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Inventory management is crucial for any business - especially during the craziness of the holiday shipping season!

This webinar explores just how exactly you can master your inventory during the busy holiday shipping period. Learn from the experts on how to break down the barriers to small business growth, streamline your backend operations, leverage the latest technology to manage your inventory and much more.

The better prepared you are ahead of time, the easier everything will be once the holiday shipping season kicks into high gear!

How to Understand the Barriers and Challenges to Small Business Growth

Small businesses often face difficulties managing their inventory, especially when managing their cross-border shipping from multiple channels.

Common challenges, in accordance with inventory management customer complains include:

  • Shipping delays.
  • Tracking difficulty from checkout to delivery.
  • Receiving broken items.
  • Not being able to order.
  • Receiving the wrong item.

Merchants can address their inventory challenges by integrating their listings for each channel via an inventory solution, like TradeGecko, and coordinating their product stock across different channels via shipping solutions. Shipping challenges can be fixed by offering courier choices for customers, as well as, free shipping and fast delivery times to increase customer satisfaction.

How to Streamline Your Backend Operations

While your brick-and-mortar or online shopfront is the place where customers see you serving them, your entire supply chain is actually what drives your success. Meanwhile, your warehouse is usually where your team does the bulk of the work to meet your customers’ needs. It’s where you:

  • manage your inventory levels and order new inventory
  • receive new inventory from suppliers
  • hold inventory before it’s required for customer orders or store displays
  • pick, pack and ship your customer orders.

From that list, it’s easy to see that your warehouse operations play a critical role throughout your entire order fulfillment cycle. Learn more about how TradeGecko and other tools can streamline your backend operations and increase efficiency.

Find more insights on:

  • How to prepare your inventory for the holidays
  • How to optimize your warehouse for the holiday shipping season

Get your inventory ready today!

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