Good news! Easyship now integrates with Dear Inventory so customers can sync orders from their Dear Inventory account to Easyship for seamless fulfillment.

Dear Inventory is an all-in-one cloud-based inventory management platform where eCommerce users manage inventory and manage and fulfill their orders. The inventory management platform allows easy purchasing, receiving, stocktake, sales order processing, and fulfillment.

This Dear Inventory integration is beneficial for new and existing Easyship and Dear Inventory users for reasons such as:

  • Existing Dear users looking to improve their shipping and fulfillment
  • Existing Easyship users who want to use an inventory management platform

In just a few clicks, you can integrate your Dear Inventory account with Easyship. This way, you’re one step towards seamless shipping and fulfillment.

Key Benefits of the Dear Inventory Integration

With Easyship, Dear Inventory customers can unlock global growth opportunities with our global courier network and access to shipping tools to streamline your shipping processes. In addition, other key benefits of the Easyship & Dear Inventory integration include:

  • Optimized omnichannel shipping
  • Powerful shipping features and automation for existing Dear Inventory users
  • One-click order sync

Not only does Easyship allow you to sync orders to Easyship for easy fulfillment, but our platform also gives you instant access to premium shipping tools such as our Branding Suite and Real-Time Shipping Rates at checkout. This way, you can create an optimal shipping and fulfillment experience.

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