Key points:

  • Get up to 44% off Canada Post shipping rates on Easyship until January 31, 2025, saving you money and increasing your competitiveness
  • This partnership offers reliable service, a national delivery network, and eco-friendly shipping options to boost customer satisfaction
  • Easyship tools like cost calculators and real-time tracking can streamline your shipping process and help your business grow

Launched June 2024, with Canada Post shipping rates on Easyship, you can now save up to 44% within Canada – savings you can benefit from  until January 31, 2025. This promotion supports ambitious Canadian eCommerce entrepreneurs in enhancing their shipping efficiency and reducing operational costs, driving profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Canadian eCommerce market is booming! Currently forecast to reach USD $65.55 Billion in 2024 and grow at over 9% annually to reach a staggering USD $104.40 billion by 2029! In this thriving market, ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs face the ever-present challenges of managing shipping costs, time, and customer expectations.

Key Challenges and Benefits
Key Challenges Benefit of Additional Savings
Increasing Expenses and Pressures on Profitability Lower shipping costs can significantly impact the bottom line for smaller operations. Direct cost savings improve profitability, allowing reinvestment into business growth initiatives.
Lack of Time and Feeling Overwhelmed Streamlining shipping with reduced rates helps save time, allowing owners to focus on other aspects of their business and improve work/life balance. Reduced operational burden gives owners more time.
Shipping Complexity Simplified shipping solutions with competitive rates can reduce the complexity of managing multiple carriers. Easier management of shipping processes reduces stress and operational errors.
Growing Customer Expectations Competitive rates and reliable delivery improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Lower shipping costs enable more attractive customer offers, boosting satisfaction and retention, and driving repeat sales.

Key Benefits of the Promotion 

Let's explore the key benefits unlocked by the further reduced Canada Post shipping rates on Easyship, starting with cost savings.

  1. Cost Savings:
    • By receiving up to 44% off shipping within Canada, this  translates into significant savings for small-to-medium size eCommerce stores. This can directly improve the overall balance sheet by lowering operational costs.
  2. Increased Competitiveness:
    • Competitive shipping rates enable businesses to offer attractive pricing to customers, potentially increasing conversion rates and customer retention.
  3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:
    • Lower shipping costs can be passed on to customers, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Businesses can offer more attractive shipping options, such as free shipping thresholds, without sacrificing margins.
  4. Operational Efficiency:
    • Simplified and cost-effective shipping processes enhance overall operational efficiency. Savings can be reallocated towards other critical areas, such as marketing or product development.

How to Find the Best Rates with Easyship

With an annual eCommerce market growth rate over 9% a year forecast between 2024 and 2030, Canada shows signs of strong demand and huge opportunity for ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs. 

As the second-largest country in the world, you might be expecting a fulfillment nightmare. From expensive shipping costs to slow delivery times, however with the right tools this isn't necessarily the case.

To break down the most economical Canada Post rates available, in this example, we are going to show the rates for shipping a small package both domestically and internationally. We will use the following dimensions and plug this into the Easyship Shipping Rate Calculator to outline our pre-negotiated rates:

  • Weight of package: 1KG
  • Box Dimensions: 10x10x20cm
  • Contents for customs forms: Accessory (no-battery)

To help you analyze the available Canada Post shipping options, we have ranked each service, detailing the origin and destination. While also focusing on the estimated number of business days it takes to arrive at the destination address, plus the type of tracking available with the service.

Shipping Options

Toronto - Vancouver

Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
Canada Post - Expedited Parcel 4 - 7 working days Regular CA$19.25
Canada Post - Regular Parcel 4 - 10 working days Regular CA$19.25
Canada Post - Xpresspost 2 - 3 working days Regular CA$29.14
Canada Post - Priority 1 - 3 working days Regular CA$51.60

Toronto - Montreal

Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
Canada Post - Expedited Parcel 4 - 7 working days Regular CA$12.86
Canada Post - Regular Parcel 4 - 10 working days Regular CA$12.86
Canada Post - Xpresspost 2 - 3 working days Regular CA$13.62
Canada Post - Priority 1 - 3 working days Regular CA$23.36

Vancouver - Montreal

Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
Canada Post - Expedited Parcel 4 - 7 working days Regular CA$19.35
Canada Post - Regular Parcel 4 - 10 working days Regular CA$19.35
Canada Post - Xpresspost 2 - 3 working days Regular CA$29.35
Canada Post - Priority 1 - 3 working days Regular CA$51.85

Toronto - New York, USA

Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
Canada Post - Small Packet - USA 5 - 8 working days No Tracking CA$17.41
CanadaPost - USA Tracked Parcel 4 - 7 working days Regular CA$20.55
Canada Post - Expedited Parcel - USA 4 - 7 working days Regular CA$21.30
Canada Post - Xpresspost - USA 2 - 3 working days Regular CA$34.16

Despite Canada's vast geography, Easyship tools can mitigate high shipping costs and slow delivery times, turning potential fulfillment challenges into manageable tasks. Key Factors to Consider:

  • Delivery Time: Faster options like XpresspostTM and PriorityTM versus economical choices like Expedited ParcelTM and Regular ParcelTM.
  • Tracking: Ensuring reliable tracking options through the process to enhance customer satisfaction.

