Key points:

  • Cheapest shipping service to Taiwan from the USA is Flat Export
  • The best value shipping service is FedEx® International Connect Plus
  • Easyship can help you find the cheapest shipping to Taiwan, compare exclusive rates from over 250 leading global couriers

The Taiwanese eCommerce market is booming, with revenue expected to hit over $10 Billion in 2024 and continue growing at a healthy 8.2% annually. This is a huge opportunity for ambitious eCommerce stores looking to expand internationally!

Cheap shipping to Taiwan has become critical for eCommerce businesses targeting the growing Korean market. Understanding the best practices, carrier options, and regulatory requirements can significantly impact your business's efficiency and profitability.

This guide provides essential strategies for streamlining your shipping process, ensuring cost-effective delivery, and maintaining customer satisfaction, all without getting bogged down by complex logistics and hidden fees.

This guide will also focus on insights into navigating the complexities of international shipping from the US to Taiwan, ensuring your products reach their destination promptly and cost-effectively.

Cheapest Shipping to Taiwan from the US

Don't be discouraged by high shipping costs or slow delivery times! Sending a package from the USA to Taiwan can be affordable and efficient with the right tools. Here's a breakdown of the cheapest options:

  • Example: We'll compare shipping rates for a small package (2lbs, 12"x11"x1.5") containing books from New York to Taipei, Taiwan.

Finding the Cheapest Option:

We'll use Easyship's Shipping Rate Calculator to compare pre-negotiated rates from over 250 couriers. This will help you choose the most affordable option based on several factors:

  • Price: Get estimated shipping costs from various providers.
  • Delivery Speed: See the expected number of business days for each service.
  • Tracking: Choose the level of tracking detail that suits your needs (basic or comprehensive).

By comparing these factors, you can find the cheapest and most suitable courier services for your needs. Check out this quick breakdown of the best rates available in the market below:

Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
Flat Export 6 - 15 working days Limited $20.88
SF Express - Economy Express 6 - 11 working days Basic $24.32
FedEx® International Connect Plus 2 - 5 working days Excellent $25.09
OrangeDS - Expedited 10 - 15 working days Basic $28.17
USPS - First Class International 10 - 12 working days Basic $28.22
Asendia - e-PAQ Standard 6 - 15 working days Basic $29.62
GlobalPost - Economy 10 - 15 working days Basic $35.77
UPS Worldwide Expedited® 2 working days Excellent $40.22
Asendia - e-PAQ Plus 6 - 15 working days Regular $43.79
UPS Worldwide Saver® 2 - 5 working days Excellent $44.45
Aramex - Parcel 10 - 15 working days Basic $49.53
Passport - Priority Delcon 7 - 12 working days Regular $54.06
Asendia - ePAQ Select 4 - 9 working days Regular $61.01
USPS - Priority Mail International 10 - 12 working days Regular $69.83
USPS - Priority Mail Express International 4 - 8 working days Regular $82.50
FedEx International Economy® 3 - 8 working days Excellent $124.11
FedEx International Priority® 5 - 7 working days Excellent $128.92

To analyze the updated shipping services table to identify the cheapest, best value, and fastest options, let's break down the analysis:

  • Cheapest: We'll look for the service with the lowest total cos.
  • Best Value: This is more subjective but can generally be determined by the combination of reasonable cost, good tracking ability, and faster delivery time. Customer rating can also be a factor here
  • Fastest: The service that offers the quickest delivery time.


  • Flat Export: $20.88 with limited tracking and a delivery time of 6-15 working days.

Best Value (good mix of cost, delivery time, and tracking):

  • FedEx® International Connect Plus: $25.09 with excellent tracking and a quick delivery time of 2-5 working days. Given that it has excellent tracking and an impressive customer rating, it stands out for value despite not being the absolute cheapest.


UPS Worldwide Expedited® and Asendia - ePAQ Select both offer a delivery time of just 2 working days. However, the UPS service has excellent tracking and costs $40.22, making it slightly cheaper than the Asendia service at $61.01.

