Calcolatore di dazi e tasse per Sint Maarten

Calcola le tue tasse e imposte quando spedisci da Italia a Sint Maarten in base al peso, al valore e al tipo di prodotto della tua spedizione.

Calcolatore di dazi e tasse per Sint Maarten

Import Tax Calculator

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Cose da sapere quando si spedisce in Sint Maarten

Quando spedisci un pacco a livello internazionale da , la tua spedizione potrebbe essere soggetta a un dazio doganale e a una tassa di importazione. Ogni nazione è diverso, e per spedire in , devi essere al corrente di quanto segue.

Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten Imposta di importazione e tasse doganali

Sint Maarten calcola utilizzando il metodo CIF, il che significa che i dazi e le tasse all'importazione sono calcolati in base al valore della merce importata così come i costi di spedizione.

Clicca qui o utilizza il nostro calcolatore per vedere le tariffe.

There are usually also charges levied by the import customs broker for filing the import customs clearance documents with the local customs authorities. This customs brokerage fee will be in addition to the customs duties and import VAT / GST applied to the imported goods.

Inizia a spedire in Sint Maarten in tutta sicurezza

Inizia a spedire in in tutta sicurezza

Easyship è stato creato per permettere a qualsiasi azienda di crescere rendendo facile la spedizione verso o qualsiasi altro paese del mondo.

Scopri come Easyship semplifica lo sdoganamento o iscriviti subito per spedire con queste fantastiche opzioni di spedizione.

Tariffe di spedizione basate su:

  • da Italia a Sint Maarten
  • Dimensione di 10x10x10 cm
  • Peso di 0.5 kg
  • - giorni lavorativi

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Sint Maarten

Easyship determines the import duties and tax charges for your international orders to Sint Maarten

Custom duties and taxes can be complicated, cause hold ups at customs, incur unexpected shipping costs, ruin the customer experience and have sellers lose their clients. We make sure that you know upfront how much to pay so you can avoid unpleasant surprises and shipment delays in the future.

To calculate import duty rates for your shipment, multiply the taxable value of your shipment by the tax and duty percentage for Sint Maarten.

Remember, import duty percentages vary for each category of goods.

The taxable value is usually based on the value of the goods, but depending on the valuation method of a country, it can also include other amounts.

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Import Duty and Taxes FAQ

What is import duty?

Import duty is a tax imposed by a government on goods from other countries. This added tax on imported goods is aimed to make foreign products less desirable and encourage supporting the domestic market.

How can I avoid being charged import taxes in Sint Maarten?

Not paying taxes is tax evasion, which we don't encourage. It's not worth risking your business getting fined. It's best to know any customs duty rate amount that is applicable to your shipment, and be upfront with customers on pricing. Use the import taxes calculator for an estimate or visit our countries information for an individual breakdown.

What happens if I under declare the value of my item?

The customs authority can easily check your business website and other sources to verify if the value listed matches the actual value of the item. Listing a lower value in order to avoid taxes is tax evasion and against the law.

Calculate Import Duty for Any Country: