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Shipping Rate Calculator FAQ

Is shipping based on size or weight?

In most cases, couriers price their services by package weight or size, whichever is larger. This is calculated using a calculation which is called 'Volumetric Weight'. The main exception is flat rate services, which charge a flat fee for packages that are using specific boxes. In those cases, the price would be the same if you are shipping a box of concrete or a box of feathers.

What are the benefits of using Easyship's shipping calculator?

Our shipping rate calculator saves you time that would otherwise be spent on tedious research on courier websites. Our handy tool gathers all the best rates from all global couriers for you instantly, based on your specific shipment needs. This allows you to get full visibility of shipping costs for your small business while you save precious time. If you like the rates you see, you can create an account and be generating labels for those couriers in minutes.