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“ It was actually a better cost saving for us to go with Easyship which got us the best price for a range of different countries ”

Bugs Harpley - Decent Espresso

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The best way to automate your shipping and focus on growth. Easyship remains flexible and continues to adapt to our business. Highly recommended partner.


If you are looking for an easy way to ship worldwide, look no further. Easyship is "shipping simplified" and automated with your Shopify store!

Angry Lane

Easyship has been a fantastic partner for our brand. As a small startup, we had numerous areas we have to cover, many which were outside our wheelhouse. We found Easyship and they helped us incorporate our fulfillment and order processing flow with ease. They offer great customer service and support, going above and beyond to help us get up to speed and ensure our logistics were covered. Thanks Easyship!


Efficient and easy to use, BalmBeBee will definitely recommend Easyship to all entrepreneurs looking for flexibility, efficiency, and great service! Thumbs up!


Easyship has been a lifesaver as it's so easy to arrange a shipment. I particularly enjoy the large choice of couriers and the rates.


Seamless integration and loads of useful features to streamline operations. Their responsive team supports all the necessary fulfillment steps. Keep up the good work!


Easy to use & links you up with many courier providers! You no longer have to sign up & create an account, respectively.

Bottle of Wellness

Easyship has made fulfillment and shipping a breeze. They are quick, competitively priced, and have a great customer service team.

Bourge Design

Probably the best shipping app in Hong Kong. Excellent customer service as well. Highly recommend this company and the software!

Bow Selectie

Easyship was super quick and easy to setup. It allowed us access to many large freight companies without a minimum spend. Also their software syncs with Shopify so no retyping of customer details saving hours during dispatch. Our customers love it because they get accurate shipping estimates during checkout and it even tells them the estimated duty/taxes and speed of delivery, providing them choices based on their needs. 5 Star!


Absolutely worth every penny! We have been using this app daily for just under a year now and we're very pleased with it. This platform is very user friendly and will save you money by getting the best shipping service/cost and time by automatically entering shipping details for you. Their customer service is second to none, from the online chat support to the management team!

Clover Creation

Thank you Easyship for solving my shipping needs! Fantastic service. :)


Been using Easyship for several years with barely an issue, and whenever there is something — usually on the courier side — the support team is quick to fix. Product and account management teams are great too and have proactively reached out to help solve any issues as (or before) they arise. To be able to ship using so many different courier products in a single platform is just so useful. Especially for a Hong Kong-based company where there are few other options to manage a large volume of shipments with such an intuitive and functional UI. Would recommend!

Design Anthology

"Using Easyship has quite literally been so easy! The support and service from our account manager has been 10/10, and our shipping logistics here at Deskr have been flawless. Email support has been amazing and we've had all of our questions answered quickly and promptly. We have had plenty of great experiences by the support team and we've never had a problem go unsolved! I would recommend using Easyship to any new e-com shops that are looking to add a fully functional and streamlined way of shipping. This has been a great experience for us here at Deskr."


If I could give more, they'll get more...to make up for these 1-star toxic reviews. Be reasonable people. The setup can take some time as with many TP services/plugins, but the team at Easyship are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to help you if you're nice and easy to deal with too. I'd recommend setting up a demo phone call, keep a good relationship (as you should with business), and you'll have a seamless experience. They offer some serious analytical tools for an extra, But the basic free package is good enough. Good courier pricing as well. Personally, I've dealt with much third-party software, and the two account managers, Michelle and Shivanjali were top-notch. 10 out of 10. Definitely ask for their help if you're based in the States or APAC. Cheers guys, keep up the good work. Look forward to any new features


I love how it automates the fulfilment process, saving a lot of my team's time. Customer service is top notch - they respond very quickly to all my concerns.


They have amazing support who will reach out to you asap whenever you need them. They are working to make their platform better and more efficient so we can have a one-stop-shop

Fluent Pet

Easyship gives my customers greater choice in delivery options. Automated calculations makes my job easier as I don't have to manually key in different rates.

