Key points:

  • 27% of consumers in the US hope to receive their order by the next working day
  • Same day shipping is possible if you plan ahead and keep on top of your orders
  • Easyship can help you find the fastest delivery options to get your orders sent as soon as possible

Are your orders coming in fast with no sign of slowing down? While that's great news for your business, you may be starting to feel a little overwhelmed at keeping up with all the orders. With more and more consumers expecting same day shipping, it's a good idea to prepare yourself to get your orders sent out the same day.

In 2021, a survey created by Statista showed that over 40% of consumers within the US, expected their online delivery to take just two to three days. As well as this, 27% of people, hoped that they would receive their order the same day or by the next day.

These stats show that many consumers now expect same day shipping in order to receive their packages as soon as possible. It is now more important than ever to be prepared and beat your competitors by taking control of your shipping processes.

With that said, here are 5 tips to help you prepare for same day shipping.

5 Same Day Shipping Tips

1: Make sure your inventory is up-to-date

Making sure your inventory is up-to-date is an absolute must for any business offering physical products. There is nothing worse than having to let a customer down because you can't send them what they ordered as you failed to make sure you had the item in stock.

If you're a small business, then you may not be ready to make the plunge and pay out for an inventory tracking system. In that case, you can manually track your inventory for free using an Excel spreadsheet. However, if you're a larger business, then it will be more beneficial for you to pay out for a system to automatically track it for you.

2: Ensure you have enough packaging supplies

Imagine preparing your item for shipping, to find that you don't have any packaging supplies to ship it in. What a nightmare! Ensure you keep your shipping supplies such as boxes, tape, packing material and labels stocked up, so you can pack your orders fast.

Remember to keep a good supply of packaging for items of different weights. The dimensional weight of the package can mean that you need extra strong materials to package it if it's heavier than usual, instead of our typical supplies.

3: Keep on top of your orders

As a business owner, you should regularly check the orders you have coming in, to ensure that they are dealt with professionally. Ensure you check your emails for any communication from a customer regarding their order and know how many items you have to process as well as any returns that are due to arrive. By keeping on top of your orders, it is less likely to have any unwanted surprises, as you will be in the know at all times.

With Easyship, you can integrate your store without fuss and import your orders instantly. By doing this, you will be able to keep on top of your orders, create shipping labels faster than ever, and get it shipped quickly.

Lots Of Boxes In A Shopping Trolley For Same Day Shipping

4: Package and ship as soon as possible

As soon as you see an order come through (during business hours of course) it is always a good idea to package the order as soon as possible. Doing this will ensure that you can deal with any issues that arise, and that the order is dealt with as quick as possible. Once all orders have been packaged and labelled, then you can get them shipped out fast. Don't forget to track your order, so you can follow its journey and offer real-time updates to your customers.

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5: Use a reliable shipping partner

A reliable shipping partner can help you find the cheapest and fastest courier service to ensure that your packages get delivered as soon as possible. With Easyship, you have access to over 250 global courier solutions, and you can easily compare the speed and delivery fee of each one to choose the best delivery options for you.

You may be asking yourself "How much is same day shipping?" well, by using our free shipping calculator you can find out the costs of same-day delivery orders and compare options, so you can ensure you offer your customers fast shipping.

Benefits of Offering Same Day Shipping

There are many benefits to offering same day shipping, the biggest one being - it keeps your customers happy! If a customer is notified that their order has been processed and shipped on the same day that they purchased, then it's bound to put a smile on their face! Nobody wants to wait around for their orders to be sent out, especially if they know that their items are just sitting around in a warehouse waiting to be processed.

It is also beneficial for you, the business, to offer same day shipping as it can help you become more organized and deal with your orders immediately, so you never fall behind.

How Easyship Can Help You With Same Day Shipping

We can help you get your orders out on time and show you the fastest shipping options available to you so you can quickly access the most suitable delivery service. Depending on when an order is placed and processed, you may even be able to offer a same-day delivery option if you act fast enough.

Ready to ship? Sign up for a FREE Easyship account today and let us help you get your orders out as fast as possible, so you can offer your customers same day shipping and keep them happy