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Easyship is making international shipping easier than ever

Easyship enables small and medium size companies to ship internationally. Our customers can compare, select and ship with over 80+ major global couriers solutions and enjoy up to 70% off retail shipping rates. International shipping is easy with calculated Tax & Duty and auto-completed, ready-to-print shipping documents. E-commerce merchants selling on major e-commerce websites can sync all store orders to Easyship seamlessly.

Boost reputation

Leverage Easyship network and boost your reputation in global e-commerce markets

Customer growth

Reach and engage businesses involved in cross-border e-commerce

Be at the forefront

Work with a technology company that provides an in-demand logistics solution

Gain latest insights

Gain insight on the latest e-commerce and logistics trends and innovation

Capture more sales

Increase sales through co-marketing campaigns

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Easyship offers flexible partner programs designed to further your specific business objectives. We are committed to ensure that our Partners become more successful when they partner with Easyship.

Understanding our Business Partner’s objectives are important to us. Get in touch to discuss a partnership that suits your business today at [email protected]