Focus Active

User friendly and their customer service is awesome! I will happily continue to use Easyship for our online shop!

Frequent Flyer

An excellent app - user friendly and many courier choices for customers!


Easyship really solves our problems, allowing us to scale our business and now we have shipped to over 80 countries which would have otherwise been just a dream.

Gabi The Label

Easyship has managed to save my business a lot of precious time and money. The support team is responsive and will work with you extensively to get you setup.

GALE Polewear

Partnering with Easyship allows us to provide our customers the best available international shipping options. Thanks for making shipping so easy!


After trialling multiple shipping applications, Easyship has bowled over the competition... in a few clicks we have shipping labels with our designated shipping rules. The creation of international shipping documents also are a huge plus for us.

Glow Pear

Easyship is a great shipping solution for eCommerce. It really makes shipping easy.

Govita Laboratory

We can now ship out of multiple facilities with Easyship tracking the product all the way to the customer’s door. The cost savings are also amazing!

Hacked Snacks

"Since implementing and getting to know Easyship our experience is great! Seamless integration with Shopify & 3PL for fulfilment. We appreciate the level of account management and understanding of our business. Can recommend"

Happy Plugs

Shipping is quick and simple. Once I import all of my orders, I can easily ship them after entering simple details like packaging size!


Using Easyship has been the best decision we've made. We offer more shipping options at lower prices and the automatic integration makes workflow a breeze!,


I love Easyship - before I would have to physically drop off my shipments at the post office. Now, couriers pick up from me for a cheaper price! Also enjoy the great integration with Etsy.

Hero Tech



Great App and excellent Customer Services. React to my email within minutes. Definitely recommend to other seller.

IAG Phone

Easyship has been an incredible partner, enabling us to ship to some of the hardest to reach countries globally. They managed the whole process seamlessly; dealing with customs, providing constant updates and advice to help us save money and time. I’d highly recommend them for any startup needing to navigate global logistics.


Easyship provides excellent features that help us streamline our operations and greatly increase efficiency of handling and shipping. Thank you!

Impact Berry

I needed a means to track, process, and collect shipping payment post my Kickstarter campaign. Easyship set me up with a direct contact (Chris), who walked me through the use of the Easyship platform, set my profile up to my needs, and was always available if I had an issue or questions. The platform has a massive amount of features and flexibility, and Chris was always open to constructive feedback. A major feature for me was being able to import all the contacts and addresses directly from the files Kickstarter generates without having to do any additional processing of the info. I was able to ship almost 900 orders, some international, with ease. Great experience all around.

Iron Force Robotics

A functional and handy app to have on your site to solve your delivery needs.


Easyship helped us ship to crowdfunding customers in 100+ countries! They were very responsive and proactive in solving unexpected shipping / customs issues.


The Shopify plugin is incredibly easy to use with so many useful features. Shipping rates are very competitive and support has been top-notch.


The system is user-friendly and make the whole shipping process way easier. Rule-setting for shipment option is definitely one of the best .. Wonderful business to work with, highly recommended.


Awesome product and great service - I appreciate their prompt responses. Highly recommended!


Easyship works perfectly for my business. I highly recommend it!


Easyship proved to be a reliable platform, the system is very user-friendly and it's quite easy to use. You have full control of creating and managing the shipments. If any problems arise with the labels, you can see error messages instantly in your dedicated dashboard. The support staff has been very responsive, friendly, helpful. They are a charm to work with. Highly recommended.

Learn With Mochi

Easyship guided us throughout the whole process of using the app, so we received a lot of support and help from them which helped us a lot. It reduced any need for manual processes and I really like that it updates the Shopify platform with all the tracking information and status'. This way it's all up to date in real-time!

Looking Glass Factory

We had requests to ship overseas but were hindered by our lack of shipping partners. Thanks to Easyship we can meet demand from all over. I love how Easyship empowers brands to go global.

