Key points:

  • Cheapest shipping service to Pakistan from the USA is Flat Export
  • The best value shipping service is USPS - First Class International
  • Easyship Shipping Rate Calculator can help you find the best value shipping options from the US to Pakistan, compare exclusive rates from over 250 leading global couriers

Looking to ship from the USA to Pakistan? This article breaks down the 10 cheapest shipping methods and the best value package delivery options. Plus, explore which items are prohibited and how Easyship can help you create a shipping experience customers in Pakistan will love.

How to Ship from USA to Pakistan

For eCommerce businesses, the decision to ship internationally involves understanding both logistics and the cost implications of the shipping process. Major carriers like USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS, FedEx, and DHL offer varied services ranging from express deliveries to more cost-effective, slower options such as sea freight or air freight.

Additionally, consolidators who bundle shipments can provide reduced rates, making this a viable option for businesses looking to expand their reach into the Pakistani market without excessive shipping costs. Utilizing a free US address service can also facilitate easier handling and forwarding of packages.

What is the Cheapest Shipping from USA to Pakistan

With an annual eCommerce market growth rate over 5% a year forecast between 2024 and 2029, Pakistan shows signs of strong demand and is potentially a market to start selling into. If you are shipping to Pakistan from the USA, you might be expecting expensive shipping costs and slow delivery times, however with the right tools this isn't necessarily the case. 

To break down the cheapest shipping rates available, in this example we are going to ship a small package from New York to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. We will use the following dimensions and plug this into the Easyship Shipping Rate Calculator to compare prenegotiated rates from 250 plus couriers:

  • Weight of package: 2lb
  • Box Dimensions: 12in x 11in x 1.5in
  • Contents for customs forms: Shipment of books
  • Origin: New York, USA
  • Destination: Islamabad, Pakistan

To help you analyze the cheapest international shipping options available, we have ranked each USA to Pakistan service for sending a package, based on the estimated prices from over 250 global couriers. While also focusing on the estimated number of business days it takes to arrive at the shipping address, plus the type and quality of tracking available.

Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
Flat Export 6 - 15 working days Limited $20.88
GlobalPost - Economy 10 - 15 working days Basic $33.67
USPS - First Class International 10 - 12 working days Basic $34.71
Asendia - e-PAQ Standard 6 - 15 working days Basic $39.58
Passport - Priority Delcon 7 - 12 working days Regular $43.18
USPS - Priority Mail International 8 - 10 working days Regular $70.46
USPS - Priority Mail Express International 4 - 8 working days Regular $81.29

When selecting international shipping options for e-commerce businesses, factors such as cost efficiency, value for delivery time, and speed are critical considerations. Here is an analysis of the shipping services from New York, USA to Islamabad, Pakistan that best meet these criteria:

Cheapest Option: 

Among the listed shipping services, Flat Export stands out as the most economical choice, with a rate of $20.88. This service offers a limited tracking capability, which may not be ideal for all types of shipments but can be sufficient for less urgent deliveries such as books, where tracking is not as crucial. 

For eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to minimize shipping costs while ensuring reliable delivery, this service provides a viable option, especially for non-urgent, lower-value goods.

Best Value: 

Determining the best value involves balancing cost against delivery time and tracking capability. USPS - First Class International provides a good compromise at $34.71 with a delivery window of 10 - 12 working days and basic tracking. 

This service might be particularly appealing for businesses that need somewhat faster delivery and better tracking than the cheapest option offers, but at a moderate price increase. It suits scenarios where customer satisfaction hinges on moderately quick delivery without the premium cost of the fastest services.

Fastest Service: 

For eCommerce businesses where speed is paramount, USPS - Priority Mail Express International offers the fastest delivery time of 4 - 8 working days at $81.29. It also includes regular tracking, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction by allowing both the sender and recipient to monitor the shipment's progress. 

This service is ideal for high-priority shipments where the customer expects quick delivery, such as for special occasions or urgent orders.

Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost Option
Flat Export 6 - 15 working days Limited $20.88 Cheapest
USPS - First Class International 10 - 12 working days Basic $34.71 Best Value
USPS - Priority Mail Express International 4 - 8 working days Regular $81.29 Fastest

Each service caters to different needs, and the choice will depend on the specific requirements of the shipment and the expectations of the customers. These insights should assist eCommerce entrepreneurs in making informed decisions to optimize their shipping strategies for international markets.

International Shipping

When venturing into international shipping, compliance with both the USA's and Pakistan's regulations is key. It's vital to understand the customs duties, taxes (such as sales tax and customs value), and import regulations that Pakistan imposes to avoid unexpected costs and delays. 

Tools like Easyship can automate and simplify the customs documentation process, ensuring compliance and smoother transit of goods across borders, often through customs clearance services.

