about the middle range compared to other courier companies.

Like other shipping companies, the DHL shipping cost will be dependent on several factors, including the dimensions of the package, delivery speed, and company policies. Below you will find a breakdown of the DHL rates and descriptions of their key services.

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International and Domestic Rates: What Are the Differences?

Regardless of whether you want your shipment delivered in the morning, midday, or at the end of the day, you can get a DHL quote based on the destination, size of the package, and choice of carrier. Below are DHL rates per service.

Courier NY to London (5lb package)
DHL International $186.74
UPS Worldwide Expedited $221.93
FedEx International Priority $252.12
USPS Priority Mail International $80.65

DHL International Shipping Rates

As mentioned, DHL is an established international carrier and a popular choice for many eCommerce businesses shipping their packages internationally. DHL international shipping rates are more expensive compared to domestic rates. You can calculate DHL international rates using a DHL shipping calculator. You will have to provide your location, size of package/dimensions, and the intended destination to find an appropriate DHL quote.


DHL Domestic Rates

DHL also offers domestic shipping, for those looking to ship packages within the country. Unlike international shipping, sending parcels domestically offers a time-guaranteed delivery. In most cases, they assure delivery by the end of the next business day, considering that there are no valid upcoming holidays or weekends. The DHL shipping cost for domestic deliveries is comparably affordable. However, just like DHL international rates, they are dependent on the size of the package and the distance to the destination.

What About Shipping Surcharges?

The DHL shipping cost may be impacted by surcharges for specific delivery services. DHL does this while ensuring that the surcharges availed are equal for all customers.

Some surcharges include:

  • Fuel surcharges: affects any weight charge on shipments and other transport surcharges. Fuel surcharges are derived from the public fuel indices.
  • Remote area surcharges: applies to shipments collected and delivered to locations that are considerably distant from main towns and generally difficult to serve. They apply to both domestic and international shipments.
  • Overweight surcharges: fixed surcharges applied to every shipment with weights exceeding 70kg. Similarly, it applies to both domestic and international shipping.
  • Oversize surcharge: fixed charges on domestic and international shipments with dimensions exceeding 120cm.
  • Non-stackable surcharge: applied to any pallet on domestic and international shipments that cannot be stacked because of its shape, packaging, or content.
  • Dangerous goods: DHL can ship acceptable amounts of hazardous materials and dangerous packages. However, such shipments are assessed and charged at different DHL rates.
  • Security surcharges: DHL can charge additional costs when shipping to a destination country with elevated risks due to civil unrest, war, and terrorism threats.
DHL International Shipping

How Does DHL Calculate Shipping Costs?

A DHL shipping cost is calculated by considering several variables, including the dimensions of the shipment, the average cost of the company, and the speed of delivery.

Understanding DHL shipping rates is essential for retailers who need to budget a customer's needs. Retailers should consider how the changes will affect the customer. You will likely lose a customer to a competitor if you charge overly high. On the other hand, low charges will likely make less revenue to sustain your business.

A quick way to determine the costs would be to use the free Easyship Shipping Rates Calculator. In such situations, shopping carts provide real-time DHL quotes before checkout. In this case, retailers will have to choose their location and shipping method before checkout to get a quote. This enables eCommerce stores to achieve maximum transparency, which builds customer loyalty. That said, DHL rates are in three categories;

Calculated Shipping Costs

Calculated shipping is a basic way of calculating shipping costs. It takes into consideration the measurements or dimensions of products. As such, you should measure the products and weigh the package to get the DHL shipping quote, which is calculated based on these parameters and your customer's location.

DHL express worldwide provides end-of-business-day delivery internationally for shipments between 70kg and 1000kgs.

Flat Rate Shipping Costs

Unlike calculated shipping, flat rate shipping does not rely on the shipment shape, size, and weight. Retailers have the leverage to fit the much they want into a packaging box and are charged a pre-determined shipping fee. Small businesses should take advantage of the flat-rate delivery option, as it is both reliable and convenient.

Free Shipping

Customers have a lot to benefit from free shipping. However, business owners will have to bear the costs. While this will undoubtedly increase sales and help with customer retention, you should find a way of incorporating the cost of shipping in the product price to get some profits. Free shipping also makes the entire checkout process quite simpler.

Note that taxes and duties can also weigh on the total DHL shipping cost. Fortunately, DHL can organize for the shipper or third-party sender to be billed directly for the taxes and duties imposed on the shipment. These charges often apply when the shipper places a request for the taxes and duties to be billed outside the destination country.

How Can Easyship Help?

It goes without saying that every customer wants the best service for their package, and that includes discounted shipping rates.

For instance, perhaps you want to ship a 5-pound package from the United States to Australia. To ship the 5-pound package, the starting price is $180.00 and delivers in 5-7 business days with DHL’s free shipping rate quote.

This is where Easyship comes into play. Using our free shipping rates calculator, we can calculate the cost to ship to our destination with our pre-negotiated rates for the same 5-pound package from the United States to Australia. Let’s take a look.


Here we can see that DHL Express Worldwide provides the fastest and best value option for $74.53. This option provides excellent tracking services and estimates delivery in 2-4 business days.

What About DHL Shipping Insurance?

You shouldn't ignore the possibility that your parcel will be damaged or lost during transit. As such, you should consider getting insurance coverage for it. DHL shipping insurance covers the actual value of the shipment in case it gets lost or damaged. To ensure the parcel, you should fill the insurance section of the consignment note, indicating the insured value.

Unlike DHL insurance, third-party insurance, such as Easyship insurance, has different procedures. For starters, the value or insurance price is calculated based on the value of the entire shipment. This includes the customs value and shipping cost. With this, the cost will vary for domestic and international shipments. However, Easyship insurance covers a maximum of $10,000.

Get a DHL Quote with Easyship

With Easyship, it’s quick and convenient to ship with DHL Express and DHL eCommerce. And if you’re looking to compare courier services, we’ve got you covered as well. Easyship's shipping automation, shipping rates calculation, and reliable label generation for domestic and international shipments, allow you to supercharge your shipping.

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DHL Shipping Rates FAQ

How much are DHL fees?

Depending on your item value, package size, weight, and delivery destination, fees can vary. It is also important to be aware of the duties and taxes if you are shipping internationally, though that also varies depending on the above variables.

Is DHL shipping expensive?

DHL international shipping rates are typically a cheaper option for shipments and domestic shipping services.

Does DHL charge by weight?

Yes, DHL charges by weight. DHL will ask for the weight, length, height, and width of the package you are sending prior to them calculating the final cost.

Is DHL cheaper than USPS?

Generally speaking, USPS typically offers more affordable shipping rates when compared to DHL. As always, item value, package size, weight, and delivery destination all play a factor in the final shipping cost.

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