Key Points

  • Dear Inventory is a cloud-based software that primarily helps with inventory management and control
  • The software can be used by manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and eCommerce merchants
  • Easyship now integrates with Dear Inventory so customers can sync orders from their Dear Inventory account to Easyship for seamless fulfillment

Managing inventory for your eCommerce business can be hassle-free when you use the right software and tools. Read on to discover how Dear Inventory can help you simplify business processes.

Business owners always look for the best software to streamline time-consuming business activities. Dear Inventory is one application that changes how merchants run their business by providing an alternate web solution to keep track of all sales and purchases in a single location.

The software also has tools and features for other aspects of business like accounts history, goods monitoring, and other features that help you organize your business effectively.

You can explore many functionalities on Dear Inventory and upscale your business operations. This blog post provides an extensive understanding of the Dear Inventory application and how you can use it for your business.

What is Dear Inventory?

Dear Inventory is a popular cloud-based software that offers small and medium-sized businesses multiple inventory management solutions in one application. As an inventory management application, the functions of Dear Inventory cover sales, purchases, manufacturing, accounting, and warehouse management solutions.

Users can also easily integrate the Dear inventory application with third-party applications like shipping and payment solutions such as Shopify, eBay, Magento, Paypal, and Stripe.

Dear Inventory is a versatile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that prompts users on essential inventory processes such as creating a purchasing process. Once you have successfully done this, the app also allows you to plan and track each stage of the process. In addition, Dear Inventory helps to prevent an out-of-stock situation for users by offering a reminder solution to keep them informed.

When you use the Dear inventory solution, you have an optimized dashboard that displays essential information like pending purchases, cost of purchase, and a record of past purchases. Users of this system range from manufacturers, suppliers, small and medium-sized retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. It can also be used by brick-and-mortar store owners and those who operate online businesses.

Users of Dear Inventory get to enjoy benefits such as the following:

  • Management of production and purchases
  • Pricing strategy
  • Inventory management and control
  • Sales tracking
  • Streamlined payment and purchase history
  • Order tracking process
  • Customers management
  • Financial management and accounting
  • Manage large product orders
  • Streamline your stocktake
  • Automatically generate product data
  • Operate multiple locations

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Dear Inventory Pricing

To give users the best services, Dear Inventory is available in three pricing tiers, with different functions for various users. Dear Inventory has a version for retailers with all the functions tailored to meet your business needs. The other price plans available are the standard plan and the manufacturing. Let's review the three and see how they compare in price and function.


The first plan is called standard. It comes with a flat rate of $325 monthly. With the Standard plan, users have access to two application integrations, a maximum of five users, core operations features, multi-location Inventory, mobile warehouse application, and other benefits.

You can add Dear automation, point-of-sale, and B2B portals to your plan with extra charges.


This plan comes with an advanced manufacturing module for manufacturers. The monthly charge is $525 or more if the user wants additional features. Basic features of the manufacturing plan include up to eight users, scheduling tools, multi-channel order management, operator's mobile application, and workflow automation, among others.


The retailing plan is charged at $445 monthly with retail-friendly features like eCommerce integrations, multi-channel order management, returns management, eight users, multi-location Inventory, and many more.

How Does Dear Inventory Work?

If you are new to using Dear Inventory, you should consider syncing your Dear Inventory software with Easyship for a better experience for you and your customers. Easyship is integrated with Dear Inventory to help eCommerce merchants make the most of the software and offer the best services to their clientele. With Easyship and Dear Inventory, you can streamline and manage the shipping of goods to your customers and expand your business.

Dear Inventory

Using Dear Inventory with Easyship is simple in five easy steps:

  • Create an Easyship account if you don't already have one, and enter all the necessary details
  • Sync your Dear inventory orders by clicking Connect > New Integration on the left corner of your Easyship account, which will take you to the page below. Choose Dear Inventory and follow the remaining prompts
  • Create shipping labels
  • Track your shipment
  • Grow your business

Benefits of Dear Inventory

As a business owner who deals with the sales of products, one of the things you would be concerned about is managing Inventory and ensuring that you do not run out of goods when necessary. Running every business activity manually can be taxing, which is why more people depend on software like Dear Inventory to handle the challenging aspect of inventory management. Asides from this, Dear Inventory offers more benefits for users to help simplify their business. Some of them are explained below:

Employee Management

Dear Inventory has an organized system of keeping track of activities carried out by employees, such as sales and purchases made. This process helps you keep an eye on staff performance and the movement of inventory.

Sales and Purchases Management

Managing sales and purchasing is vital for every business in measuring progress and profits and understanding if a business is meeting its target goals. With Dear Inventory, you can manage the movement of products in your store in a matter of clicks. This helps you focus on what matters for your business's growth without missing essential metrics.

Financial Management

Just as the records of sales and purchases are essential to measuring the performance of a business, we agree that financial management is equally important. At the same time, you might need the help of an accountant or advanced accounting knowledge to manage accounts records successfully. Dear Inventory eliminates the stress of attempting to do the math yourself or paying for it by providing you with the needed accounting solutions.

Integrating Dear Inventory With Easyship

Trying to run your business without software and tools can be demanding. Managing inventory, handling accounts, monitoring goods, and even logistics can be tedious and take the precious time you are meant to spend expanding your business.

Using the Dear Inventory application is a smart choice that will help you automate certain work activities in your eCommerce business. When you sync your Dear Inventory software with Easyship, you set yourself up for more success. You get a streamlined and optimized process of managing the problematic aspect of your business by two reliable partners at a small fee so that you can focus on growing your business and reaching out to more customers.

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