Shipping Costs

One of the primary concerns when shipping internationally is the cost. To minimize expenses, consider different packaging options to reduce weight, negotiate rates with carriers, and explore bulk shipping discounts for larger shipments. 

Regularly reviewing your shipping strategies and carrier performance can also lead to ongoing cost reductions. Moreover, leveraging shipping calculators provided by carriers or third-party services can help in making cost-effective decisions tailored to the specific needs of your eCommerce store.

Cheapest Shipping from the USA to Pakistan

Shipping Services

Choosing the right shipping services impacts not only cost but also customer satisfaction. For eCommerce businesses, delivery time can be a competitive advantage or a customer turn-off.

Offer various shipping options to your customers in Pakistan, including trackable shipping and economy services, to cater to different needs and price sensitivities. This flexibility can significantly enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are determined by multiple factors including package weight, dimensions, and speed of delivery. To secure the best value, establish relationships with various carriers and use shipping platforms that compare prices in real-time. 

Additionally, consider including a shipping rate calculator on your eCommerce platform to provide transparency and allow customers to choose their preferred shipping method based on cost and delivery time.

International Regulations

International shipping opens exciting new markets, but it also introduces a new layer of complexity: customs regulations. Don't worry, we're here to help you navigate these waters smoothly.

Understanding Customs Requirements

Every country has its own rules about what can and cannot be imported, and the duties and taxes that may apply. Failing to comply with these regulations can lead to delays, fines, or even confiscated goods. Here's what you need to be aware of:

  • Customs Duties & Taxes: These are essentially fees levied by the Pakistani government on imported goods. The specific rates depend on the type and value of your products.
  • Import Restrictions: Certain items may be prohibited or require special permits for entry into Pakistan. Examples include hazardous materials, agricultural products, and certain electronics.

Tools for a Smooth Clearance

To ensure your shipments sail through customs without a hitch, here are some helpful resources:

  • Pakistan Customs Website: This official website provides detailed information on import regulations, duty rates, and prohibited items.
  • Shipping Partner Resources: Many carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL offer guidance on customs requirements for various destinations.
  • Easyship: These platforms can automate customs documentation and simplify the process.

Tips for a Streamlined Process

Here are some additional tips to streamline your international shipping and customs experience:

  • Classify Your Goods Accurately: Use the Harmonized System (HS) code when shipping packages to correctly classify your products for customs purposes. This code determines the applicable duty rates and restrictions.
  • Prepare Accurate Documentation: Ensure your commercial invoices accurately reflect the contents, value, and origin of your shipment.
  • Stay Updated: Customs regulations can change, so stay informed by checking official websites and carrier resources regularly.

By understanding and adhering to international regulations, you can avoid unnecessary delays and ensure your products reach your Pakistani customers quickly and efficiently.

Key Considerations in Shipping

Understanding the cheapest way to ship, whether through postal service or courier services like FedEx Intl, involves comparing international shipping rates and considering factors like delivery times, customs authorities, and shipping restrictions. 

Prohibited and restricted items must be identified to avoid issues during customs clearance. For personal items or commercial goods, ensuring proper packing lists and understanding the customs duties applicable on goods imported into Pakistan are essential.


Mastering the art of shipping from the USA to Pakistan can significantly boost your eCommerce business's profitability and efficiency. By choosing the right partners, understanding the intricacies of international logistics, and continuously optimizing your shipping processes, you can enhance your operational effectiveness and provide exceptional service to your customers. Remember, the goal is not only to reduce costs but also to improve your overall business sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to optimize your shipping strategy and save costs? Explore our recommended shipping solutions and tools to transform your logistics operations and take your eCommerce business to new heights. Click here to learn more and start shipping to Pakistan effectively and economically.

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How much does it cost to ship from US to Pakistan?

The cost of shipping from US to Pakistan varies depending on weight, speed, and carrier.

How long does shipping take from US to Pakistan?

Shipping from US to Pakistan can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

How much is transport from USA to Pakistan?

"Transport" usually refers to larger cargo shipments, not individual packages. Look into shipping options.

How can I get stuff from USA to Pakistan?

Several carriers like USPS, FedEx, and DHL can ship from the US to Pakistan.

How much does shipping cost from USA to Pakistan?

The cost of shipping from USA to Pakistan varies depending on weight, speed, and carrier.

What is the cheapest way to send parcels to Pakistan from USA?

USPS offers some of the most economical options for shipping to Pakistan.

Does USPS deliver to Pakistan?

Yes, USPS offers international shipping services to Pakistan.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Pakistan?

The cost to send a parcel to Pakistan depends on weight, size, speed, and chosen carrier.