Key Points:

  • In an industry first, Easyship customers will be the first to access platform discounts on the largest range of services from the extensive FedEx global air-and-ground network
  • Shifting consumer expectations around delivery speed and price, including the popularity of 'free shipping' offers, can be a major challenge for eCommerce retailers – negatively impacting margins as shipping costs rise
  • The release of 13 new shipping solutions with FedEx, provides US eCommerce businesses all of the shipping options that their customers are demanding – including discounted FedEx rates, fast or next-day delivery, and guaranteed time slots with no minimum volume requirements
  • Easyship can increase online store profitability with the some of the cheapest rates across FedEx and 550+ courier services, helping to unlock global growth with international shipping solutions, increase sales revenue through live ‘shipping rates at checkout', while integrating seamlessly with all major eCommerce platforms

Shipping is a crucial aspect of every successful eCommerce business, and the challenges of shipping at scale in the US and overseas can seem immense. From high shipping costs to complex processes and supply chains, many eCommerce business owners often find themselves grappling with the question “how do I profitably grow my online store?”

In the competitive world of eCommerce, customer fulfillment expectations have never been higher. According to a recent survey by Statista, free shipping is the most important factor for US online shoppers when deciding whether to purchase or not. However, this is closely followed by fast shipping, shipment tracking, and free returns – meaning that customers are evaluating online stores on their holistic shipping experience, across the full range of shipping features available. 

The result is: how you ship can be the key to retail success. In 2024, eCommerce brands must be aware of the impact their shipping management and delivery choices have on their customers and future growth. This ranges from how shipping options are displayed at checkout, to post-purchase communications and tracking, through to overall brand reputation, customer satisfaction, reviews and repeat purchases. 

An industry first: Top FedEx® Shipping Solutions for eCommerce Stores with Easyship

All of these consumer insights beg the question – how can eCommerce retailers make shipping their competitive advantage? 

Easyship, the leading global shipping platform for modern commerce, has just announced the addition of an exciting new FedEx platform account program. This release will help eCommerce businesses overcome many of these shipping challenges, balancing speed, trust, and total cost, by providing access to a broader range of shipping services at highly competitive prices.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this new release and explore how Easyship can help your business access discounted shipping rates – specifically from FedEx. From cost-effective ground shipping to international eCommerce delivery services, we'll cover it all and help you select the best option.

How to Access Discounted FedEx® Shipping Rates with Easyship

Before we dive into the full suite of FedEx shipping options, let's take a moment to understand the role of Easyship as an all-in-one shipping platform. 

Easyship is the top global shipping and eCommerce fulfillment platform, working with an extensive network of over 550+ courier services worldwide. Easyship's mission is to simplify the shipping process for businesses of all sizes – from global retailers to local stores – offering a range of easy-to-use shipping tools, advanced integrations, and discounted courier rates.

Now, with the new launch of new FedEx platform services, Easyship customers can enjoy a range of special benefits including the ability to access discounted FedEx rates of up to 90% off without the need to set up an individual FedEx account. This new release opens a world of possibilities for businesses looking to streamline their shipping operations, save time, and reduce costs.

"We are committed to providing growing businesses with all of the tools and resources they need to succeed," said Tommaso Tamburnotti, Co-founder of Easyship. "This alliance with FedEx allows us to be the first all-in-one shipping platform to offer the full bundle of FedEx services, including the opportunity to save up to 90% with highly competitive rates. We are confident this will help our customers grow their businesses and reach new markets."

Discounted US Domestic Shipping: FedEx® Platform Rates for Every Business

Take a closer look at the full range of FedEx delivery services that Easyship shipping software users can now access at newly discounted rates.

