Key Points:

  • Asendia Shipping is an international courier that caters to eCommerce companies
  • In general, it will take anywhere between 6-21 days to deliver a package through Asendia
  • Asendia and Easyship harness the power of express shipping and get them where they need to be with last-mile delivery

Founded in 2012, Asendia is a French-Swiss courier company. With a dedication to eCommerce at its core, it just makes sense that Asendia is now part of Easyship’s growing network of couriers, offering 250+ solutions. Easyship makes shipping with Asendia simple and accessible.

With 32 locations around the world and a global network including 200 countries, Asendia Shipping is a logical partner for Easyship’s fulfillment services. In the following article, we’ll discuss the benefits of shipping with Asendia including Asendia tracking, delivery times, and how Asendia compares to major competitors.

Plus, we’ll also give you the lowdown on Easyship's hybrid solution with Asendia, which makes multi-leg international shipping journeys seamless.

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What is Asendia Shipping?

Asendia Shipping is an international courier that caters to eCommerce companies. The company has 17 offices around the world and has a particularly strong network in Europe, where it has offices in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Nordics, Benelux, Spain, and the UK. As such it has local courier services like Asendia UK and Asendia US. The carrier also has proprietary tracking software, aptly named Asendia Tracking.

Through Asendia Shipping, retailers can ship high volumes of mail, parcels, flyers, and catalogs to over 220 countries and territories. Plus, Asendia provides the proper label for each parcel, so your goods get where they need to go — and nowhere else. Their international scope and a full range of services make it easy to scale your business globally using Easyship’s logistics fulfillment dashboard.

Asendia Shipping also has a number of services to choose from depending on the parcel’s country of origin and destination, parcel size, and the speed at which your delivery is going out. No matter what you choose, Asendia Shipping makes it easy to manage multiple shipments at once through its carrier dashboard.

As a global carrier, customers can access all Asendia has to offer for global delivery for shipments up to 30 kg. Asendia Shipping is flexible. It also seamlessly integrates with tools you may have incorporated in your workflow, like Meatpack.

Perhaps most crucially, Asendia Shipping takes the most complex parts of international shipping and makes them simple. Unfamiliar with the likes of DDP and DDU? No problem. Asendia, which is fully GDPR compliant and secure, handles all the customs paperwork and data for you. Of course, if you’d like to take a more hands-on role, Easyship’s automated rules feature allows you to set your own protocols regarding taxes and duties.

How Long Does Asendia Take to Ship?

As with any courier, the amount of time Asendia Shipping takes depends on the destination and origin location. In general, it will take anywhere between 6-21 days to deliver a package through Asendia.

3 Benefits of Using Asendia

There are many carriers out there that ship high volumes internationally. So, what makes Asendia shipping stand out? Below, we’ll explore three key reasons.

  • eCommerce Specialty

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re running a full-scale operation, it can be transformative to work with a courier who deeply understands your business needs as an eCommerce retailer. Their scope of delivery combined with Easyship’s customizable features, like custom shipping labels and package slips, makes for a memorable brand experience for the customer. Plus, since returns are baked into eCommerce, Asendia is built to handle them with ease.

  • USPS Wholesale

Generally speaking, Asendia USA works with the USPS to deliver goods across the US in bulk shipments. It also is a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW). Asendia USA’s wholesale customers have easy access to postal distribution centers around the world. And, as wholesale implies, discounts are also available to Asendia USA wholesale customers who deliver bulk shipments at high rates. Examples of customers eligible for wholesale discounts and benefits include: mail consolidators, mailing houses, fulfillment centers, printers, mailrooms, and logistics, and courier companies

  • International Powerhouse

Based in Europe, Asendia Shipping can handle deliveries to over 220 countries and territories around the globe. And if they can’t handle your delivery themselves, they’ll work with you to place it with a partner. One way that they’re able to deliver on a global scale is by taking advantage of last-mile deliveries, using local courier services to finish a parcel’s journey in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

How to Track Asendia Shipments

Parcel tracking is perhaps one of the most important touchpoints in the post-purchase experience.

Enter: Asendia Tracking the platform's fully integrated tracking platform, designed for consumers and retailers alike. The Asendia tracking platform is designed for ease of use. For retailers, it offers business-focused functions like reports, tracking information, and an overview of all outbound packages. For consumers awaiting an order, accessibility is the name of the game, as there are multiple language options available for patrons to check on their parcel’s locations in real-time.

Here are some of the benefits of using Asendia tracking:

  • Organized tracking dashboard
  • Detailed overview for retailers
  • Focused, singular view for consumers
  • Allows for tracking during “last mile” deliveries
  • Advanced search
  • Email notifications and alerts are sent to the local language
  • Reports to suit every business need

Of course, Asendia Tracking can be taken to the next level with Easyship, which allows customers to create branded tracking pages on their own eCommerce site, making for a more holistic experience without losing any of these crucial details.

Comparison of Asendia with Major Couriers

So, now that you know what Asendia USA offers, let’s take a look at how it stacks up compared to other major couriers. Here's a comparison of a 2 pound package in a 4x2x2 package going from New York to Hong Kong

ServiceDelivery TimeCost
Asendia - Fully Tracked6-15 Days$34.05
Easyship Flat Export8-12 days$23.89
USPS First Class International7-15 days$26.36
DHL Express Worldwide1-2 days$35.85
UPS Worldwide Expedited5 days$105.76
FedEx International Economy5 days$112.56

Easyship's Hybrid Solution with Asendia

We’re excited to announce that Easyship is now compatible with Asendia for international shipping on small parcels weighing 2 Kg and below. With Asendia, Easyship is offering two services:

  • Country tracking: Offers limited tracking to 200+ countries
  • Fully tracked: Offers full tracking and delivery confirmation to 55 countries.

This service stands out because of the competitive pricing on small parcel deliveries. The pricing is exceedingly affordable — set below industry standards for the expected volumetric weight and the primary destination.  As this is international shipping, taxes and duties are also involved. Easyship and Asendia offer two different DDU options, taking the onus off of the retailer.

Average delivery lead times for postal and economy services range between six and 15 days. The journey is a multi-leg service. For these purposes, the “first-mile” service is USPS and then Asendia will carry out the last mile — either with its name band carrier, Asendia UK, or one of its global partners.

Start Shipping with Asendia and Easyship Today

Asendia and Easyship harness the power of express shipping and get them where they need to be with last-mile delivery. An international powerhouse, Asendia Shipping is ideal for bulk orders and offers steep discounts as a USPS wholesale partner. With Asendia tracking, customers and retailers alike get real-time updates in detail. And Easyship plugs in to enhance the branded experience.

Easyship also simplifies shipping internationally with Asendia, offering solutions for taxes and duties.

Sign up for an Easyship account today to supercharge your international shipping game!