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Customer loyalty and customer referrals are key to long-term growth. With the holidays right around the corner, both of these have never been more critical to the success of online merchants!

ReferralCandy offers their expertise on this topic so your business can really boom as the holidays approach! Learn about customer referrals and loyalty from the experts so you can build grow your business in a cost-effective manner.

How to Build Customer Loyalty

The best way to build customer loyalty is to: (1) create products that separates your company from other competitors on the market in a unique way, (2) focus on product quality and (3) the personal stories behind the brand.

How to Turn One-Time Customers into Regular Customers

Loyalty programs are a great way for businesses should keep customers engaged and offer them incentives to not only return, but also spend more. It’s not uncommon to place focus only on new customers, but repeat customers can be even more valuable. Not only do they give you stable income, but if they’ve already made a purchase, they’ll need less convincing to ‘re-convert’.

How to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

For a customer to come back to your store, they must remember you in a good light. Maybe for your customer service, your shipping strategy, or your products! However, this isn’t enough, companies should show their customers their referral programs directly with CTAs, offer incentives in the form of monetary rewards, adjusting rewards based on purchasing behavior and encouraging them to tell their friends about your business.

Discover even more insights into:

  • What customer loyalty is
  • strategies to adopt
  • The latest technology and strategies to use

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