Best Practices

Sustainable packaging practices are something more and more businesses have embraced recently.

Learn from the experts on how you can leverage sustainable marketing to both protect the world’s environment and boost your brand. Discover insider tips and insights into key stats as well as how to create a memorable custom unboxing experience for the holidays and into 2020 and beyond.

How to Choose Packaging for a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Choosing the right type of packaging should be based on several factors, including what fits with your branding most importantly. Unique tissues, tape, boxes, and ribbons are all very useful, however, handwritten notes also add a nice, personalized touch.

Should You Use Holiday-Specific Custom Packaging?

This depends on a number of factors.

If your business is under stress from the rush of holiday fulfillment and shipping, it may be best to forgo custom packaging for the holidays in order to get orders delivered promptly and accurately.

However, after your company is more established in this area, custom packaging can be a great idea, with its benefits being that it encourages customer loyalty and retention and leaves your customers with a more positive impression of your brand.

Sustainability and Your Brand

Adopting eco-friendly packaging policies are both good for the environment and your budget. Just a few ideas for sustainable packaging include using recycled goods and biodegradable materials as well as eschewing plastic wrapping and other environmentally-harmful materials.

Not only adopting eco-friendly packaging help the environment, but it also puts your brand in a positive light in the eyes of consumers worldwide!

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You don’t have to be Captain Planet to save the world! Make your New Year's resolution to protect the environment, and see how your brand can use sustainable marketing to do just that.

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