Key points:

  • The UK subscription box market is expected to be worth over £1.8 billion by 2025
  • Food is the most popular subscription category in the UK
  • Easyship can handle your shipping needs, so you can ship your subscription boxes as quickly and easily as possible

Are you thinking about starting your own subscription box business? There are so many different categories you can choose between, from beauty to food, so you may be wondering where to start. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best subscription boxes in the UK for women as well as the best subscription boxes for men, so you can see what sells.

Once you have an idea of what products are selling the most, then you can decide what subscription box to sell for your business and decide on a category.

Subscription boxes are extremely popular in the UK. In fact, the latest Royal Mail stats suggested that the subscription box market would be worth over £1.8 billion by the end of 2025.

In 2020, British consumers spent nearly £1.4 billion on subscription boxes, and just under 88 million deliveries were made to subscribers. 66% of people aged between 18 and 24 are signed up to at least one subscription box, which shows that younger people will be most likely to make a purchase.

Subscription boxes started to become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, which comes as no surprise. With people stuck at home and looking for ways to treat themselves, subscription boxes are a great option.

Best Subscription Boxes in the UK

According to the top categories for UK subscription boxes are as follows:

Food - 37%

Razor & Shaving - 30%

Perfume & Cosmetics - 26%

Clothing - 21%

Contact Lenses - 10%

This shows that food subscriptions are most popular with UK consumers. Though there may be more competition in the food industry, if you do have a food-based business, considering starting a subscription box may be something to think about. Food will always be essential, so it is likely that food subscription boxes will always be the top performing category. Though others come close, such as razors and shaving, these items are luxury and therefore may not ever be more popular than food subscriptions.

Let's dive in and explore the best subscription boxes in each category listed above so you can see what most boxes offer and get an idea of what's hot on the market.

Best Subscription Boxes: Food

Best Subscription Boxes UK For Food

When it comes to food and drink items, most consumers will be looking for high-quality products that are fresh, and not necessarily something they would usually pick up from their local supermarket. With so many dietary needs and allergies existing, it can be hard to plan meals and find something you like. Luckily, there are food subscription boxes that can cater to your dietary needs, so you don't have to spend a lot of time researching each ingredient.

Here are 3 of the best subscription boxes in the food category.


HelloFresh is a meal kit subscription box that sends you fresh ingredients (the exact amount, so there's no waste) so you can make healthy meals at home. You can choose between a classic Box, a family box, and a veggie Box. Every box comes with detailed instructions to help you cook the meal with ease. Prices start from £34.99. This subscription is great for those who are often in a rush or never know what to make for dinner.


Degustabox is a food subscription box full of curated food items and snacks. It starts at £7.99 a month, and you will receive up to 15 new products in a variety of flavors, so you can experience new tastes. If you enjoy trying new snacks then this subscription box is a great way to do so for an affordable price. You could also share your new snacks with friends!


Graze is a subscription box service that sends out nutritionally-balanced snacks. You can choose between a variety box, light box, or vegan box to suit your preferences. There are 66 different snacks to try in the variety box alone, which means you have plenty of flavors to experience. A typical box includes a variety of nuts, seeds, fruit, wholegrain, veg, and pulses. Graze boxes usually start at £4.99 and they often offer cheap starter kits so you can experience a smaller box.

Best Subscription Boxes: Razor & Shaving

Most people shave at least one part of their body which explains why this category is in second place. Those who shave often may regularly buy new products to keep up with their grooming routine. It can certainly be frustrating when it's time for a new razor and you have to nip out to purchase one at the last minute. Razor subscriptions ensure you're always stocked up so can stay well groomed.


Estrid is a razor company that offers vegan and cruelty-free products that are long lasting. With Estrid, you can get a starter set for just £7.95 which includes a steel handle, razor holder plus 2x razor blades. You can also choose your own color and get free delivery. This is a great subscription for anyone who shaves often, loves funky colors and will benefit from regular monthly delivery.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a subscription box service that offers premium male grooming products. Simply answer a few questions about your grooming routine, and they will put together a tailor-made plan for you. Despite the name, Dollar Shave Club do also operate within the UK. This subscription box is a great way for men to receive regular grooming products that are suitable for their skin.

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Best Subscription Boxes: Perfume & Cosmetics

Best Subscription Boxes In The UK

Perfume and cosmetic subscription boxes are great for those who like to try high quality brands without paying the expensive price tag that usually comes with them. Perfume and beauty items can last for weeks or months, so signing up for a subscription box is a great way to accumulate top products. With most beauty subscription boxes, you can fill in details about your skin type and preferences, so you will have curated items that are specific to you. Beauty boxes often include smaller sized products, but sometimes they will send out full sized items, which is a bonus.

Secret Scent Box

Secret Scent Box is a fragrance subscription for men and women. When you subscribe, you will be able to choose a plan, and will then be sent 3 x 3ml fragrances each month. All brands are 100% authentic so you always know you're receiving high quality fragrances. Boxes start at £13 a month and are a great way to experience new scents.


