Our customer stories

“ It was actually a better cost saving for us to go with Easyship which got us the best price for a range of different countries ”

Bugs Harpley - Decent Espresso

Easyship allowed us to scale up tremendously. With the marketplace sync and competitive shipping rates, it's a must-have service for any eCommerce business.

Natural Company

Even though we started with small volumes, Easyship gave us top customer service and the best carrier rates, which were difficult to get on our own.

Mystery Vide

I definitely recommend this app - they respond to questions quickly and provide great guidance on logistics issues. Love the various useful tools and functions!

We The People

Awesome product and great service - I appreciate their prompt responses. Highly recommended!


Great app for new eCommerce sites who want to ship internationally. Perfect for stores with low volume as the prices provided are competitive.


They always listen and strive for improvement. Whether you're a beginner or an expert at ecommerce, logistics or shipping globally, Easyship makes it so easy.


Seamless integration and loads of useful features to streamline operations. Their responsive team supports all the necessary fulfillment steps. Keep up the good work!


Easyship gives my customers greater choice in delivery options. Automated calculations makes my job easier as I don't have to manually key in different rates.

Focus Active

A functional and handy app to have on your site to solve your delivery needs.


Very simple and easy to use shipping dashboard. It's a welcome addition to my eCommerce store!

Junior Watches

Using Easyship has been the best decision we've made. We offer more shipping options at lower prices and the automatic integration makes workflow a breeze!


Having shipping auto-calculated at checkout makes the buying process more convenient for our customers and our team. We like how the prices are also competitive.

The Golden Concepts

Thank you Easyship for solving my shipping needs! Fantastic service. :)


Easyship has managed to save my business a lot of precious time and money. The support team is responsive and will work with you extensively to get you setup.

GALE Polewear

Easyship is definitely what I needed. I can truly work from home and have someone come to my door and collect my products for delivery with just a few clicks!

Special Delivery for Kidz

Easyship helped us ship to crowdfunding customers in 100+ countries! They were very responsive and proactive in solving unexpected shipping / customs issues.


If you are looking for an easy way to ship worldwide, look no further. Easyship is "shipping simplified" and automated with your Shopify store!

Angry Lane

An excellent app - user friendly and many courier choices for customers!


Excellent shipping platform for eCommerce. The app automatically does all my packing slips, and I love how it notifies my clients about their delivery status!

Washi Kingdom

Easyship works perfectly for my business. I highly recommend it!


I love how it automates the fulfilment process, saving a lot of my team's time. Customer service is top notch - they respond very quickly to all my concerns.


User friendly and their customer service is awesome! I will happily continue to use Easyship for our online shop!

Frequent Flyer

The best way to automate your shipping and focus on growth. Easyship remains flexible and continues to adapt to our business. Highly recommended partner.


Dynamic pricing allows you to choose shipping methods based on what is suitable for your store and your customers. Easy to use and great support!

Modest Mark

Finally! An app that gives small to medium businesses competitive rates on all major shipping companies. Support is fantastic. This is an absolute must-have!

SNKR Project

Two months in, I'm really happy to be using Easyship. They make mailing a cinch and have saved me a lot of time on the order fulfillment front.


Easyship has made fulfillment and shipping a breeze. They are quick, competitively priced, and have a great customer service team.

Bourge Design

It's very convenient to let our customers choose a delivery method. It makes them more aware of the costs and time needed for shipping. Thanks, Easyship!

9 To 6

Love how easy it is to ship both locally and internationally!


Very useful. I highly recommend this app as it's cut down the amount of time I spend on shipping for my online store.


Efficient and easy to use, BalmBeBee will definitely recommend Easyship to all entrepreneurs looking for flexibility, efficiency, and great service! Thumbs up!


Easyship is like having a purchaser, negotiator, legal team and administrator on hand 24/7. We've been able to ship to 200+ countries - here's to many more!


It's super easy and makes shipping so much smoother - I highly recommend!


Partnering with Easyship allows us to provide our customers the best available international shipping options. Thanks for making shipping so easy!


We've been using Easyship for over a year and it's made international shipping a breeze while significantly reducing our shipping costs. Thanks, Easyship!


We're a fan of the seamless integration with Shopify, along with the dynamic shipping rates. Love the easy-to-use platform and various options available.

Operation Overhaul

Really good app for shipping packages and you get the best deals. Their real-time courier shipping is a charm!


Great customer service! Keep up the good work.


We've been using the app for a few months and it's very easy to manage, with a seamless integration. The support team is helpful too. Highly recommended!