Key Points:

  • Different couriers have different restrictions and regulations on the car parts they can ship
  • UPS is one of the world’s largest package delivery companies and provides specialized logistics and transportation services
  • Some car parts may be bulky or fragile and therefore require specific methods of packaging

If you’re a specialized car parts dealer or a car repair expert, you may find yourself needing to ship car parts to different countries around the world. Car parts are often heavy and irregular in shape, making them susceptible to damage. This makes them all the more challenging to ship.

To make shipping car parts easy, you just need to know how to do it properly. This means understanding what you can ship, how to package different parts, what customs paperwork you may have to deal with, and finding affordable solutions with a reliable courier and logistics company. This article will explain everything you need to know about shipping car parts around the world.

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What Car Parts Can I Ship?

Different couriers have different restrictions and regulations on the car parts they can ship. However, some common rules apply to almost all companies. You can't send dangerous or restricted parts, or parts containing liquids. For other things, like radiators, engines, fluid reservoirs, fuel tanks, and gearboxes, you’ll need a purge certificate to show that they have been purged of all fluids. Items made of glass - such as wing mirrors, windscreens, and windows - may not be covered by your carrier’s insurance policy and may require you to pay certain surcharges.

Many companies also have restrictions on the size and weight of the packages they accept, so it is always good to check these restrictions with the courier company to avoid additional charges and prevent your parts from being stopped at customs.

Some of the car parts you can ship with different courier services are:

  • Wheels and deflated tires
  • Lights
  • Exhausts
  • Gearboxes and engines
  • Doors
  • Bonnets and body panels
  • Bumpers
  • Infotainment displays and Sat-Navs

Which Couriers Can I Use to Ship Car Parts?


UPS is one of the world’s largest package delivery companies and provides specialized logistics and transportation services. They can ship your car parts to more than 200 countries and territories. For auto parts retailers, they offer the best all-round pricing through their affordable ground shipping services.


FedEx is well-known for its fast delivery, accurate delivery times, and good tracking facilities. They also offer affordable ground shipping and have started to offer SmartPost to get your package delivered to the post office. FedEx also offers expedited shipping service at an additional cost.


The United States Postal Service is a good option for delivering smaller parts at a low cost, especially within the US. In general, it beats the other couriers in terms of price for smaller packages if they are sent through Priority Mail.  With an unmatched global network, USPS is also excellent for international shipping. However, depending on which service you choose their tracking systems might not be as competitive; their delivery times can also be a bit uncertain.


With DHL you can have your car parts delivered worldwide to your local store, home or place of work. However, you may find that their courier services are much more expensive than others. DHL offers a wide array of automotive services including domestic and international warehousing, shipment, and customs services.

Third-Party Options

Of course, there are always other ways to access shipping services so that you don’t have to go directly to the couriers, who tend to offer more expensive rates. One example of a third-party option is Easyship, which can connect you with services with the above couriers. We provide access to a network of over 250 courier solutions to find an affordable solution for your car parts shipping business. We can also help you figure out how to package your parts for maximum protection in transit.

You’ll also be able to insure your car part shipments for up to $5,000.

Which is the Cheapest Way to Ship Car Parts?

The cost of shipping your car parts with the different shipping companies will be greatly influenced by the weight and size of your packages, their classifications, the destinations you’re shipping them to, and how quickly you want them to get there. Most courier companies provide shipping calculators on their websites where you can calculate the shipping cost for your car parts based on weight and size, excluding surcharges.

You can also use the Easyship shipping rate calculator to see if you can get a more competitive price - you can also include certain surcharges this way, so there will be fewer surprises when you get the final bill.

Basic costs of shipping a car parts package with dimensions of 12in x 6 x 6 in and weighing 10lbs;  domestic shipping from Brooklyn, NY, to Beverly Hills, California.

Carrier Service Delivery Time Price
USPS Priority Mail Express 1 Day $105.20
USPS Priority Mail 2-Day 2 Days $44.55
USPS Retail Ground 7 Days $40.05
FedEx Standard Overnight Overnight $140.78
FedEx 2-Day 2 Days $90.89
FedEx Express Saver 3 Days $70.48
FedEx Ground 4 Days $27.99
UPS Next Day Air 1 Day $137.70
UPS 2nd Day Air 2 Days $100.51
UPS Ground 4 Days $28.51
USPS via Easyship Priority Mail 1-3 Days $12.29
USPS via Easyship Parcel Select 8-12 Days $37.42

Basic costs of shipping a car parts package with dimensions of s 12in x 6 in x 6 in and weighing 10lbs; international shipping from Brooklyn, NY, to Hong Kong.

Carrier Service Delivery Time Price
USPS Priority Mail Express International 3-5 Days $110.20
USPS Priority Mail International 1-3 Days $89.45
FedEx International Economy 4 Days $215.71
FedEx International Priority 4 Days $227.41
UPS Worldwide Saver 4 Days $219.76
UPS Worldwide Expedited 4 Days $207.37
USPS via Easyship Priority Mail International 1-3 Days $84.98
USPS via Easyship Priority Mail Express International 3-5 Days $99.59
DHL via Easyship Easyship Express Worldside 1-2 Days $69.81
SF Express via Easyship Economy Express 5-8 Days $26.98

10 Steps for Packing a Car Part for Shipping

Different car parts require different packaging techniques. This is because car parts come in different sizes and shapes. Plus, some may be bulky or fragile and therefore require specific methods of packaging.

Remember that you should always double-box all your car parts and use plenty of internal packaging to prevent damage. Here is a general guide to help you package the most commonly mailed car parts:

1.  Where applicable, disassemble your car components as required

2.  To prevent any leaks, empty any liquids or lubricants within the parts

3.  Use heavy-duty or corrugated cardboard boxes for metal parts; double-box your part for additional protection

4.  For tube-shaped parts, use triangular boxes

5.  Pack different auto parts individually using bubble wrap, making sure that sharp edges are well covered. For small items, put them in plastic pouches

6.  Put your car parts inside the box

7.  To prevent movement or damage inside the box, use foam wrapping, bubble wrap or polystyrene for internal packaging

8.  Seal your box appropriately with adhesive tape

9.  Tape a warning sign on the box to show whether the part is fragile and should be handled with care.

10.  Get a quote and ship your car part.

Will Customs Be An Issue?

If you’re shipping car parts internationally for the first time, you may not be aware of what customs formalities are applicable. The customs authorities of each country control the goods that cross its borders; they impose taxes and duties on behalf of the government and check for restricted, prohibited or dangerous goods. Usually, customs involve a lot of paperwork, so you will need to check with your courier company to get the right customs document. Many couriers, such as DHL, offer specific customs services to help you navigate this tricky system.

To avoid delays, you should make sure to use the right harmonized codes on the customs forms, describe your car parts in detail, and be clear as to why you are shipping them. You should also provide contact details for the package recipient. For dangerous and restricted goods, you may have to fill out extra paperwork, so it’s best to check with your couriers for their requirements.

Easyship can ease a lot of the hassle with customs. Our platform allows you to automatically generate and fill out the necessary paperwork for your shipments to make your customs clearance process seamless and hassle-free.

How Easyship Can Help

It’s easy to ship car parts internationally if you know how to do it. You’ll need to use the right packaging, clear the paperwork with the customs authorities, and get the best rates from a trusted courier. It’s good to remember that some car parts are classified as dangerous or restricted, so you should check with your courier to avoid inconveniences or extra charges.

Sign up for a free account with Easyship now and access an array of affordable shipping solutions for car parts.