Key points:

  • USPS Label Broker helps eCommerce businesses manage shipping labels, reducing costs, saving time, and improving customer satisfaction
  • Businesses can generate labels, integrate with eCommerce platforms, and offer printing options at home or the post office
  • While Label Broker streamlines shipping for USPS, consider using Easyship for comparing rates and leveraging discounts across multiple carriers
  • Looking for the best value shipping? Easyship connects you with discounted rates from over 250+ couriers worldwide, helping you reduce costs and boost profits today!

With shipping making up almost 90% of eCommerce order fulfillment costs, the increasingly competitive eCommerce market demands efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

This guide will walk you through the benefits and step-by-step usage of USPS Label Broker, helping you optimize your shipping processes to save time and money. Plus, find out how to find the cheapest shipping rates with Easyship today!

What is USPS Label Broker?

USPS Label Broker is an innovative tool designed to simplify the way small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses manage their shipping labels. With the rising costs and complexities of shipping, especially for stores with volumes between 100 to 2,500 shipments per month, Label Broker offers a much-needed solution.

How Can USPS Label Broker Benefit Your Business?

Shipping is a critical component of eCommerce, influencing customer satisfaction and operational costs. As an eCommerce business owner, integrating efficient solutions like USPS Label Broker can:

  • Reduce operational costs: By optimizing how you handle shipping labels, you can cut down on expenses related to label printing and shipping.
  • Save time: Automated label creation saves precious time, allowing you to focus more on growing your business and less on administrative tasks.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Providing reliable and prompt shipping with professional labeling can boost your brand's reliability and customer satisfaction.

How to Set Up USPS Label Broker for Your eCommerce Store

Setting up USPS Label Broker is straightforward, ensuring you can quickly integrate it into your existing operations. Here’s how to get started:

  • Account Setup: Visit the USPS website and navigate to the Label Broker section. Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Integration with eCommerce Platforms: Link your USPS Label Broker account with your eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or others you use. This integration usually requires minimal technical skills and can be completed with step-by-step guides provided by USPS.
  • Label Configuration: Customize your shipping labels according to your business needs. You can include branding elements such as logos or custom messages.
  • Shipping Process Automation: Automate the label printing process within your order fulfillment workflow. When an order is placed, the shipping label is automatically generated and can be printed directly or emailed to customers if they prefer to print at home.

How It Works: Navigating the USPS Label Broker System

Using USPS Label Broker is a straightforward process that streamlines how shipping labels are managed, making it easier for eCommerce businesses to handle shipments efficiently. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how the system works:

  • Customer Places an Order: Once a customer completes a purchase on your eCommerce platform, the need for a shipping label arises.
  • Generating the Label: You can generate a shipping label directly through the USPS Label Broker interface. This can be done by entering the package details such as weight, dimensions, and destination, or by integrating your eCommerce platform to automate these entries.
  • Label Broker ID: Each label generated is associated with a unique Label Broker ID. This ID can be shared with customers who prefer to print their shipping labels at home or at a participating label provider.

Printing Options:

  • Print at Home: Customers can use their own printer to print the shipping label directly from their email or from your store’s website.
  • In-Store Printing: For customers without access to a printer, the Label Broker ID can be presented at any participating post office. The participating label providers simply scans the QR code associated with the Label Broker ID and print outbound on the spot.
  • Preparing for Shipment: Once the label is printed, it is affixed to the package. The package is now ready to be dropped off at a post office or a USPS collection point.
  • Tracking and Updates: Both the merchant and the customer can track the shipment using the tracking number provided on the USPS shipping label, ensuring transparency and an easier way of enhancing customer trust.
  • Return Shipping Labels: USPS Label Broker also simplifies the process of handling returns. Merchants can generate and provide return shipping labels to customers through the same system, making it easier for customers to return purchased goods when necessary.

Tips for Maximizing Efficiency with USPS Label Broker

To make the most out of USPS Label Broker, consider the following tips:

  • Batch processing: Generate and print labels in batches to save time, especially during high-volume sales periods
  • Regular updates: Keep your software and integrations up to date to take advantage of any new features or efficiency improvements
  • Customer communication: Inform your customers about the tracking and shipping process, including how they can access and use their labels if sent electronically
USPS Label Broker

Overcoming Common Challenges

While USPS Label Broker simplifies many aspects of shipping, you may encounter challenges such as integration hiccups or delays in label generation. Address these by:

  • Seeking support: Utilize USPS customer service or consult community forums where other business owners share their insights and solutions
  • Continuous monitoring: Regularly check the performance of your shipping setup to identify and resolve issues promptly

Drawbacks of a Single Carrier Fulfillment Strategy

While using a single carrier like USPS and tools like USPS Label Broker can streamline operations, there are some limitations and risks associated with relying exclusively on one carrier for all your eCommerce shipping needs. Here’s an overview of the potential drawbacks:

  • Dependence on Single Service Levels: Depending solely on USPS means your shipping options are limited to what they offer. This can be restrictive if their service levels do not align perfectly with the needs of every customer, especially for international shipping or faster delivery options.
  • Vulnerability to Service Disruptions: If USPS experiences delays, disruptions, or changes in their service, your entire shipping operation is affected. This includes potential delays due to weather, strikes, or systemic issues within USPS that could impact your ability to meet customer expectations.
  • Lack of Competitive Pricing Leverage: Without multiple carriers to choose from, negotiating better rates or finding more cost-effective shipping solutions becomes challenging. This can affect your overall profitability, especially if shipping costs from USPS increase.
  • Limited Bargaining Power: Relying on a single provider can reduce your bargaining power and flexibility. Multiple relationships with different carriers can provide leverage during negotiations and enable more customized service terms.
  • Potential for Decreased Customer Satisfaction: Some customers may prefer other carriers due to past experiences, loyalty programs, or specific service features (like evening deliveries or better tracking capabilities). Limiting options to one carrier could lead to a less satisfying customer experience.
  • Increased Risk of Non-Delivery: Solely using USPS can increase the risk of non-delivery issues in areas where USPS may have less coverage or lower performance standards compared to other carriers.

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USPS Label Broker is an essential tool for eCommerce store owners looking to streamline their shipping processes. By understanding its setup and maximizing its features, you can significantly enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Remember, every minute saved on operations boosts your capacity to focus on business growth and customer engagement. Start integrating USPS Label Broker today and take a step towards optimizing your eCommerce business for success.


What is a USPS broker label?

A USPS broker label is for businesses to let customers print labels at the post office.

Can USPS create a label for me?

Yes, USPS can create a shipping label for you online or at the post office.

Will USPS print my prepaid label?

Yes, USPS will print your prepaid shipping label at the counter.

How do I use USPS self service kiosk for prepaid label?

Scan the QR code on your prepaid label at a self service kiosk to print it.

What is a USPS label broker?

A USPS label broker is a service for businesses to let customers print labels at the post office.

Will USPS print a shipping label for me?

Yes, USPS will print a prepaid shipping label for you at the counter.

Will the post office print a label for me?

Yes, the post office will print a prepaid shipping label for you at the counter.

What is USPS label delivery service?

USPS Label Delivery Service is a separate service where they mail your prepaid labels to you.