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Amazon Integrates With Easyship for Seamless Shipping

Learn how Eone Watches streamlines and saves on Amazon shipping with Easyship.
Amazon Integrates With Easyship for Seamless Shipping
Ian Heinig

By Ian Heinig


September 12, 2021

Amazon, the world’s most-visited eCommerce marketplace, integrates with Easyship for total shipping management in one simple dashboard. Easyship makes commerce convenient for Amazon sellers with a powerful suite of shipping features, including automated label generation, global tracking, and discounted shipping rates up to 70% off.

Eone Watches, maker of the world's only inclusive watch, uses Easyship to simplify its Amazon shipping and save on discount labels. The company pulls its Amazon orders into Easyship, then coordinates all shipping and returns at a glance. And despite Amazon’s steep seller’s fees, the brand can ship cost-effectively to anywhere with discounted shipping rates for USPS, FedEx, and hundreds of global couriers.

Amazon merchants can all use Easyship for free for their first 50 shipments each month. Here’s what the Easyship integration means for Amazon merchants.

Sync Orders in Seconds

You can sync your Amazon account with Easyship in just a couple of clicks. Once your orders and inventory are synced, you can manage all your Amazon shipping activity in the Easyship dashboard, including:

  • Create shipments
  • Purchase shipping labels
  • Compare courier rates
  • Manage tracking
  • View delivery status
  • Change courier services

Eone Watches gained a multi-channel platform for coordinating shipping, fulfillment, and returns for Amazon and its other sales channels. A quick integration was all it took to ship everything faster, more flexibly, and with total transparency.

Generate Shipping Labels Automatically

Easyship saves you time with fulfillment automation. In other words, Easyship generates the shipping documents for your Amazon orders automatically, including:

  • Shipping labels
  • Customer invoices
  • Packing slips
  • Customs documents (if applicable)

When Eone Watches receives a domestic order, Easyship generates the shipping label, customer invoice, and packing slip. The completed paperwork is available to download or print in the shipment summary in the shipping dashboard. The same is true if you create a shipment by hand via Easyship or Amazon: the paperwork is pre-completed for your convenience.

Labels on autopilot help Eone to ensure that fulfillment is fast, accurate, and culminates in customer success. What customs paperwork does the UK require? The Czech Republic? Easyship’s automation knows and completes the necessary forms on your behalf, so outgoing orders breeze through customs without delay. This way, you save time on fulfillment and ensure successful delivery, without lifting a finger.

Save on Discount Shipping Rates

Easyship gives you instant discounts on courier rates up to 70% off. Ship with your favorite services from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and hundreds more global couriers. Your Amazon account will automatically use the discount rates provided by Easyship. Since the majority of Amazon shoppers expect brands to cover the cost of free shipping, these savings can be a welcome boost to your bottom line.

The Easyship dashboard is where you browse and select courier services. All rates are sourced in real-time from courier websites. As shown below, the savings are applied automatically and the discount amount you save appears in yellow.

Eone also tapped into Easyship’s network of fulfillment partners, allowing it to quickly and cost-effectively ship to anywhere. Separate partners fulfill orders from different locations, but every warehouse’s software integrates with Easyship. This means Eone can manage all its shipments in the one simple shipping dashboard, regardless of fulfillment origin. You can learn more about Eone's fulfillment here.

View Accurate Duty and Tax

Variable duty and taxes are a twofold nuisance for global brands like Eone. Each country sets duty and tax differently, making it hard to predict cross-border shipping costs. Meanwhile, any inaccurate or unpaid import fees lead to customs delays then customer disappointment, and finally, churn.

This is why Easyship provides Amazon merchants with full visibility of duty and tax for foreign addresses. All orders received, if applicable, automatically display the country-specific duty and tax. This way, you can prepay duty and tax to ensure every order breezes through customs for a timely delivery.

Manage All Your in Easyship

The Easyship dashboard is your multi-channel shipment control center. Here’s where you manage all shipping activity for Amazon and all other sales channels at a glance. Create shipments, print labels, compare couriers, manage returns – it’s all at your fingertips.

All your Easyship data flows into Amazon and vice versa total shipment visibility in both platforms. Below is the real-time status of a pending Amazon shipment as it appears in the Easyship dashboard.

Amazon and Easyship exchange data after integration, allowing you to monitor inventory and shipments with up-to-the-minute accuracy, including returns. This helps Eone Watches to never sell an item it doesn't have in stock.

Easyship also provides robust shipment analytics. Wondering about your average cost to ship? Your most profitable markets domestically or overseas? Free-flowing data lets you dig into sales, shipping, and returns insights side by side to identify how to ship cheaper and more efficiently. This helps you can save on shipping immediately and make ideal business decisions going forward.

Amazon Shipping Is Better with Easyship

Easyship is an all-in-one shipping platform that enhances commerce on Amazon. Eone Watches uses Easyship to access discount rates, save time on fulfillment, and ship more effectively at scale. You can learn more on our dedicated Amazon shipping page.