Key points:

  • The success of the eCommerce business is dependent on paying attention to trending products in all markets
  • Your business's unique feature will set you apart from your competition and give buyers more reasons to shop with you
  • With the ever-growing market and launching of new products targeted at meeting the specific needs of people, there are a lot of trending products

The commercial industry has witnessed massive sales of outstanding products year in and year out. The pandemic also opened up channels for creating new products, which shook the global markets. As some people became more environmentally conscious, others were particularly concerned about their health.

The success of the eCommerce business is dependent on paying attention to trending products in all markets. eCommerce businesses, small and large, were positively affected by the sales of popular products as they tend to record more sales than before. With brands regularly working to create products that will meet the needs and demands of people, eCommerce merchants cannot afford to be unaware of products that will capture the attention of the buyers.

This article will go over the top trending products that you can sell and generate massive sales from your own business.

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Selling trending products is one way to scale your business. However, having the right strategy in place is very important. You must also study your target market and know the right products to sell.

The achievement of this highly depends on how much you prepare and do research before picking any products to sell. Consider trying the following steps:

  • Make a research of the profitable products
  • Rely on social media platforms for product ideas
  • Explore various industries for viable data
  • Focus on niche products with low competition
  • Collect data from the sales and search volumes of eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.
  • Compare your ideas from the actual data

After weighing your options and doing good research, it is also best to consider your business and what will work. With the ever-growing market and launching of new products targeted at meeting the specific needs of people, there are a lot of trending products categories that you add to your business and make plenty of sales.

  • Eyebrow tools and enhancer-care products
  • Dinnerware sets
  • Pet carriers
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Decorative bottles
  • Supplements
  • Subscription boxes
  • Toys
  • Computers
  • Bags and Totes
  • Gardening supplies

Selling these types of products could be your gateway to having a break in the eCommerce world. If you wonder how these products fall into the most trending products, we will cover the necessary information you need to know about the next.

1. Eyebrow tools/enhancers

The beauty industry is one of the creative industries. Experts in this line of business are always looking for ways to meet people's needs and boost their confidence. It is no news that the global beauty industry market is worth a jaw-dropping $511 billion in 2021.

You can have a slice of this by targeting products that are in high trends. Amazingly, false eyelash accessories are products you can invest in for your business. As a bonus, the eyelash enhancers usually sell well alongside others like the applicators and brush-on adhesives.

High Demand Products - Eyebrow Tools

With people wanting a visual experience of whatever beauty product is on social media is the go-to marketing space. With excellent quality videos and products, and a personality or influencer that is sales, you rake in incredible amounts of money in very little time. As soon as you have made a place for your brand by selling this product, you expand and add other products.

2. Dinnerware sets

For those particular about making their dining tables colorful or others looking at creating cooking YouTube channels, you can be that plug they need to give their tables and kitchen a sophisticated feel. Dinnerwares are available in different sizes, colors, themes, and designs and come in different makes to suit the needs of various people. Also, the market value of the dinnerware sets is increasing, and there are no forecasts that it will drop anytime soon.

Based on your expectations, the dropshipping model could be the best model for you, and you could choose from platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. However, to attract traffic to your store and make sales, you need more visibility, and video creation on social media is an excellent way to amass the necessary attention.

3. Pet carriers

In 2021, statistics showed that $109.6 would be spent on pets in the US.  Pet carriers make it easy for those who want to travel with their pets without any hassle. The pet carrier has over 49,500 searches per month on the Shopify platform.

High Demand Products to Sell - Pet Carriers

The extra benefit of selling pet carrier products is that you can consistently cross-sell with other products. Starting a blog or vlog of pet care can also serve as a channel for gaining grounds for your business. You can also consider social media to run sales and ads.

4. Measuring cups and spoons

For bakers, cooks, and those particular about the quantity of whatever products they use, measuring cups and spoons help to ensure precise and consistent measurements. Monthly, measuring cups and spoons generate a significant number on the Google trends.

The kitchen utensils market has also grown at a CAGR of 4.25%. What this means is that there are a lot of people who want to get the products, so you know it's a profitable business venture. They often come in sets and various designs and you can sell them with other kitchen supplies to boost sales.

5. Decorative bottles

Water bottles are necessary for people who exercise or want to stay hydrated throughout the day. These days, you can easily spot people with one in their hands, containing their favorite liquids or water. With many people becoming more eco-conscious, brands are becoming more vested in making creative bottles that are reusable and environmentally friendly.

What Products Are in High Demand?

Researching for manufacturers of popular decorative bottles and creating an online store can be an excellent way for you to make sales and money. Fill your store with various bottles with features you feel your target audience would be interested in buying. Also, make sure that you use high photo quality and write compelling product listings and descriptions. Plus, social media ads can help you generate good traffic and sales.

6. Toys

Parents are always looking for creative and imaginative ways to keep their kids occupied. So, of course, toys and play gadgets have always come to the rescue for parents wanting to keep their kids occupied. With various types of toys for different age groups, there is always a new toy in the market that parents can buy for their kids.

