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Is your company ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? The biggest online shopping days of the year are just around the corner!

This webinar takes a detailed, in-depth look at how to prepare your business for the craziness of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, including how to reduce cart abandonment rates, create improved customer shipping experience during the holiday season and more.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing! By watching this webinar from the experts at ShipperHQ, you can gain valuable insight and discover new strategies into how to be prepared for the busiest fulfillment and shipping times of the entire year.

How Can I Reduce My Cart Abandonment Rate Around the Holidays?

This year we’ll see an influx of people doing their holiday shopping on their smartphones. Meaning more people can shop on the go, with this being a great sign for eCommerce, it also means shopping cart abandonment will rise.

A majority of cart abandonment happens because of costs related to purchase price, shipping, taxes and other fees. The issue of having customers create accounts, as well as, tedious checkout prices, as well as “unclear” costs can be some of the reasons clients abandon carts in the last moments of the purchasing journey.

One simple solution for online merchants to cut their cart abandonment rate is by being as transparent as possible regarding: delivery dates, offering the cheapest shipping rates, and enabling shoppers a choice of shipping options.

How Can I Create a Better Customer Shipping Experience During the Holidays?

Merchants should look into offering convenient shipping options, such as same-day delivery by providing alternative shipping location origins, and using flexible “click and collect” checkout options online.

How Can I Use Shipping to Get More Sales Around the Holidays?

Reminding customers of shipping deadlines adds urgency, but is also highly effective. Offering free shipping and other promotions around top trending items. Also, offering free wrapping or delivery on order minimums, and sending cards to current and past clients can help boost sales during the holiday season.

How Can I Convert More Cross-Border Holiday Shoppers?

Online merchants should seriously consider offering Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) pricing and offering transparency on taxes and duties during the checkout process to convert more international customers.

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  • Key stats about Cyber Monday and Black Friday
  • How to boost sales during the holidays

Prepare for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday today!

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