Key Points:

  • UPS®, FedEx, and USPS, plus other major couriers all offer international shipping
  • USPS offers some of the cheapest shipping options
  • With Easyship you can save up to 91% off discounted shipping rates on 250+ couriers, including international shipping

Moving to another state? Or do you want to send a package to someone across the country? Then we guess you have packaged your boxes and are ready to send them off. However, it would help if you found a courier that can ship it at a reasonable price. If this is you, you are most likely researching the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state on the internet, and that was how you came across this blog post.

Shipping to another state can be pretty challenging if you’re doing it for the first time. If you have done it before, you could be considering affordable options other than the channel you are used to.

Couriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS all offer shipping services that can help ship your box to another state. This article will help you compare the prices of these couriers and explain how you can pick the best one.

Shipping with USPS

The United States Postal Service is a carrier you can trust with your boxes. It delivers to over 160 million addresses across the U.S., so you can rely on them to deliver your parcels to their destination.

Depending on your budget, USPS offers different price ranges and services. Regardless, the factors that will impact your shipping are the speed, distance, package dimensions, and the service you choose. USPS services include Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail®, First-Class Package Service-Retail™, USPS Retail Ground®, and Media Mail.®

There are a couple of things you should know before sending your boxes with USPS:

  • Shipments should not contain beyond a total value of $2,499
  • Asides from documents, all shipments would be subject to inspection
  • Shippers can file claims if a shipment gets lost or damaged

The table below calculates the cost of shipping a 5-pound package from New York to Los Angeles using Easyship's free shipping calculator.

Courier Service Lead Time Tracking Total Cost
USPS - Ground Advantage 2 - 5 working days Basic $8.03
USPS - Priority Mail 3 - 4 working days Basic $10.85
USPS - Ground Advantage Signature 2 - 5 working days Basic $11.43
USPS - Priority Mail Signature 3 - 4 working days Basic $14.25
USPS - Priority Mail Express 1 - 2 working days Basic $70.70

Takeaway: From the table, you can see USPS's different services. You can also see how delivery time impacts the shipping rates. Though there are other options with lower lead times like USPS Priority Mail Express, we select the cheapest options for you to compare.

Shipping with UPS

There are many shipping options available for those who want to ship with UPS. So whether within the country or outside, UPS reaches almost all locations. Also, like other couriers, you can access the cheapest UPS shipping rates by calculating based on your package's dimensions. Afterward, compare all the services based on price and speed and choose the cheapest one.

  • The package weight limit is 70 kilograms, 274 cm, and 400 cm in length and girth
  • The total value of any package must not exceed the equivalent of $50,000
  • The total value of jewelry wristwatches in a box must not exceed the equivalent of $500
  • UPS will refund the shipper if delivery is not completed within the estimated delivery time
  • Shippers enjoy a cashback guarantee when they use certain UPS services
  • In the absence of the recipient, UPS can deliver to another person in authority to accept the package. For example, a neighbor

UPS offers a wide range of delivery services for customers. The Next Day Air alone is available in three options, all offering delivery for the next day. However, since we are looking at the cheapest options to ship boxes to another state, let's consider the most affordable options with UPS. Here, we compare prices for shipping a 5-pound package from New York to Los Angeles.

Courier Service Lead Time Tracking Total Cost
UPS® Ground 4 working days Excellent $10.83
UPS 3 Day Select® 3 working days Excellent $19.88
UPS 2nd Day Air® 2 working days Excellent $27.28
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M. ® 2 working days Excellent $29.95
UPS Next Day Air Saver® 1 working day Excellent $51.36
UPS Next Day Air® 1 working day Excellent $57.54
UPS Next Day Air® Early 1 working day Excellent $87.54

Takeaway: First, UPS Ground offers the fastest speed, while UPS 2nd Day Air provides good value for money at a shorter delivery time.

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Shipping with FedEx

FedEx has a track record of getting packages to their destination at the right time. With FedEx, you can safely ship your packages across multiple countries without fear or worry. So your boxes are safe in FedEx's shipping hands. FedEx also offers the cheapest options, but you have to go through the available options, which are determined by the weight, size, and distance of your package.

  • The maximum size limits for FedEx Express U.S. packages are 150 lbs in weight, 119 inches in length, 165 inches in length, and girth
  • Packages exceeding the weight and size limit of 150 lbs will be considered "oversized" packages
  • FedEx does not offer a restricted-delivery service. Someone other than the name entered as the recipient can receive your package

Because FedEx offers many delivery services from the overnight shipping options, which are mostly expensive, we have selected the cheapest options from FedEx's services. These are the costs for shipping a 5-pound package with a 5x5x5 dimension from New York to Los Angeles.

Courier Service

Delivery Time


FedEx Express Saver®

3 working days 


FedEx Home Delivery®

5 working days


FedEx 2Day® AM

2 working days


Takeaway: FedEx's shipping rates are also determined by the speed you opt for. While FedEx Home Delivery is the cheapest, you will have to wait up to five days to receive your package. However, you can decide to cut the delivery date by up to three days and pay more.

Shipping with Easyship

If you are new to shipping across the country, you need vital information on the best way to save money. Shipping with UPS and FedEx without a business account can be costly, with rates almost being 3x higher than USPS.

The good news is you can get direct access to discounted shipping options with Easyship. By relying on Easyship, you will not only get the cheapest shipping options, but you get to compare them all in one dashboard.

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