Based on the provided data:

  • The cheapest service is Flat Export at $20.88
  • The best value service is FedEx® International Connect Plus at $25.09, offering a great balance of cost, speed, and tracking quality
  • The fastest services are UPS Worldwide Expedited® at $40.22 and Asendia - ePAQ Select at $61.01, with UPS being more cost-effective

Shipping to Taiwan: Understanding the Basics

Taiwan Shipping Overview: Shipping to Taiwan requires knowledge of specific customs regulations that can impact both the cost and timeline of your deliveries. By understanding these rules and preparing accordingly, you can avoid unexpected charges and delays.

Customs Clearance: Ensuring smooth customs clearance is crucial. This involves preparing accurate documentation that details the customs value of shipments and adhering to Taiwan's specific restrictions on certain items.

International Shipping: Expanding Your Global Reach

Shipping Internationally with Confidence: Utilizing trusted carriers and shipping services that are familiar with international routes and regulations is essential. Services like UPS, FedEx, and local Taiwanese carriers offer various shipping options, from express shipping services to more affordable slower delivery methods, depending on your needs and the expectations of your customers.

Compare Prices and Services: Leveraging a shipping calculator to compare international shipping rates and book discounted services can lead to significant savings. This helps in choosing the most cost-effective shipping method without sacrificing delivery times or service quality.

Cheapest Shipping to Taiwan

Optimizing Shipping Costs: Effective Strategies for Savings

Bulk Shipping and Consolidation: 

Consolidating shipments can drastically reduce shipping costs and simplify logistics. Whether shipping small packages or larger personal belongings, grouping items can lower shipping rates.

Negotiating with Carriers: 

Regularly review your shipping volume and negotiate discounted rates with carriers. This can result in more competitive pricing, particularly for frequent shippers or larger volumes from the USA to Taiwan.

Choosing the Right Shipping Boxes: 

Selecting the appropriate packaging not only protects your items but can also minimize the weight and reduce the shipping cost. Ensure that the packaging complies with carrier specifications to avoid additional fees.

Technology Integration:

Use shipping services that integrate with your e-commerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. These services often include features like customs advice, an automated shipping calculator, and options to compare prices across different carriers.

Delivery Time and Transit Times:

Understanding the transit times for different shipping methods allows you to set realistic expectations for your customers, which is critical for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust.

Customs Duties and Fees:

Be well-informed about the customs duties and possible hidden fees when shipping internationally. Offering transparency about potential costs can help prevent customer dissatisfaction and disputes.

Streamlining Your Shipping Strategy

Adopting a strategic approach to international shipping can transform it from a challenge into an opportunity for growth. By choosing the right partners, utilizing the best tools, and staying informed about regulations and costs, you can ensure a smooth and cost-effective shipping process to Taiwan.

Ready to optimize your international shipping strategy? Explore our range of tools and resources designed to streamline your shipping operations. Don’t let logistics hold you back—start saving and expand your business reach today!

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How much does it cost to ship a package to Taiwan?

The cost depends on weight, size, speed, and chosen courier, but shipping from New York can start from $20.88 with Flat Export.

Is USPS shipping to Taiwan?

Yes, USPS offers shipping to Taiwan.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Taiwan?

The cost depends on weight, size, speed, and chosen courier, but shipping from New York can start from $20.88 with Flat Export.

Does FedEx go to Taiwan?

Yes, FedEx offers shipping to Taiwan. Shipping from New York can start from $25.09 with FedEx® International Connect Plus 

How much does it cost to ship from US to Taiwan?

The cost depends on weight, size, speed, and chosen courier, but shipping from New York can start from $20.88 with Flat Export.

How hard is it to ship to Taiwan?

Shipping to Taiwan is generally straightforward, but customs regulations should be considered.

Does Amazon ship to Taiwan?

No, itself doesn't directly ship to Taiwan, but third-party sellers might.

How long does it take to ship to Taiwan?

Shipping times vary depending on the service and destination, but it can take from a few days to several weeks.