Made Real

They always listen and strive for improvement. Whether you're a beginner or an expert at ecommerce, logistics or shipping globally, Easyship makes it so easy.


Dynamic pricing allows you to choose shipping methods based on what is suitable for your store and your customers. Easy to use and great support!

Modest Mark

I use this app to help fulfill our orders efficiently. It has worked great in the 3+ months that I have been working where I currently am. So far I have not had any real issues with Easyship.


Easyship is like having a purchaser, negotiator, legal team and administrator on hand 24/7. We've been able to ship to 200+ countries - here's to many more!


Love how easy it is to ship both locally and internationally!


Great UI and UX! Choose between many shipping services, all on one platform. You can also easily integrate the service into your platform via APIs.

Morningstar FX

Easyship by far has the best interface and swift integration with our eCommerce platforms. Shipping rates are always very good, so there are excellent savings too!

Moving Beans

Even though we started with small volumes, Easyship gave us top customer service and the best carrier rates, which were difficult to get on our own.

Mystery Vibe

Easyship allowed us to scale up tremendously. With the marketplace sync and competitive shipping rates, it's a must-have service for any eCommerce business.

Natures Collection

It's very convenient to let our customers choose a delivery method. It makes them more aware of the costs and time needed for shipping. Thanks, Easyship!

9 To 6

We were importing all our goods from China to the US, paying high tariffs, then shipping them out to international customers, which was costing a ton. Because of Easyship, we opened a Hong Kong warehouse and were able to ship all our international orders straight to customers, without having to worry about high tariffs from China to USA, while also getting cheaper shipping rates. Easyship is founded in Hong Kong and their software deeply integrates in the Hong Kong carriers, making it essentially the only shipping software available to allow simple eCommerce fulfillment out of Hong Kong


We're a fan of the seamless integration with Shopify, along with the dynamic shipping rates. Love the easy-to-use platform and various options available.

Operation Overhaul

We've been using Easyship for the last couple of years and it is by far the easiest portal we've used to date. The UX is user-friendly, visually appealing and informative at the same time. My favourite feature allows me to gauge shipping cost prior to dispatch without having to read off of a price matrix and weigh out numerous options that suit me. However, where Easyship really exceeds is its customer service. Jose has been by our side since launch and is always eager to reach out either to check up on us or help whenever necessary. Thanks, Jose!


It’s easy to use and can link to my eCommerce website's back-end. Rates are also very cheap and the whole process works flawlessly.

Pod Labs

Proozy is a DTC retailer with the best pricing on the planet for sporting and casual apparel and accessories. We had been using a well known shipping engine that couldn't effectively select the lowest cost carrier, in particular given its weakness in including the impact of parcel dimensions on shipping rates. When we migrated to Easyship, we shifted to real time selection of the lowest cost carrier among 4 shippers and all the shipping modes within each of those carriers. The outcome optimized our speed. In 2022, our parcel weights increased as we increased our units per order. We also incurred price increases from all of our carriers, yet the average cost to ship each parcel went down due to the intelligent carrier optimization provided by Easyship. The savings are exceeding $0.50 per parcel which is astonishing given the increases all carriers have leveled on retailers.


This software and service lets us match the correct shipping courier based on best price, tracking and shipping speed.


Easyship gave us the ability to launch our company as a global business from Day 1, as we currently operate our business in North America and Asia.


My go-to shipping solution

Rug Your Life

Customer service is awesome - fast response and friendly, helpful advice. Love the competitive shipping rates and intuitive platform.


"Easyship is quite a good platform as we can ship to plenty of countries worldwide without worrying about no shipping solution to destination country. Customer support has some major improvement over the years in terms of response speed."


Fantastic service and team that allows us to get the best rates and give our users flexibility. We run multiple eCommerce stores on different platforms. Easyship integrates easily with most major platforms.