By utilizing Easyship's tools and comparing rates, ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs can optimize their shipping strategies, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Canada Post Rate Decrease on Easyship

Upgrade Your Delivery Experience With Canada Post

Looking to create a delivery experience customers love? Unlock a powerful advantage for your eCommerce business with Canada Post's extensive delivery network, cost-effective solutions, and commitment to sustainability and customer experience.

1. National Delivery Network:

  • Nationwide Coverage: Canada Post is the only delivery carrier in Canada that can reach all 17.4 million addresses, including urban, rural, and remote locations
  • Extensive Retail Network: With nearly 5,800 retail locations across Canada, Canada Post offers unparalleled access and convenience for businesses and their customers

2. Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions:

  • Significant Savings: Accessing Canada Post with Easyship can lead to substantial savings on shipping costs, with up to 44% off domestic services, 47% off U.S. services, and 65% off international shipments
  • Affordable Rates for Small Businesses: Canada Post offers tailored solutions for small businesses, helping them compete with larger companies by reducing shipping costs 

3. Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Carbon-Neutral Shipping: All regular and expedited domestic delivery services are carbon-neutral, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Canada Post's commitment to sustainability includes investing in greener operations, making it a preferred partner for eco-conscious businesses.

4. Trusted and Reliable Service:

  • Reputation for Reliability: As Canada’s leading eCommerce parcel delivery company, Canada Post is known for its dependable and secure delivery services
  • Broad Service Offerings: From expedited and regular parcels to priority and international shipping, Canada Post provides a range of options to meet diverse business needs

5. Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Convenient Delivery Options: With exclusive access to PO box delivery, apartment and condo, and complete rural coverage, Canada Post reaches every customer and provides flexible and convenient delivery options
  • Real-Time Tracking: Canada Post offers robust tracking capabilities, giving customers peace of mind and enhancing their overall shopping experience

6. Support for Business Growth:

By leveraging these key benefits, ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs can enhance their shipping strategies, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth with Canada Post as their delivery partner.

How Can Your Store Benefit?

  1. Growing eCommerce Businesses:

For stores shipping between 100 to 2,500 packages per month, the savings can be substantial. A store shipping 1,000 packages monthly at an average cost of $10 per package could save approximately $8,840 annually with the new rates.

  1. Reducing Operational Burden:

Streamlining shipping operations with reduced rates frees up time for business owners to focus on growth rather than administrative tasks. This also contributes to a better work/life balance by reducing the time spent on operations and admin.

  1. Improving Profitability:

Cost savings from reduced shipping rates can be reinvested into marketing efforts or improving product offerings, driving overall business growth. This is crucial for owners aiming to grow their business beyond a hobby or side-hustle.


The additional savings in Canada Post shipping rates on Easyship presents a strong opportunity for ambitious Canadian eCommerce entrepreneurs. Optimize your shipping strategies, reduce costs, and ultimately drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging these savings, businesses can remain competitive, meet evolving customer expectations, and streamline their operations.

Take Action Now:

  • Evaluate Your Current Shipping Costs: Analyze your shipping expenses to understand the potential savings from the new rates.
  • Optimize Customer Offers: Consider how the reduced rates can allow for more attractive shipping offers, such as free or discounted shipping, to boost sales and customer loyalty.
  • Stay Informed: Keep ahead of further promotions and updates from Easyship and Canada Post to continually optimize your shipping strategy.

For more information on how to take full advantage of these reduced rates and to explore how Easyship can support your shipping needs, visit our website or contact our customer service team.

We also offer a range of easy-to-use shipping tools, to help streamline your shipping experience and delight your buyers. Popular features include:

  • Shipping Rate Calculator: You can use our shipping rate calculator to compare shipping rates from different carriers
  • Comparison Tool: With our courier comparison tool, you can compare the different shipping services offered by each courier, allowing you to choose your cheapest way to ship based on other factors, not just the cost
  • Insurance: To help keep your packages safe in transit, Easyship offers you insurance up to $10000
  • Tracking: From custom-branded tracking emails to automatic message alerts, Easyship helps you maintain package visibility with your buyers throughout the delivery process