Toys Are Products in High Demand 2022

From play vehicles, building and creative toys, musical instruments, and more, the educational toy industry was projected to have grown by $28.40 billion by 2025. Venturing into this industry is quite profitable, and with the use of educational videos on how toys impart kids positively, you can reach out to customers faster.

7. Computers

Selling computers opens you to an opportunity of selling numerous computer accessories such as keyboards, memory cards, memory pads, cables, and many more. With over a million searches every month, the sale of computers and computer accessories is hitting its all-time high. Computers are so versatile, and buyers range from gamers to students, business owners, and other people who use the computer for multiple tasks. The best approach for selling computers could be to narrow down your business to a particular niche.

If you are a gamer, there is a possibility that you know the popular trends and the best computers that gamers can use. You can also make review videos so that your buyers can understand the specifications of the available computers.

8. Bags and totes

Still, there has been a push to reduce plastic bags at grocery stores and homes on being environmentally conscious. As a substitute, tote bags are more durable and reusable, plus people get to own their bags. These bags are customizable, and they can come in different colors so that people can have a variety of options.

Bags sell well on social media, and you use the platform to display various colorful bags. Tutorial videos to show their capacity and durability will also contribute to helping you make great sales.

9. Gardening supplies and furniture

With a passion for experimenting and growing certain herbs, vegetables, or flowers, Axiom’s 2021 Garden Survey recorded that 86 percent of homeowners plan to continue gardening in 2021 alone. This figure has a lot about how the gardening business has potential.

Gardening Products Are Products to Sell Online

Gardening supplies that you can add to your store include seeds, flower vases, pots, fertilizers, tools, etc. In addition, making videos about how creative and innovative people can get with gardening and researching tips to grow their seeds will give you an upper hand in your business.

10. Supplements

People became more health-conscious with the global pandemic, and as a result, health supplies became more popular. Supplements are taken orally to provide the missing nutrients in one's primary diet and improve health. If you are already a wellness influencer, introducing a couple of healthy supplements to your audience can be an easy way to earn more. In addition, if you are strategic about it, you will realize that more people are willing to spend money on their health.

11. Subscription-box business

The subscriptions industry is valued at over $5.8 billion. A subscription box is perfect to win customers over and send them monthly curations of products from an online store. This idea is a business becoming more popular and high in demand. However, it is also a business that does not require you to sell your products.

Subscription Box for Your eCommerce Business

You can also build a substantial business from it and generate massive sales. All you need do is carve a niche and target your customers by paying attention to their age range, interests, and more. These will inform the kind of branding your subscription boxes will need. Popular subscription boxes you can sell include groceries, health, plants, home or office supplies.

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Tips for Products in Demand in 2022

The goal of selling products in demand is to have a strategy that works. This will set you apart from your competitors and give you a landslide edge. As a store owner, the following marketing strategy tips can help you with the high-demand products in 2022.

Introducing a product already selling well in other countries indicates that it will generate sales in your country. Be up to date on international eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba to see the most trending products selling internationally and consider adding them to your store for your customers to see.

Research products on local marketplaces

Survey the popular local products to see which one generates more sales. Examine who the target buyers are and see if you can meet people's needs by introducing substitute products to what is already available on sale. Finding out the necessary information will help you decide if a particular product you intend to sell will do well in the market or not.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Your business's unique feature will set you apart from your competition and give buyers more reasons to shop with you. Other business owners are coming up with strategies to outsell you.

This idea should motivate you to create a brand with a signature of delivering impeccable services. Do your research, but also work to stand out from your competitions. A feature such as using sustainable packaging can help you.

Connect with a 3PL partner

Using the services of a third-party fulfillment partner can make your work easy. Speedy deliveries can help you retain customers. It can also give you quick conversions so you can make more sales.

However, late delivery and common issues with logistics can slow down your business even if the products you sell are in high demand. 3PLs, on the other hand, will manage the shipping aspects of your business so that you can satisfy customers.

The pandemic changed a lot of things, including people's interests. People are becoming health conscious, which reflects in the foods they eat and their desire to be more fit—keeping tabs on how things have changed will keep you informed on what products you should add to your store and how to restructure your business.

High Demand Products to Sell with Easyship

The goals of most eCommerce merchants are basically to make great sales and profit, satisfy customers and drive traffic to their stores. Luckily, you can reach your business goals regardless of whether you are just beginning or have been in it for so long.

On the other hand, you might not be making the sales you projected to have made so far because you are not selling the right products, or maybe the products you're selling are not in high demand. Selling high products and implementing the right strategies can help you upscale your business within the shortest period.

Also, establishing a reliable shipping strategy by using a shipping platform like Easyship will help you with fulfillment, which will give you an edge over your competitors. By relying on the services of Easyship, you also get exclusive access to the filling premium services:

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