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Finding the Cheapest Shipping to Japan

Finding the cheapest shipping to Japan is critical when looking to break into the country's robust eCommerce market. Here's how Easyship can help!
Finding the Cheapest Shipping to Japan

By Jules


November 14, 2019

Japan is a lucrative and growing eCommerce market that offers an excellent opportunity for cross-border eCommerce. However, finding the cheapest shipping to Japan can be tricky. Here’s a closer look at some tips for cutting your shipping costs to Japan as well as how Easyship can help your eCommerce business out!

Tips for the Cheapest Shipping to Japan

You can cut costs through a lot of careful and calculated steps taken for your shipping. Finding the cheapest way to send a package to Japan is a major part of this approach. However, let’s discuss some tips that you can follow to make shipping to Japan easier and more affordable!

1. Use multiple shipping services

2. Find cheap packaging

3. Understand regulations and taxes

4. Buy a label printer

5. Use cheap shipping schedules

6. Outsource to fulfillment centers

7. Choose a fulfillment center wisely

8. Use a scale to determine a parcel's exact weight

9. Find a right-sized box

10.  Make a packing station

What is the Cheapest Way to Send a Package to Japan?

If you are looking for the cheapest way to send a package to Japan, then Easyship is perfect  for you! We offer more than 250 shipping solutions with discounts of up to 70 percent, making it quick and easy to cut your shipping costs when shipping to Japan.

Easyship offers hybrid shipping solutions comprising of international and local courier companies making last-mile delivery cheap and easy. You can use our shipping rates calculator to evaluate different courier services and find the most suitable for you. Our calculator will guide you by recommending “our pick”, “the cheapest” and “the fastest” shipping options for you based on service, cost and delivery timelines.

Simply plug in the data and calculate the most affordable shipping options in seconds. It really is that easy!

Find the Cheapest Shipping to Japan with Easyship.

Finding the cheapest shipping to Japan can give your company a competitive edge when entering this vibrant eCommerce market.

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