Key Points:

  • Insurance at Checkout is a new Shopify plugin that boosts your conversions by inspiring confidence in buyers
  • Easyship’s data shows that 70% of buyers opt for insurance when available
  • Buyers can purchase full coverage on any shipment up to $10,000, plus since our coverage prices start at just 98¢, insurance is available for buyers on any budget

When the internet debuted in the ’90s, a few rules were circulated on how to safely use this exciting new tool. The “3 Rules of the Internet” were:

  • Don’t meet anyone on the internet
  • Don’t believe what you read on the internet
  • Don’t share personal information on the internet

Obviously, our online behavior has relaxed in recent years. But that third rule about sharing your information stuck. Especially in eCommerce.

A full 81% of online shoppers say they worry about shopping on an unfamiliar website. These doubts are reasonable, but they’re a doozy for merchants. This lack of trust in unfamiliar merchants drives high rates of cart abandonment – at 88% globally – and especially among first-time visitors.

Insurance at Checkout is a new Shopify plugin that boosts your conversions by inspiring confidence in buyers. Once active, this feature gives buyers the option to add third-party insurance to their order at checkout. This peace of mind paves the way for a purchase.

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Drive Conversions with Buyer Confidence

Your customers love your product. But every day you lose sales at checkout from once-eager shoppers. Why?

According to Shopify research, a leading cause of cart abandonment is buyers’ lack of trust in online merchants. Once shoppers reach checkout, they begin to ask themselves:

  1. Who are you, an unknown seller?
  2. Will my package arrive on time?
  3. Will it arrive in good condition?

Trust is the gateway to sales in eCommerce. If your cart experience doesn’t defuse these doubts, a high number of buyers would rather bounce than fret about the potential risk. After all, an estimated 5-15% of shipments go missing in cities. What’s more, some buyers just don't believe you’ll deliver that little black dress in time for Friday.

Our new Shopify cart plugin, Insurance at Checkout, boosts your conversions by creating confidence in customers. The option to add third-party shipping insurance at checkout reassures buyers with the knowledge that they're fully covered from theft, loss, or damage in transit.

As seen below, adding insurance only takes a click.

The offer for insurance alone elevates the perceived security of your Shopify store. It’s like using trust badges, SSL certificates, and testimonials. These features all enhance your trustworthiness as a merchant, and help you make sales.

Easyship’s data shows that 70% of buyers opt for insurance when available. Since Insurance at Checkout is free, why leave customers any reason to worry? It’s just leaving money on the table.

Coverage in a Click

Today’s shoppers expect a flexible yet frictionless checkout experience from leading merchants. Research shows that 2 in 3 online shoppers choose a retailer based on the availability of their shipping and delivery options. But cart upgrade had better not complicate or clutter the checkout flow, or conversion rates will suffer.

Insurance at Checkout was built with Shopify in mind, meaning it fits beautifully on your cart page.

With a single click, buyers can add shipping insurance for just pennies on the dollar. All insurance costs are automatically calculated per the order amount. With full cost visibility, buyers can rest easy with transparency around all costs.

Shoppers can choose to either accept or decline coverage. Again, even buyers who balk a couple of extra dollars for insurance will glean confidence from knowing you're the sort of merchant to offer coverage in the first place.

More Coverage in More Markets

Insurance at Checkout offers best-in-class package protection. Buyers can purchase full coverage on any shipment up to $10,000. And since our coverage prices start at just 98¢, insurance is available for buyers on any budget.

Easyship covers both domestic and international shipments with rare exceptions. Unlike other third-party shipping insurance options, our provider, InsureShip, pays more claims at better prices than any other service on the market. And since InsureShip pays claims in just 5-7 days, you get the speediest claims resolution possible.

All Claims Processed For You

When shipment issues arise, for shipments that buyers have insured, you don't have to lift a finger. The buyer just needs to fill the simple (and fast!) claim form and InsureShip handles everything around the claims process, from customer support to final payout. We get your buyers paid so you don't have to.

Insured shipments receive a link to the claims portal with the tracking information automatically. To file a claim, the buyer simply follows the insurance link provided in their automated post-purchase email.

Easyship receives the filed claim and forwards it to our insurance partner, InsureShip. In just 5-7 days, your buyer will have their reimbursement. This speedy, fully-supported insurance claims process helps you retain goodwill and loyalty from buyers, despite any unforeseen mishaps.

All Claims Processed For You

Insurance at Checkout was built with Shopify stores in mind. This means:

  • It’s 100% free to install
  • There’s no upkeep required
  • Installation is done in two steps

Follow our guided installation process and presto! Insurance at Checkout is live in your Shopify store, helping you gain trust and drive sales from buyers you’d have previously lost on the bounce. Now you can transform your first-time buyers into loyal customers from day one.

Here’s a guide to the one-step install process for Insurance at Checkout.

Ready to inspire sales confidence in your buyers – but aren’t yet an Easyship user? To use Insurance at Checkout with Easyship seamlessly, just create your free Easyship account.


Q. Do merchants need to have ‘Rates at Checkout’?

A. No. Unlike Rates at Checkout, Shopify allows all merchants to have the option to add this feature to their cart. Also, the feature works independently to Rates at Checkout.

Q. What platforms can Insurance at Checkout be used on?

A. Only Shopify sellers are supported at this time. Watch this space.

Q. Who files the insurance claims if something goes wrong?

A. The buyer is the person who will file the insurance claim. All communication about how to do this is sent directly to the buyer at the time of label generation.

Q. How do you install Insurance at Checkout?

A. Installation is straightforward with activation done from the store settings in the merchant's Easyship account (instructions provided there) and adding a 1-line snippet of code to their cart template in Shopify.