The Cheapest Overnight Shipping Option in 2023

Key Points:

  • UPS, FedEx and USPS all provide reliable overnight options for domestic shipments
  • In general, the faster the speed, the more expensive the shipping rates
  • Get the cheapest shipping rates for the fastest delivery from multiple couriers with a shipping rate calculator. Compare rates based on package size, weight, destination, and speed

With faster delivery highlighted as the number one thing missing from global shoppers' eCommerce experience in 2022, offering fast shipping can be a straightforward strategy to grow your online store. Boost customer satisfaction, repeat sales, and positive reviews. While simultaneously increasing conversion rates, and reducing cart abandonment.

Overnight shipping is a fast shipping solution that reduces the journey from purchase to delivery. Customers can complete the checkout process and get their package as early as 8:00 am the next day.  This article will break down the cheapest overnight shipping options available for domestic next-day delivery that your customers will love.

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UPS Next Day Air®

You can rely on UPS Next Day Air for efficiency and affordability. UPS also has different cheapest overnight delivery services. We will go into these services, so you can compare and select the best one for business.

Next Day Air Saver

Coming first as UPS's cheapest overnight service is Next Day Air Saver. Business owners depend on this service for quick overnight shipping at the most reasonable costs. The delivery date is the next business day, while delivery time varies depending on the recipient's location.

Next Day Air

The Next Day Air is the regular overnight shipping service from UPS that delivers to every location in the United States. The delivery date is next business day at 10:30 am or 12 pm.

Next Day Air Early AM

For Next Day Air UPS overnight shipping, the Early AM is the fastest in case you and your customer want the quickest option. The Next Day Air Early Am delivers parcels as early as 8:00 am the next business day. However, this service is unavailable for some US destinations, and you might need to confirm your destination before selecting this service.

If you are looking for the fastest shipping option and perhaps the nature of goods would require immediate delivery, the UPS Next Day Air is there to save the day with cheap alternatives. UPS Next Day Air also offers customers free packaging as the option to apply for a refund if service is not satisfactory.

In the table below, we will compare the prices for shipping a 5-pound package from New York to Los Angeles with UPS overnight shipping services.

Courier Service Lead Time Cost
UPS Next Day Air 1 working day $57.54
UPS Next Day Air Saver 1 working day $51.36
UPS Next Day Air Early 1 working day $87.54

Takeaway: From the three options, the cheapest is the UPS Next Day Air Saver, however this delivery time will be later than the two others. While UPS Next Day Air Early is a faster option and your customers can receive their package as early as 8:00am the following working day, it is 70.44% more expensive.

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FedEx Priority Overnight

FedEx also offers three overnight shipping services for shippers who want the quickest options. The three overnight shipping are FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, and FedEx Standard Overnight. Of these three, the FedEx priority is the cheapest. With this service, packages can arrive as early as 12pm. If using this service, ensure all parcels are dropped at FedEx locations.

FedEx Priority Overnight offers delivery at different times of the day, like early morning delivery, mid-morning delivery, and afternoon delivery. If you also want to use the service, you should know a few things about the operations.

Weight limit: FedEx Priority overnight weight and size specifications are as follows

  • Maximum weight of 150 lbs
  • 119" in length
  • 165" in length and girth

Drop off Deadlines: always determined by locations and the cut-off time

Delivery Days: the delivery date is every business day, Monday to Friday, with Saturday for specific locations. Other times, customers can only pick packages up on Saturday.

Delivery Area: available throughout the US. In the table below, we compare the shipping rates for a 5 pound package from New York to Los Angeles.

Courier Service Lead Time Cost
Fedex First Overnight 8:00 AM $191.14
FedEx Priority Overnight 12:00 PM $156.94
FedEx Standard Overnight 8:00 PM $145.31

Takeaway: As you can see, FedEx Priority Overnight is a better option at an affordable rate. While FedEx First Overnight is faster, it is more expensive when you compare with FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx Standard Overnight. If you want a fast option at an affordable rate, then FedEx Priority is an ideal option.

USPS Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express is a delivery service offered by the United States Postal Services. Like other overnight shipping, Priority Mail Express offers speedy parcel delivery for customers within 1–2 days. Priority Mail Express is the fastest delivery compared to other USPS delivery services if you ever need urgent delivery.

Packages arrive between 12:00-3:00 pm the next day for one-day delivery. The exact time is guaranteed for the two-days delivery too. As a guarantee for prompt delivery, USPS offers a money-back guarantee for any delayed delivery. These are the things you should know about the kind of item you can ship with USPS Priority Mail Express.

  • Maximum weight of 70 lbs
  • Length and girth, 108 inches

Let’s compare the prices of shipping a 5-pound package from New York with USPS Priority Mail Express versus other fast options from USPS.

Courier Service Lead Time Cost
USPS Priority Mail Express 1-2 working days $70.70
USPS Priority Mail Signature 2-3 working days $14.25
USPS Priority Mail 3-4 working days $10.85

Takeaway: As shown, USPS Priority is the fastest, but more expensive when you compare it with other services.

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