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Every business, product and project needs funding to become a reality. Historically access to that funding was difficult to attain without significant connections or resources. With the rise of social media platforms it has become much easier for inventors and entrepreneurs to build a sizable audience excited about their products and services. Crowdfunding is the link between an ambitious idea and a community that wants to see it realized.

What is crowdfunding? It’s a method of raising small amounts of money from a large group of people for a project, product, or business through the internet.

Annually around 17.2 billion dollars are generated through crowdfunding and that’s expected to rise to 300 billion by 2030. It is used by inventors, artists, established brands, and entrepreneurs to raise initial funds for their products, projects, and businesses. While crowdfunding offers new opportunities for funding, it is not easy, and it takes significant time and effort to plan and manage a successful campaign.

Over the years, a series of best practices have developed to help crowdfunders navigate the campaign process. This fast-moving industry is always evolving with new approaches, tips, and ideas emerging all the time. There is one aspect that will never change though: passion. It takes passion and planning to execute a campaign and reach your goals.

For this guide, we collaborated with our partners from Launchboom, Indiegogo, and BigCommerce to share the current best practices and insights for launching and managing a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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