One of the biggest challenges of any hardware crowdfunding campaign is delivering in a timely fashion. Indiegogo knows this better than most and has partnered with Easyship to be their exclusive shipping and fulfillment provider to connect their entrepreneurs and backers around the world.

This new alliance streamlines the process of getting products to market as quickly as possible - a refreshing change in the crowdfunding world. Qualifying campaigns will get direct access to Easyship's shipping dashboard, direct injection services, warehouse integrations and — most importantly — logistics expertise.

“The industry is at a tipping point. Global backers have become the standard for crowdfunding campaigns. At the same time, shipping campaigns have become more complex due to different customs policies, courier limitations, taxes and duties, and returns,” said Tommaso Tamburnotti, Co-Founder of Easyship. “Indiegogo shares our desire to create transparency so that we can ensure the successful delivery of 100% of campaigns to backers worldwide. We are humbled by the opportunity, and look forward to helping sellers bring joy to their backers around the world for many years to come!”

Easyship and Indiegogo aren’t strangers to each other; hundreds of campaigns, including the tremendously successful Waverly Labs: Smart Earpiece, MATE X and LynQ campaigns turned to Easyship for fulfillment and logistics support. The new partnership merely formalizes the existing alliance between the two companies.

Some highlights of the partnership available on Indiegogo include:

  • Complimentary custom consultations with logistics experts
  • Entrepreneurs can now benefit from a plug-and-play solution to compare courier rates, generate labels, communicate tracking, and automate returns
  • Award winning global customer support
  • Campaign finances stay in control with transparent information on fully landed shipping costs, including tariffs, taxes and duties
  • Access to global fulfillment, with over 25 partner warehouses worldwide, available across Asia, Europe, and the US

For more details on the partnership and our mutual plans to help grow the crowdfunding community, please take a look at Indiegogo's announcement.