Service Overview Benefits Restrictions
Cost-Effective Services:
FedEx Ground® Economy Budget-friendly delivery for non-urgent residential packages within 2-6 business days, covering the entire U.S. Affordable, nationwide coverage Longer delivery times, not ideal for time-sensitive shipments
FedEx® One Rate (F1R) Convenient flat-rate pricing and various packaging options for shipments within the U.S. Predictable costs, ease of use, includes packaging Weight and size limitations, not ideal for heavier or oversized items
FedEx Ground® Day-definite delivery to businesses within 1-5 business days, offering a cost-effective option for non-urgent shipments and returns. Reliable, cost-effective for non-urgent business needs, returns included Not ideal for urgent shipments or residential deliveries
FedEx Ground® returns Convenient return option for non-urgent packages within the U.S., leveraging the FedEx Ground network. Cost-effective, widely available return solution Subject to FedEx Ground transit times, not ideal for urgent returns
FedEx Home Delivery® Guaranteed, day-definite delivery to residences within 1-5 business days, offering convenient drop-off options, including Sunday deliveries in some areas. Convenient for residential deliveries, flexible options Not ideal for businesses or urgent needs
Time-Critical Services:
FedEx 2-Day® Delivers packages within 2 business days across the U.S. with various packaging options. Fast and reliable, various packaging options More expensive than ground services
FedEx 2Day A.M.® Delivers by 10:30 am on the second business day to most businesses, noon to residences, within the U.S. Fast morning delivery, ideal for urgent needs More expensive than ground services, weight, and size limitations
FedEx Priority Overnight® Next-business-day delivery by 10:30 am to most areas, noon or 5 PM for residences and rural areas, ideal for urgent shipments. Fastest domestic option, guaranteed delivery times Most expensive domestic service with the fastest delivery
FedEx Standard Overnight® Delivers by 5 pm the next business day to most businesses and 8 PM to residences, providing a cost-effective option for faster deliveries. Faster than ground services, more affordable than priority overnight Not as fast as Priority Overnight
FedEx Express Saver® Offers time-definite, guaranteed delivery within three business days for less urgent packages. Faster than ground services, more affordable than 2-Day Not as fast as 2-Day or Priority Overnight

“We're excited to align with Easyship and work towards the common goal of making the shipping experience easier for micro, small and mid-sized businesses” said Ryan P. Kelly, Vice President, Commercialization, at FedEx. “Today’s global e-commerce space is complex for even the most sophisticated merchants, and we look forward to simplifying it however we can.”

How FedEx Ground® returns can help your Business: A seamless returns process for Online Stores

Let's explore the benefits of FedEx Ground® returns as a key offering within the FedEx suite of services, designed to simplify the process of handling returned products for businesses of all sizes.

As part of the shifting consumer expectations referenced earlier, retailers increasingly face pressure to better manage returns on behalf of their customers. While making the returns process as easy and straightforward as possible is important for building trust and maximizing sales – businesses should also be mindful of their returns policies and promotional exclusions to discourage excess returns that can seriously affect profitability.

FedEx Ground® returns ensures speed and visibility to enhance customer satisfaction when returns do need to occur, while also offering a range of convenient and safe options to minimize friction for both retailers and their customers when making the exchange.

Speed and Visibility:

  • Get returned products back into your inventory quickly with fast and affordable delivery options
  • Utilize the Easyship Dashboard for visibility into every step of the return process, ensuring better preparation for incoming returns

Convenient and Safe Options:

  • Take advantage of the FedEx nationwide retail network, featuring over 50,000 drop-off locations. Remarkably, over 80% of the US population lives within 5 miles of a FedEx location
  • For added convenience, customers can drop off no-label, QR code-enabled returns at 10,000 locations (where QR codes are supported)
  • Enjoy the benefit of drop-off, no-box, no-label returns at no additional cost through the free poly mailer returns program, available for qualifying customers (where poly mailers are supported)
  • Provide customers with secure returns using convenient drop-off locations for their packages

Transportation Options:

  • Offers efficient transportation options back to the retailer
  • Transit & Coverage: Available in all 50 states, offering day-definite delivery within the contiguous U.S. in 1–5 business days

Label Types:

  • Choose between email and print labels for added flexibility
  • Drop off returns at FedEx Retail locations for added convenience

Service Information:

  • Ensure packages weigh 150 lbs. (68kg) or less for eligibility
  • Choose from 12 white packaging options, including envelopes, paks, tubes, and boxes in various sizes. Customers can also ship with their own packaging if FedEx Express packaging is unavailable

Delivery Days:

  • Deliveries are scheduled from Monday to Friday, with the option for Saturday FedEx Express services delivery available in certain areas for an additional charge.

