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Cheapest Way to Ship Clothes: How to Mail Apparel

The cheapest way to ship clothes is easier than you think. Discover how to mail apparel, and the best boxes for shipping with a few simple tips.
Cheapest Way to Ship Clothes: How to Mail Apparel

By Jules


July 2, 2019

Fashion items, especially clothes, are a popular eCommerce staple. Shipping clothes, however, poses a number of unique challenges for eCommerce brands who specialize in clothing and fashion. Knowing how to ship clothes cost-effectively and safely, therefore, is something important that every online merchant who sells apparel should familiarize themselves with.  

This guide offers a more detailed look at shipping clothes, specifically how to mail clothes, what the best way to package clothes for shipping is, what the best way to ship clothes overall is and the cheapest way to ship clothes!

Clothes Ready to Be Shipped

How to Ship Clothes

Before looking for the best way to ship clothes make sure you understand the proper way to pack clothes! Proper packing not only ensures the safety of your items, but can also affect their shipping costs considerably. The good news is that clothes are among the easiest items to pack, as they’re not fragile, have sharp edges and can’t break.

Packing Materials

Before packing, it’s important to use the right packing materials to ensure they’re properly transported to the customer. In addition to packing tape and scissors, it’s important to note the following:

  • Use cardboard boxes for shipping large quantities of clothes, especially if they’re all for the same customer.
  • Plain, Tyvek envelopes are best for small, single pieces of clothes.
  • Use bubble mailers and flat clipboard mailers for more delicate items that may have small trinkets or buttons attached.
  • Corrugated boxes are typically most suitable for shipping clothes to long-distance locations.

How to Package Casual Apparel for Shipping  

Whether you are shipping shirts, jeans or pants, it's important to follow a few simple steps to make sure your apparel arrives in top condition. You will want to allocate a clean, dry and open space for folding like a large table of counter.  

To pack shirts:

  • Neatly fold the shirts. Make sure there are no wrinkles visible on them. Shirts should be put face down and sleeves folded backward.
  • After folding the shirts, place them in a plastic, seal with tape then put into the poly mailer. Add the shipping label.  
  • Multiple shirts should be stacked on top of each other and sent in a box slightly larger than the shirts to avoid slipping in transit.  
  • For a larger shipment of shirts, pack a cardboard box with packing material like brown Kraft paper or peanuts so that the shirts don't move and slide around.
  • How much does it cost to ship a shirt? This will depend on how many shirts you are shipping. A single shirt, shipped domestically will be under $10. If you're an online store shipping in volume, you can calculate the cost using the Easyship Shipping Cost Calculator.  

To pack pants and jeans:

  • Lay the pants on a smooth, flat surface and then fold one leg on top of the other. Next fold them once from the knees to the pockets, and then fold in half one more time.
  • For a single pair of pants or jeans, slide them into a plastic bag, seal it and then put it into the poly mailer.
  • For multiple pairs of jeans, you can place each individually into a plastic bag, and then stack them in a box. Make sure it is large enough to securely hold the weight of the pants. To prevent sliding in transit, add plastic peanuts or bubble wrap to secure the pants or jeans.  
  • Tape up the box securely. Seal the mailer if it’s a bubble label or Tyvek envelope.
  • Add the shipping label with all the relevant information.  
  • How much does it cost to ship a pair of pants or jeans? This will depend on the volume, box dimensions and shipping distance. It's easy to calculate using using the Easyship Shipping Cost Calculator.    
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How to Ship a Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one article of clothing that you want to give special attention to when shipping. Here are some tips:

  • If possible, it's advisable to have your bridal shop ship the wedding dress for you as they are the experts, and know exactly how to pack it safely and securely.
  • If that's not possible, and you do it yourself, be sure to use a sturdy box with enough room, wrap the dress in acid free tissue paper, and then place in a clear plastic garment bag for shipment.  
  • Mark the box clearly with "Wedding Dress" and use enough tape to make sure the box is secured.  
  • How much does it cost to ship a wedding dress? Well, that depends on the destination. This is one time not skimp on shipping. An average wedding dress weighs about 7lbs so you can use that as a guideline when pricing out shipping costs with various couriers. Our shipping rates tool can provide you with more detailed information about rates and coverage.  

What is the Best Way to Ship Clothes?

Before deciding on how to ship clothes or a wedding dress, you should compare information about the different couriers available. The courier shipping solutions that typically offer the cheapest way to ship clothes include:

USPS First Class is a very popular and affordable method of shipping clothes and apparel in any lightweight package. The package weight limit is 15.99 ounces for the service, which is also a very fast way to deliver packages, generally taking from one to three days to reach its destination.

FedEx Ship Manager Lite is another quick and affordable method for shipping clothes. Packages less than 68 kg of weight can be sent through the shipping solution, which also includes free packaging courtesy of FedEx.

UPS Ground is another affordable way to ship clothing, as a two lb. parcel can cost as low as $2.47. UPS Ground typically takes about one to five delivery days depending on the destination.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Shirts, Pants or a Box of Clothes?

Courier Shipping Time Packaging Cost
USPS First Class 2-3 days large envelope under 1pd $2.66-$5.44
USPS Priority Mail 2 days 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" Envelope $7.15-$8
USPS Flat Rate Box 2 days 8 5/8"x5 3/8"x1 5/8" Box $7.65
UPS Ground 4 days 8 5/8"x5 3/8"x1 5/8" Box Around $12
FedEx Ground 4 Days 8 5/8"x5 3/8"x1 5/8" Box Around $12

Clothes are usually not expensive to ship. As with any shipment, factors such as weight, box dimensions and shipping distance are typically the most important aspects to take into account. The key is to compare services such as USPS First Class, FedEx Ship Manager Lite and UPS Ground to find the best deals possible.

Remember, when it comes to the cheapest way to ship shirts, pants, jeans or a box of clothes, be sure to always use the Easyship shipping rates calculator to compare and evaluate the shipping cost of different couriers!

For example, USPS offers First Class service, which is typically very affordable for packages less than 15.99 ounces. However, if your package exceeds this, then you can upgrade it to Priority Mail, which offers good value for more expensive clothing shipments, or could also use USPS Flat Rate options.

You can learn more about how USPS Flat Rate shipping compares to USPS Priority Mail here!

Shipping Clothes: Pack and Ship Them Right for the Best Results

Currently, clothes and fashion items are the “it” items on eCommerce markets worldwide, particularly when it comes to trendy vintage clothing. However, for online merchants who sell apparel, knowing how to ship clothes affordably and the best practices regarding shipping clothes safely are crucially important to make sure all of your products gets to your customers in one piece!

Easyship offers a global network of warehouses and partners with many couriers worldwide to facilitate shipping clothes cheaply and safely. Sign up for free today to discover the best way to ship clothes globally!