Probably the best integration for Shopify stores out there. The ease of use of this app is amazing, plus it doesn't require any coding ability etc. If you do run into a problem, the support team is always there to help you out! For a small business owner, it is a must-have app, not only for ease of use, but also for it's ability to increase sales and provide access to a large variety of couriers!

Salted Line

Overall a good app and service. They compare courier charges and you can choose the cheapest or fastest, or let your customers choose.

Santivia Health

We've had such explosive growth and Easyship has really helped shape how we do our logistics - they've really helped make things easier on our end.

Savage Tacticians

It's not easy to find a fulfillment center with a good platform that is user friendly and easy to understand. Easyship has all you need! In addition, you get an account manager that takes care of all your problems (And there are always problems). Highly recommended!


Excellent, rates are good, and easy to integrate.

Sit Healthier

I can be sure there are no typos in my shipping labels, stop fussing with printing in batches, and focus on other areas of my business that matter more.


Very useful. I highly recommend this app as it's cut down the amount of time I spend on shipping for my online store.,


Great customer service! Keep up the good work.


Finally! An app that gives small to medium businesses competitive rates on all major shipping companies. Support is fantastic. This is an absolute must-have!

SNKR Project

We've been using the app for a few months and it's very easy to manage, with a seamless integration. The support team is helpful too. Highly recommended!


Easyship is easy to use, added a lot of functionalities over the years, and lots of improvements. Customer service is always great and responsive. It has become an essential part of our business.

Sophie & Toffee

Makes everything easier! I can easily compare courier rates, and choose according to clients' need. Documents are generated automatically too!

Soul Art Shop

Easyship is definitely what I needed. I can truly work from home and have someone come to my door and collect my products for delivery with just a few clicks!

Special Delivery for Kidz

It’s easy to use, integrates well with Shopify, and offers reasonable shipping costs – especially for overnight or rush shipping options.

Speed Media

The full solution - from integration with Shopify, storage, pick & pack, to fulfilment - works seamlessly! As a brick-and-mortar B2B company, we save 100+ hours every month, empowering us with more options to expand our business.

Sportsline Asia

It's super easy and makes shipping so much smoother - I highly recommend!


Easyship offers a powerful suite to manage your Shipping process for your eCommerce platform. In addition, they found us the perfect set of warehouse companies to host and fulfill our inventory to our clients. Their support team and account manager are being so efficient, bringing an accurate and fast answer. Finally, their solution allows us to provide over 20 carriers option to our end clients as well as dynamic rates and import tax calculations directly on our checkout page.

Takane Design

Having shipping auto-calculated at checkout makes the buying process more convenient for our customers and our team. We like how the prices are also competitive.

The Golden Concepts

Saves so much time and effort. I have not yet found any negatives to using Easyship!

Ubu boutique

For my company, Easyship has been a lifesaver so far. Great service very close to its customers, accurate tools, and clear interface. You score big already. Great product for us and we are now ready to scale up our business. No hidden costs, no bad surprise, all clear. We have been lost with two 3pls in the past and Easyship is definitely the right setup for us now. They also signed agreements with worldwide warehousing servicing, we can feel safe and ready to go further. I do recommend them 100%


Two months in, I'm really happy to be using Easyship. They make mailing a cinch and have saved me a lot of time on the order fulfillment front.


I definitely recommend this app - they respond to questions quickly and provide great guidance on logistics issues. Love the various useful tools and functions!

We The People

As a small business trying to expand globally, Easyship has been amazing at making international shipping headache-free. The personalised support we have gotten our account manager Krish has really simplified and enhanced our experience. We will definitely continue to use Easyship's services for years to come!

Wild Boar Games

I love to use Easyship! It’s convenience and make the whole logistics process efficient! Once you start using Easyship, you don’t need to worry any typo, you will never miss any orders or client emails. Cause everything is automatic! Thanks Easyship.

Yeet Store