Glossybox is a beauty subscription service that sends 5 beauty products from top brands each month. Each box is worth over £50 and subscription plans start at £11.50 per month. Glossybox offers 1, 3, 6, and 12 month plans. Glossybox is a great subscription for those who are interested in beauty and would like to receive a monthly box full of cosmetic goodies that they wouldn't usually try.


Lookfantastic offers a monthly beauty box full of cosmetic goodies. You can choose between a 1, 3, 6, and 12 month plan. They offer different themed boxes each month, so are suitable for those with a unique taste. Prices start from £13 a month.

Best Subscription Boxes: Clothing

Clothing subscription boxes are a great way to try different styles and get some assistance in finding the right clothes for your shape. Most clothing subscriptions come with a personal stylist so for those who aren't too keen on fashion, this can be really useful.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends you clothes suited to your style. All you have to do is fill out a survey including your clothing size, style preference, and budget, and you will be sent items to match. You will receive 4-5 each box and you only pay for what you keep and can send back anything that's not to your taste. Prices vary as each item is different but clothing pieces start at £25.


Fabletics are a sportswear brand that offers a VIP membership plan. With this membership, you will receive great discounts on Fabletics sportswear that you can't find elsewhere. Fabletics introduce new items each week, so you can constantly refresh your wardrobe. Memberships also include access to the Fabletics FIT app where you can view workouts by top trainers, track your progress, and more. Membership costs £54.99 per month.


Lookerio is a clothing subscription service that sends you 5 curated items that are handpicked by a personal shopper. The great thing about Lookerio is that you can send unwanted items back and only pay for what you keep. This subscription is great for women who want to try different styles or aren't confident in their usual choices. With Lookerio, firstly you fill in your personal profile and a personal shopper will choose the clothes that best suit your style and budget without any extra charge. Having personal stylists has never been so affordable, right? With Lookerio, you can subscribe monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. The price for each box varies, as each piece of clothing will differ in price.

Monthly Tee Club

Monthly Tee Club is a men's clothing subscription and you can choose to get one, two, or four T-shirts monthly. Simply add your hobbies, interests, and style preference and The Monthly Tee Club will send T-shirts to suit your style. This subscription would make a great gift to a male family member or friend looking to liven up their wardrobe.

Best Subscription Boxes: Contact Lenses

Did you know that around 3.5 million people in the UK and Ireland wear contact lenses?

If you are a regular contact lens wearer then you will know how frustrating it can be when you've run out of lenses and have to wear glasses until your next prescription comes through. With a monthly lens subscription, you can save yourself the trouble and get them delivered to you to save you the hassle. If you wear lenses but don't have a regular subscription, imagine how much easier your life will be if you did...


Hubble contacts are made of a hydrogel material, including 55% water content and UV protection. A monthly Hubble subscription costs £27 which works out to less than £1 a day. Hubble is currently running an offer where you'll get 15 pairs of Hubble Lenses for £1 on your first shipment.

Vision Express

If you have a Vision Express subscription you can also benefit from exclusive discounts such as 50% off glasses or sunglasses. You will also get access to free eye tests, contact lens check-ups, and more. Contact Vision Express or view their website to find out pricing information.

Subscription boxes are very popular for a few reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • Buyers can sample a product for a fraction of the retail price
  • There is the element of surprise every month as you usually don’t know what will be inside the box
  • It’s a good way to try brands and products that you wouldn’t usually try
  • It’s exciting to open a subscription box each month as it’s essentially a gift to yourself
  • They are affordable, and a rolling subscription means you don’t have to manually pay for repeat purchases
  • With most subscriptions, you can sign up and trial a one-off box for 30 days, and if you decide you don't wish to continue the subscription you can easily cancel
  • They can often be delivered through your letterbox

Subscription boxes also make a great gift for those who seem to have everything, or who you struggle to buy for. If they have an interest in food, beauty, or anything else mentioned in this article, then gifting them a subscription box for a few months up to a year would make a thoughtful gift.

Did you know that over 27% of subscription boxes are delivered through a letterbox? As with most subscriptions, there may not be a set delivery date each month. Letterbox-friendly packages are ideal for those who aren't always at home, as they can still receive their package safely.

How Easyship Can Help With Your Subscription Box Business

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Best Subscription Boxes for Women FAQ

What is the best razor subscription?

Hey Estrid is one of the most popular choices for women's razors.

Which subscription box would be a great gift for beauty lovers?

Glossybox would make a great gift. With 5 surprise beauty products each month, tailor-made to suit your skin type, any beauty lover would appreciate this subscription box.

Best Subscription Boxes for Men FAQ

What is the best t-shirt subscription?

Monthly Tee Club is a great choice. You can choose your style preferences and get up to 4 t-shirts a month.