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Social media really has never been more important for online merchants - so learn how to effectively use it to boost your business! With Wishpond’s expertise and advice, your business can more effectively leverage its social media channels to drive sales this holiday season and beyond.

Social media is a fantastic way to reach customers worldwide, but social media contests in particular can be a great way to boost sales during the holidays! Doing social media contests correctly, however, is crucial for companies. This webinar explores how to create impactful social media contests to boost your sales this holiday season.

The Top Mistake Companies Make When Creating Social Media Contests

Contrary to what many companies think, offering social media contests that require followers to like, follow or comment on a post for a chance to win a prize are generally ineffective, as they only keep them on social media and don’t drive business traffic.

Limited organic reach is also a key problem, as not all customers will be reached by subsequent posts regarding the contest.

  • Not capturing leads, or qualified leads.
  • Not using a mobile optimized landing page.
  • Contest durations are too short, or too long.
  • Not leveraging referrals or existing fans to drive engagement.

Better social media contest ideas include photo and video contests, referral contests and photo caption contests.

How to Use Contests to Create Win-Win Relationships with Customers

Social media contests can create win-win relationships by increasing your brand’s reach on social media channels, obtaining email signups from customers who entered the contest and leveraging the positive PR that contests bring to build your brand’s image among prospective customers.

Top Tips on How to Run Your Next Social Media Contest

Businesses looking to create better social media contests should make sure their audience is targeted, retarget participants and in-complete submissions with ads, use social media analytics tools to gain deeper insights into their customers and employ A/B testing to optimize future contests. Most importantly, brands should leverage their marketing mix to both promote and humanize the contest!

This webinar also touches on:

  • More social media contest ideas
  • Tech tips for an effective contest

Be sure to check out Wishpond’s expertise so you can “like” your holidays sales figures!

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