Weight and Size:

  • Packages up to 150 lbs., with dimensions up to 119" in length and 165" in length plus girth (L+2W+2H) can be shipped.

Delivery Area:

  • Delivery spans throughout the United States, with delivery times to and from select ZIP codes in Alaska and Hawaii differing from those in the contiguous U.S

FedEx® Shipping Discounts: Cheap International Shipping for Business

Easyship’s platform is designed to help accelerate international expansion by automatically calculating landed delivery costs, including taxes and duties, for every country, shipment, and courier service. Simplifying cross-border transactions creates new market opportunities and drives global sales growth, where new orders are no longer limited by location.

Through this latest release, you can now unlock substantial savings on international deliveries with FedEx, specifically tailored to the needs of ambitious global online stores.

Service Overview Benefits Restrictions
International Shipping Services:
FedEx International Priority® Time-definite delivery in 1-3 business days, customs-cleared, door-to-door Fast, reliable, global coverage Higher cost
FedEx International Economy® Time-definite delivery in 2-5 business days, customs-cleared, door-to-door Cost-effective option for less time-sensitive shipments Slower than International Priority, some restrictions on goods
FedEx® International Connect Plus (FICP) Affordable option for international e-commerce, offering competitive transit times to over 190 countries. Cost-effective international shipping, broad reach Longer delivery times compared to express options

Incorporating these efficient and reliable FedEx services into your shipping strategy can significantly enhance your business' shipping experience. Whether you're aiming for cost-effective US domestic deliveries or the best value international shipping options, FedEx has tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses, providing the flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings that small to medium-sized businesses crave.

Benefits of Using Easyship for Discounted FedEx® Shipping

Easyship is more than just discounted FedEx shipping rates – it's a comprehensive shipping solution that helps you streamline your operations, improve warehouse productivity and delight your customers. With Easyship's suite of easy-to-use shipping tools, you can take advantage of:

  • Courier Comparison Tool: Our courier comparison tool goes beyond just prices, allowing you to compare the different shipping services offered by each carrier based on several factors including the cheapest, fastest or best value
  • Shipping Insurance: Safeguard your customers and give yourself complete peace of mind with Easyship's comprehensive shipping insurance coverage of up to $10,000, protecting your business from unexpected losses
  • Improved Delivery Tracking: Keep your customers informed with custom-branded tracking emails and automatic message alerts that build trust and provide real-time updates on their shipments' whereabouts and expected delivery time
  • Shipping Rate Calculator: Use our shipping rate calculator to instantly compare rates from multiple carriers, ensuring you choose the most cost-effective option for your shipments

How to Get Started with Discounted FedEx® Shipping Through Easyship

Now that you're eager to start saving on your FedEx shipping labels through Easyship, here's a simple guide to get you started:

  • Take advantage of our Shipping Rate Calculator and select the discounted FedEx shipping rate that aligns with your business needs
  • You only need to create one account with Easyship to access 250+ shipping solutions around the world (and it takes less than 60 seconds to set-up!), there’s no need to open any extra business accounts by individual courier or country
  • Seamlessly connect your store in a matter of clicks and sync multiple orders automatically
  • Create a shipping label and pack your shipment according to FedEx guidelines

The new product release with Easyship and FedEx opens up exciting opportunities for eCommerce businesses to access some of the best discounts on many popular services. From FedEx Ground® Economy for domestic shipments to FedEx® International Connect Plus for global eCommerce deliveries, businesses can now enjoy cost-effective shipping solutions through Easyship.

To take advantage of this all-new offering built for small and medium sized businesses, we encourage all eCommerce stores to sign-up for an Easyship account, test out the platform features, and start saving on their FedEx shipping cost today. The combination of Easyship's user-friendly dashboard, automated processes, real-time tracking, and discounted FedEx shipping rates makes it a compelling choice for businesses seeking to optimize their shipping operations.

You don't miss out on the opportunity to save from today with Easyship’s all-in-one platform and newly announced discounted FedEx platform rates.