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October Fresh 2020: New Brands We Love

At Easyship, our ethos is to support creative brands of all sizes. This month we're featuring, Package Free, Eau De Space, Donna Ida & Mustard Made!
October Fresh 2020: New Brands We Love

By Jules


October 14, 2020

Remember when we thought 2020 would be flying cars and holographic school? Same. And while the New Normal (hello, Zoom University!) almost replicates that feeling of living in the future, it’s not quite the same.

Luckily, we are living in a time where entrepreneurs and techies alike are building products even cooler than the hoover minivan of our dreams, which were clearly inspired by “The Jetsons.” And perhaps we’re biased, but we think many of these forward-thinkers just so happen to be our clients.

That’s why each month we put some time aside to compile products into the Monthly Fresh, highlighting some of the coolest brands that have started shipping with Easyship. You might have noticed that things look a little different this month. We hope you’ll like it.

So, stick around and keep reading for the tale of a viral college student turned sustainability CEO, moon-scented perfume, flattering jeans and modern lockers for adults

Package Free

  • The company in 280 characters: Did you know that Americans produce 4.4 pounds of landfill-bound trash per day? Package Free is an umbrella of brands determined to reduce waste through sustainable, reusable products.
  • What makes them cool: They are an ethics driven company focused on the 360-view of their work. Package Free ships without plastic and measures success not in revenue but in the amount of plastic diverted from landfills.
  • An actually fun fact: The company was founded in 2017 by “the girl with the jar,” Lauren Singer. Singer went viral for fitting eight years worth of trash into a single mason jar.
  • A two thumbs up review: Love! I got this as a birthday present and I love it! The cup and straw are great, it never spills even when I drop it!” - Mary (Starter Kit)
  • Find them online: Website | Instagram

Eau De Space

  • The company in 280 characters: Have you ever wondered what space smells like? How about the moon? Well, you can stop guessing and get a whiff of it for yourself, thanks to Eau De Space which makes perfumes in those scents.
  • What makes them cool: Aside from bottling the smell of space for human adornment, the viral parfumerie provides scent scholarships to people who work for and are affiliated with STEM programs.
  • An actually fun fact: Space smells like ozone, acid, walnuts, fruit, gun powder, and new cars, according reviewers.
  • A two thumbs up review: "I am so excited this dream has become a reality. I just put my address in and am anxiously waiting!" - Amanda (Backer review)
  • Find them online: Website | Instagram

Donna Ida

  • The company in 280 characters: Good jeans are hard to find...and yet, they are the foundation to every wardrobe. While out shopping in London one day, Donna Ida Thornton felt there was nowhere good to buy jeans. So she made her own brand.
  • What makes them cool: Donna Ida jeans are designed to make people of all sizes feel comfortable — a herculean task with denim. Thornton accomplishes this by abandoning a toxic one-size-fits all notion and making use of fashion-forward front pleats and high waists.
  • An actually fun fact: The brand is conscious of fashion’s impact on the environment and shares each jean’s Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) score right on the product. This transparency allows customers to make informed decisions and shop with a clear conscience.
  • A two thumbs up review: “Great jeans, quite a light weight denim. Perfect for the non summer, summer days when you don’t know what to wear. These are versatile for dressing up or down. I wore them for the first time today and received many compliments. Chuffed to bits!” -Jenny (Minnie The High Top Flare Jeans)
  • Find them online: Website | Instagram

Mustard Made

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y o u r f a v o u r i t e 🌸⁠⠀ Right from the beginning of mustard, The Shorty in Blush has been the number one sold locker. It's no surprise! It's the kinda pink that works for grown ups + kids, it's soft, muted + looks so nice in real life! ⁠⠀ If you're on the fence you can always order a colour swatch on our website too... though we know you'll love it! ⁠⠀ 🌸⁠⠀ So lovely seeing our little pink shorties in all these gorgeous rooms! ⁠⠀ 🌸⁠⠀ Gorgeous photos from our customers...⁠⠀ @home_with_rose⁠⠀ @a.nnahawk⁠⠀ @lagomdesign_studio⁠⠀ @through_the_lane⁠⠀ @the.artdeco.collective⁠⠀ @fionagoddard_⁠⠀ @my_darling_chaos⁠⠀ @gillian_roe_⁠⠀ @faldajohnson⁠⠀

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  • The company in 280 characters: Inarguably, the best part of high school was having a locker all to yourself to decorate just to your liking. Mustard Made, founded by a pair of sisters living in opposite hemispheres, allows you to have one all to yourself — and in a fresh color, too.
  • What makes them cool: Becca and Jess live in Australia and England, respectively. Though they are close, the sisters found themselves unable to see or talk to each other often due to distance and work. So they co-founded the business and now they speak every single day.
  • An actually fun fact: The sisters had always planned to start a bra company specializing in large cups and small band sizes. But when they saw a market need for lockers, the plan was hatched.
  • A two thumbs up review: “I've always loved the Mustard lockers and when doing up my guest room I made the investment. The rail inside means when guests stay over they have somewhere to hang their clothes, and when they aren't I can readjust the shelves to maximise storage. Another thing to note is that the locker was packaged exceptionally well and in a methodical way meaning even if there weren't instructions (or the fab 'build it' video) you'd still manage to piece it together without issue.” -Claire (The Skinny in Olive)
  • Find them online: Website | Instagram