• The Most Powerful Shipping API

    Easyship is the #1 shipping platform for modern eCommerce merchants shipping from anywhere to anywhere. What once took a full engineering team, can now be achieved by our powerful API, in far less time.

    The Most Powerful Shipping API

    Industry Leaders Trust Our API To Deliver For Their Customers

    • cURL
    • Node
    • Ruby
    • PHP
    • Python

    Flexible API That Meets Your Client's Needs

    Join thousands of businesses relying on Easyship's API to ship millions of packages worldwide. By leveraging Easyship's endpoints, businesses can streamline, automate, and gain control of their shipping process with our suite of flexible API solutions.

    • Access Our Global Courier Network

      Gain access to 250+ global courier solutions we offer or link your own courier rates through one endpoint. We offer the best shipping rates with discounts up to 91% off - guaranteed.

    • Your Most Reliable API Partner

      Easyship's powerful shipping API makes it quick and easy to craft a seamless experience for global shipping. Our stable API offers 99.99% uptime, so you know you're in good hands.

    • Scalable API for Your Business

      Whether you're doing 50 shipments or 50,000 a day, Easyship connects multiple sales channels, with major couriers and fulfillment services to integrate and automate tasks across your tech stack.

    • Ship Smarter with Worry-Free Shipping

      Unlock multiple functionalities with Easyship, such as automated labels, comparison rates, easy returns, insurance, address verification, and tracking, all through our API.

    • Custom Billing & Reconciliation Solutions

      Pass billing information directly to Easyship via API or white-label the API to offer centralized billing under your account. Easyship then itemizes and reconciles all charges to the shipment level, so you receive full cost visibility.

    • Unlock a Whitelabel Experience

      Deliver an on-brand shipping experience by leveraging Easyship's APIs to offer a completely white-labeled experience. Offer discounted rates, routing, tracking and allow your merchants to pay for postage without leaving your platform.

    All Your Shipping Needs In One Place

    Unmatched API Reliability

    Easyship handles billions of API calls while maintaining a 99.99% uptime.

    One API. Many Uses

    We're amazed by the creative uses of our API. Here are some:

    • Fulfillment Providers

      Fulfillment Providers

      3PLs are always looking for an increased assortment of couriers for their clients. Our API gives them instant access without disrupting processes.

    • Growing Brands

      Growing Brands

      Integrated tracking, live rates at checkout and easy returns allow top brands to grow their revenue.

    • Platforms


      Building out a shipping solution for a platform is time and resource intensive. You can integrate with Easyship or build a whitelabel solution that is setup in weeks.


    Use Your Existing Tools Or Ours

    Our developer friendly API allows businesses to grow their revenues and profitability without the time and capital investment of starting from scratch.

    Use Your Existing Tools Or Ours
    Generate Your API Key Today
    Generate Your API Key Today

    Generate Your API Key Today

    See how thousands of developers have leveraged the Easyship API to help grow their business.