Key Points:

  • You can drop off your USPS shipment at one of the over 34,000 post office locations within the United States
  • Alternatively, drop off your USPS shipment at one of over 139,000 blue USPS package drop-off boxes across the US
  • Any stamped mail weighing over 13 oz. is unable to be dropped off at a blue USPS drop box

Ready to drop off a USPS package? With thousands of USPS locations around the States as well as thousands of blue boxes, this is easily done.

Here's a full guide to USPS package drop-off for both domestic and international shipping.

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The 2 USPS Package Drop Off Locations

Learn about the two USPS package drop-off locations here.

1. U.S. Post Office

There are over 34,000 post office locations within the United States. Packages with the shipping labels attached can be left at USPS package drop-off locations, without waiting in line for the service kiosk.

If you need a shipping label for your USPS drop off package, your local postal service location is an ideal spot to buy a label for your best shipping solution for you, including:

Domestic Services:

International Services:

How to Find US Post Office Locations

You can find a nearby Post Office for a USPS drop-off by clicking the Locations tab on the USPS website. Under location type, choose “Post Offices”, enter in your city and state, or ZIP code, and choose your radius (between 1-100 miles).

You’ll also be able to see operating hours and parking available for all results.

2. USPS Mailboxes (Or Blue Boxes)

Also known as collection boxes, you can find over 139,000 blue USPS package drop-off boxes around the US.

Typically, these are blue standalone units on street corners. But collection boxes can also be wall-mounted drop-offs or designated mail chutes within a USPS building.

How to Find a USPS Mailbox Near You

To find the nearest USPS mailbox, visit the USPS website and click on the 'Quick Tools' tab in the top menu. Then click on 'Find USPS Locations'. Enter your city and state or ZIP code, then select your radius (between 1-100 miles).

USPS Drop Off Location

You’ll be shown the address of all USPS package drop-off boxes in your specified area, plus the daily collection times.

Don't Drop Off at USPS Distribution Centers

USPS distribution centers (or Network Distribution Centers) are where parcels are sorted for shipment. Once mail and parcels are processed here, they are then sent to sectional center facilities, which are located in designated regional areas. These facilities continue to route mail to local post offices and their final destination.

These facilities aren't open to the public nor are they retail USPS pickup locations. This means you typically cannot use these centers for a USPS package drop-off.

What Fits Inside a Blue USPS DropBox?

While you can just buy stamps and cram items of many sizes in a blue box, the Post Office won't ship everything they find inside. A few restrictions apply to what can be dropped off for delivery in a USPS mailbox. The following cannot be left in a U.S. postal mailbox:

  • Any stamped mail weighing over 13 oz.
  • International mail with customs declarations that weren't submitted online
  • International mail requiring a customs declaration that bears postage stamps

If you leave any of the above items in a USPS drop-off mailbox, they will be returned to you. It's better to drop these items off at any USPS retail counter

13 oz. is less than a pound, meaning that most packages for eCommerce will need to be dropped at the Post Office, or be arranged for pickup at your business location.

How Often Do USPS Drop Boxes Get Emptied?

Every active USPS blue box is emptied daily. A USPS employee must scan the barcode inside the USPS drop-off location to confirm this pickup no later than 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Saturday collections vary depending on the average volume of parcels in that specific drop box.

How to Simplify USPS Drop Offs

It's a real pain to spend time waiting in line at the Post Office, then have to mess around with extra packaging or forms. Here are a few tips to speed through your next USPS drop-off.

  • Buy postage and complete customs forms online: Most forms and purchases you would make at the Post Office itself can be done on Doing so helps you ensure all shipping labels are properly formatted, which is especially important for cross-border shipments. You can sign up for an Easyship account and access pre-negotiated USPS rates at 91% off for all service types.
  • Create a USPS manifest for multiple shipments: A shipping manifest contains a barcode that allows USPS to process several packages at once. This helps you save time on shipping if you're a high-volume shipper. You can also generate all USPS manifests automatically with Easyship.
  • Schedule a pickup: If you're short on time for a package drop-off, you can schedule a package pick-up. Within the Easyship dashboard, you can schedule USPS pickups at your home or business address.
How to schedule USPS pickups at your home or business address with Easyship

This saves time and money since you save up to 91% off shipping rates, and time from visiting the Post Office. You can also reschedule a pickup if your order details change, like the delivery date or destination.

USPS Package Drop Off Is Easier With Easyship

You can make a USPS package drop off at a Post Office, at a blue box, or by arranging a pickup. However you choose to ship, you'll save up to 91% off all USPS services rates by ordering through Easyship. This is because Easyship is a direct USPS partner, and provides you access to our business-level shipping pricing.

Hop over to our Free Shipping Rate Calculator to see how much you'll save on your next USPS shipment by using Easyship. Or create a free Easyship account to start saving today!

USPS Package Drop Off FAQ

Can you put a flat rate box in a USPS dropbox?

Unfortunately not. Nothing that weighs over 13 ounces can be shipped from a USPS dropbox, and the box itself is too heavy (nor would it fit in the aperture at the top).

Can you drop off packages at USPS on Sunday?

USPS doesn't accept packages on Sunday. You can drop items in mail collection boxes on Sundays for Monday pickup, assuming they're not oversized.

Can you drop off USPS at Walgreens, Staples, or Walmart?

Retailers like Walgreens, Staples, and Walmarts do accept USPS package drop-offs – assuming there's a FedEx counter inside. Check your local search results to determine if these services are available at your local retailers.

Are USPS drop boxes safe?

It's more secure to drop off packages at USPS or schedule a pickup. Thieves have been known to break into blue boxes, though this is rare.