Key Points:

  • UPS Signature Required is just one delivery confirmation service available from UPS
  • UPS Signature Required and delivery confirmation services are often used for shipping high-ticket items, sensitive documents, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals
  • Choose from UPS Signature Required,  UPS Adult Signature Required, and UPS Delivery Confirmation are all value-added services that require a signature upon delivery

It's smart to think about delivery security. After all, porch piracy is rising, and packages get swiped every day. Taking steps to ensure your package reaches the recipient is often worth paying a little extra.

UPS Signature Required is a value-added service that requires the recipient to sign for a parcel before it's released into their possession. This way, you and the customer both enjoy the peace of mind that comes with successful delivery.

For a small fee, you have your choice of three UPS delivery confirmation services, including:

  • UPS Signature Required
  • UPS Adult Signature Required
  • UPS Delivery Confirmation

This blog gives you all the details about UPS Signature Required and other confirmation services from UPS.

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Table of Contents

What Is UPS Signature Required?

UPS Signature Required is just one delivery confirmation service available from UPS.

Delivery confirmation requires the recipient or a responsible party to sign for a parcel before it can be delivered. In other words, the recipient has to be physically present to receive their package. Until a signature is secured, UPS won’t drop off the package.

Delivery confirmation services are available from all common couriers. This is because package security and guaranteed delivery are important for both merchants and customers. These services are used frequently by people sending or receiving items that are high-value, precious, or dangerous (like firearms).

You can add delivery confirmation services to your shipment when you purchase your shipping label, either on the courier website or with LYOC UPS with Easyship.

Packages that aren’t signed forget returned to the local delivery hub. The delivery driver leaves a paper notice and an online notification to inform you that a delivery attempt was made, and will be re-attempted.

These notifications allow the shipper to verify the status of a package, and whether it's been delivered safely. Meanwhile, the recipient can rest assured that their order will only make it into their hands.

UPS offers three versions of delivery confirmation services, including:

UPS Signature Required

UPS collects the recipient's signature upon delivery or an electronic equivalent.

As the shipper, you receive a confirmation notice for a completed delivery. You can view the recipient's signature or electronic acknowledgment of receipt on the UPS tracking page that corresponds to the shipment.

UPS Signature Required is available for both domestic and international shipments.

UPS Adult Signature Required

Someone at least 21 years of age must sign for the release of the package. The recipient must produce a government-issued photo ID to confirm their age.

Once UPS obtains the adult signature and hands off the package, the shipper receives a notification. Shippers can view the signature and delivery details on the shipment tracking page.

All packages that contain alcoholic beverages or firearms are required to use UPS Adult Signature Required. This service is available on domestic and international shipments.

UPS Delivery Confirmation

Following delivery, UPS transmits the delivery details to the shipper. This includes the delivery date, time, and name on the package. No signature is required.

If a package with Delivery Confirmation is returned, the return date and the reason for the return appear on the corresponding tracking page.

The Benefits of UPS Signature Required, Etc.

UPS Signature Required and delivery confirmation services are often used when shipping high-ticket items, sensitive documents, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

These services aren’t free, though, so what’s the upside?

  1. Peace of mind: This is especially true for high-value or dangerous shipments. Both the shipper and the recipient can confirm that the package arrived in pristine condition.
  2. Responsible delivery: Shipments containing alcoholic beverages or firearms are meant for adults, not children. UPS Adult Signature Required helps the shipper ensure that the package delivery is successful without any undue risk.
  3. Prompt payment: Shippers with a UPS account can view proof of delivery online right after packages are delivered. This accelerates payment processing.

The Cost of UPS Signature Required

UPS Signature Required costs vary depending on the option you chose. For 2021, UPS Signature Delivery Confirmation service costs are as follows:

  • UPS Signature Required: $5.55 per parcel
  • UPS Adult Signature Required: $6.70 per parcel
  • UPS Delivery Confirmation: $2 per parcel

You can also pay for verbal confirmation of delivery. This means that the delivery driver will can the contact number listed on your shipment. The cost is $3 per parcel and is only available with UPS Next Day Air® Early (aka Overnight).

Restrictions of UPS Signature Required

Delivery confirmation services can be used with most shipments, but not all. UPS Signature Required and other confirmation services are available for the following domestic and international delivery services:


  • UPS Next Day Air®
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver®
  • UPS 2nd Day Air® A.M.
  • UPS 2nd Day Air®
  • UPS 3 Day Select®
  • UPS® Ground


  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express®
  • UPS Worldwide Saver®
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited®
  • UPS® Standard

Some restrictions apply to the various UPS signature delivery confirmation services. You should be aware of them and prepare your shipments accordingly.

  • Service Restriction: If you send alcohol or firearms, you’re required to purchase Adult Signature Required. You may also be required to ship via UPS Next Day Air® delivery service, which can be costly. For the best rates on UPS Next Day Air®, look in our free shipping rate calculator.
  • Additional surcharges: You'll be asked to pay a surcharge if you request a signature confirmation service after purchasing a shipping label.
  • UPS Signature Required Covid-19 Restrictions: To make delivery contactless in COVID times, UPS delivery confirmation services don’t require a signature until further notice. Instead, recipients must show a valid photo ID to confirm the receipt of the package.

How to Use UPS Signature Required

UPS Signature Required and other delivery confirmation services work just like normal package tracking. Simply visit your UPS account or click the delivery confirmation link to view the status and detail of your shipment.

Recipients receive notifications about incoming packages. This helps them to remember to be available to sign for packages.

If the recipient isn't home for a delivery, the driver will leave an InfoNotice at the point of delivery. This slip of paper shows the next scheduled delivery attempt, plus other options for receiving the package. These details can also be viewed on the dedicated tracking page for the order on the UPS website. UPS will make three delivery attempts before sending the package back to the shipper.

Overall, UPS Signature Required is a handy service for sending sensitive documents, high-ticket items, booze, and firearms. It helps put both you and the customer at ease.

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UPS Signature Required FAQ

What happens if you’re not home to sign for UPS?

UPS will leave an InfoNotice at your residence that shows the next scheduled delivery attempt, or where to collect the package. After three attempted deliveries, the package is sent back to the shipper.

Can I leave a note for UPS if a signature is required?

Yes, you can leave a note directing UPS to have the package signed by a neighbor or have it delivered to a different location. Otherwise, UPS Signature Required packages cannot be delivered unsigned.

How can you tell if a UPS package is signature required?

You'll receive an email with tracking information and details on whether your package requires a signature on delivery. Alternatively, use the tracking number to check whether there is such a requirement on the UPS tracking page. Again, your package will have a UPS Signature Required label affixed to it.