Key points:

  • Shipping to Indonesia from the USA can be affordable and fast depending on your needs
  • The cheapest option is Flat Export, but it takes 6-15 days for delivery
  • The best value shipping service is SF Express - Standard Express with a 2-10 day delivery time
  • Easyship can help you find the best value shipping options from the US to Indonesia, compare exclusive rates from over 250 leading global couriers

The Indonesian eCommerce market is booming! With an estimated market size of over $35 Billion in 2024 and strong annual growth of over 9,% this results in a forecast value of over $54 Billion by 2029! This is a huge opportunity for ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs looking for new markets to expand into!

Navigating the complexities of shipping to Indonesia from the USA can seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and tools, it can be a seamless process.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview, exploring the essentials of international shipments to ensure you're well-informed and ready to post to Indonesia.

Cheapest Services Shipping To Indonesia From USA

With an annual eCommerce market growth rate over 9% a year forecast between 2024 and 2029, Indonesia shows signs of strong demand and is potentially a market to start selling into.

However, being over 8,800 miles away from California, the closest mainland state to Indonesia, it is one of the most remote eCommerce markets you could ship to.

If you are shipping to Indonesia from the USA, you might expect expensive shipping costs and slow delivery times, however with the right tools this is not always the case. To break down the cheapest shipping rates available, in this example, we are going to ship a small package from New York to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

We will use the following dimensions and plug this into the Easyship Shipping Rate Calculator to compare prenegotiated rates from 250 plus couriers:

  • Weight of package: 2lb
  • Box Dimensions: 12in x 11in x 1.5in
  • Contents for customs forms: Shipment of books
  • Origin: New York, USA
  • Destination: Jakarta, IDN

To help you analyze the cheapest international shipping options available, we have ranked each USA to Indonesia service for sending a package, based on the estimated prices from over 250 global couriers.

While also focusing on the estimated number of business days it takes to arrive at the shipping address, plus the type and quality of tracking available. Here is the breakdown of the cheapest, fastest and best value service:

  • Cheapest service: Flat Export at $20.88. However, it also has the longest delivery time of 6 - 15 working days and limited tracking.
  • Fastest service: UPS Worldwide Saver® at $46.74 with a delivery time of only 3 working days and excellent tracking.
  • Best value service: SF Express - Standard Express at $30.41. It offers a good balance between price and speed with a delivery time of 2 - 10 working days and basic tracking.
Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
Flat Export 6 - 15 working days Limited $20.88
SF Express - Standard Express 2 - 10 working days Basic $30.41
USPS - First Class International 10 - 12 working days Basic $34.71
UPS Worldwide Expedited® 6 working days Excellent $45.03
Passport - Priority Delcon 7 - 12 working days Regular $45.86
UPS Worldwide Saver® 3 working days Excellent $46.74
Asendia - e-PAQ Standard 6 - 15 working days Basic $48.74
Asendia - e-PAQ Plus 6 - 15 working days Regular $55.28
Asendia - ePAQ Select 4 - 9 working days Regular $58.46
USPS - Priority Mail International 8 - 10 working days Regular $70.46
USPS - Priority Mail Express International 4 - 8 working days Regular $81.29

The decision on which service to choose depends on your priorities. If budget is your main concern, then Flat Export is the cheapest option. But if speed is more important, then UPS Worldwide Saver® is the fastest although it is also the most expensive service on this list. SF Express - Standard Express strikes a good balance between affordability and speed, making it the best value option for many users.

Choosing the Best Shipping Option and Service

When considering shipping to Indonesia, various options range from express air freight to more cost-effective sea freight. Companies like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL offer different benefits, from real-time tracking capabilities to cost-effective solutions and varying transit times. The choice depends on your priority: speed versus cost.

Understanding Shipping Costs and Times

Shipping costs can vary widely based on the weight, dimensions, and the shipping option you choose. How much to ship to Indonesia and the shipping time are common queries that can be addressed using online shipping calculators provided by most shipping companies​​. Generally, business days for delivery can range from 1-3 days for express services to several weeks for economical options​​.

Cheap Shipping to Indonesia from USA

Dealing with Indonesian Customs

The Indonesian customs and customs clearance process are crucial aspects of international shipping. Awareness of prohibited items and ensuring a complete packing list are steps toward smooth customs clearance. International shipping rates and potential duties and taxes can be estimated beforehand to avoid unexpected costs.

Shipping Prohibited and Restricted Items

Each country has its list of prohibited items. In Indonesia, these include items offensive to Islam, narcotics, and certain food products. Understanding these restrictions is vital to ensure your package to Indonesia is not held up or confiscated by customs.

Leveraging Postal Services and Shipping Companies

While postal services offer economical international shipping to Indonesia, private shipping companies provide more robust tracking and faster delivery time. Deciding which shipping service to use when shipping USA to Indonesia—be it for the cheapest shipping to Indonesia or the fastest delivery—depends on your specific needs. 

From sending a package to Indonesia to managing regular shipments to Indonesia for business purposes.

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Shipping from the US to Indonesia doesn't have to be complicated. By understanding the shipping options, shipping costs, and delivery time, along with complying with Indonesian customs regulations, you can ensure a smooth process. 

Whether you need to send a package to Indonesia quickly or are looking for the cheapest shipping to Indonesia, there's a solution that meets your needs. Utilizing international shipping rates calculators, being mindful of prohibited items, and choosing the right shipping company are all steps toward successful delivery.

For detailed shipping rates, delivery times, and prohibited items, it's always best to consult directly with the shipping service or use their online tools for the most accurate information.

Cheap Shipping to Indonesia from USA


How much does it cost to ship a package to Indonesia?

Using the Easyship Shipping Calculator, you can compare rates from over 250 carriers to Indonesia.

Does USPS deliver to Indonesia?

USPS offers international shipping, but Easyship might find you a better deal.

How long does it take to send a package to Indonesia?

Easyship can help you find the fastest and most affordable option for Indonesia.

Does Amazon US ship to Indonesia?

Not directly, but Easyship can help you find a carrier to ship from the US to Indonesia.

How much would it cost to ship to Indonesia?

Easyship helps you compare prices and choose the best carrier to Indonesia.

Does FedEx go to Indonesia?

Easyship can help you compare rates from carriers that deliver to Indonesia, including FedEx.

Does UPS ship to Bali?

Yes, Easyship can help you compare rates to Bali from various carriers.