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Peak season is coming!

Find out how to prepare your inventory for the holiday shipping season with these fulfillment strategies and best practices. Will Tidwell, Head of eFulfillment at Easyship, shares his expertise on how eCommerce businesses can effectively prepare for the coming holiday shipping rush without breaking a sweat with his insider knowledge.

By following the advice offered in this webinar, you can be prepared for the coming winter storm of holiday orders!

How Do You Prepare Fulfillment for the Peak Shipping Season?

Preparing your fulfillment operations for involves training staff members, creating and following checklists, streamlining your pick and pack operations, ensuring all your stock counts are accurate and forecasting sales accurately in order to ensure adequate staff coverage.

Check out our free Holiday Season Fulfillment checklist to ensure your fulfillment needs are met during peak season.

How to Stay Ahead of the Curve When It Comes to Shipping and Fulfillment

Stay ahead of the holiday shipping curve by using the right fulfillment strategies:

  • Prepare early, make a detailed checklist to follow closely, like this one.
  • Lock in the right warehouse and shipping partners. Ask about inventory turnover requirements, and ensure their seasonal staff are qualified to handle your business.
  • Optimize your stores checkout, including rates at checkout, as well as, customer phone number and email fields to ensure delivery details can be received.
  • Promote and market your shipping strategy, and update your store’s return policy.
  • Closely monitor the fulfillment and delivery of your orders and stay flexible to keep your customers happy.

How to Handle Delivery Delays

Delays can have a serious impact on your holiday shipping, but learning how to cope with them is key. Inclement weather is best dealt with by effective and early communication to customers while backlog due to high demand is best addressed by letting your customers know you’re on top of everything.

This webinar also explores:

  • Effective communication with customers
  • How to forecast sales
  • Warehouse optimization best practices

Learn how to prepare your business for the coming holiday season here!

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