Key Points:

  • Shipping to Israel can take anywhere from 3 to 10 business days on average
  • The shipping costs to Israel vary depending on the size and weight of the package
  • USPS, FedEx, and UPS all ship to Israel, so you can reach your global customer overseas

The Israeli eCommerce market is forecast explosive growth over the next few years, with annual growth topping 11.4%. This takes the market value from $6.75 Billion in 2023, to $10.4 Billion by 2027. With the number of users also ballooning to over 5.47 Million in the same period, this represents a huge opportunity for ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs.

So, if you are one of them or are looking for ways to ship parcels to Israel, then this article is for you. Stay glued as we cover everything you need to know about shipping to Israel – the costs, the necessary tips to know, how long it takes, and other vital shipping information.

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How Long Does It Take to Ship to Israel?

Shipping to Israel can take anywhere from 3 to 10 business days on average. The delivery lead time varies depending on the courier service you choose. For instance, a standard shipping service will ultimately take longer than an express courier service. However, using express courier services is more expensive.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship to Israel?

There is no standard price for shipping items to Israel. The shipping costs to Israel vary depending on the size and weight of the package. In addition, the following factors apply to the shipping cost:

  • Courier service
  • Delivery speed
  • Weight of package
  • Shipping distance
  • Package dimensions

Ultimately, the package weight and delivery destination are the key determining factors of the final price for shipping to Israel.

Shipping to Israel with FedEx, USPS, and UPS

USPS, FedEx, and UPS all ship to Israel, so you can reach your global customer overseas. We'll calculate the costs and available services with these major courier companies, so you can compare and contrast which service works best for you.

Shipping with FedEx

Say you're shipping a 5-pound package from New York City to Tel Aviv, Israel. Below are the available options for shipping to Israel with FedEx.

Courier Service Delivery Lead Time Retail Cost
FedEx International Priority 1-4 business days $291.40
FedEx International Economy 4-6 business days $233.39

Shipping with USPS

Say you're shipping a 5-pound package from New York City to Tel Aviv, Israel. Below are the available options for shipping to Israel with USPS.

Courier Service Delivery Lead Time Retail Cost
Priority Mail Express International 3-5 business days $88.15
Priority Mail International 6-10 business days $69.75
Priority Mail International - Large Flat Rate Box 6-10 business days $109.25
Priority Mail International - Medium Flat Rate Box 6-10 business days $83.75

Shipping with UPS

Say you're shipping a 5-pound package from New York City to Tel Aviv, Israel. Below are the available options for UPS shipping to Israel price.

Courier Service Delivery Lead Time Retail Cost
UPS Saver 1-2 business days $267.14
Worldwide Express 1-2 business days $271.23
Worldwide Expedited 3-4 business days $244.36

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What's the Cheapest Shipping Option from the USA to Israel?

A big part of eCommerce success relies on finding the right shipping strategy for your business. A streamlined third-party logistics company or shipping platform can help you ace your shipping strategy, while gaining access to high-volume discount rates on shipping.

Easyship saves merchants up to 91% off discounted shipping rates on 250+ couriers so that you can ship parcels to Israel for a fraction of the cost. Below are the discounted shipping rates for shipping from Israel to the US for a 5-pound package.

Courier Service Lead Time Tracking Total Cost
Flat Export 4 - 9 working days Limited $39.88
UPS Worldwide Expedited® 5 working days Excellent $55.68
Asendia - Epaq Select 4 - 9 working days Regular $58.97
UPS Worldwide Saver®Fastest 1 working day Excellent $63.17
USPS - Priority Mail International 11 - 21 working days Basic $69.90
DHL - Express Worldwide 3 - 5 working days Excellent $85.68
USPS - Priority Mail Express International 25 working days Basic $86.36

As we can see, Easyship offers the best shipping rates you can get anywhere compared to other retail shipping costs. From the discounted rates to high-value shipping insurance and other features Easyship offers, partnering with Easyship to ship your items to Israel is the best option to consider.

5 Tips for Shipping to Israel

Shipping to Israel means you’ll need to pay attention to duties and taxes, shipping restrictions, international shipping documents, and more.

We’ll cover the best tips for shipping to Israel so you can send parcels overseas with ease.

1. Consider duties and taxes before shipping

While you plan to send a package to Israel, you should be aware that you must pay certain charges. This includes VAT and customs duties. Usually, the VAT is 17%, while the cost of the custom duties varies from one product to another.

You can find some examples of duties and taxes below:

  • Health and beauty: 12%
  • Home decorations: 12%
  • Dry food and supplements: 10%
  • Pet accessories: 5%
  • Home appliances: 6%

2. Research shipping restrictions and prohibitions

Like most countries, Israel has a list of items that cannot be shipped to the country. These products are either harmful to humans or the environment.

A few of these items that are restricted from shipping to Israel include the following:

  • Firearms and weapons
  • Hazardous materials like dangerous chemicals, radioactive elements
  • Explosives
  • Counterfeit or fake currency notes
  • Forged documents
  • Licentious or indecent films
  • Goods with a false commercial description
  • Tickets for lottery or gambling

Shipping these restricted and prohibited items overseas can result in your item being seized by customs or potential fines. So, before you send items to Israel, keep the above items in mind.

3. Make sure you have all your shipping documents in order

Before you submit your package for shipping to Israel, you need to get all the necessary documents to avoid unnecessary delays when your items get to Israel. For example, you’ll want to make sure that you keep in mind the following documents:

  • Invoice declaration
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading, etc.

Getting all the necessary shipping documents will prevent situations of customs hold or the inability of the item to be delivered.

4. Consider shipping insurance

Getting shipping insurance translates to being reimbursed if your parcel gets stolen, lost, or damaged in transit. Essentially, it’s a measure to secure your parcels for shipment.

Easyship offers its customers shipping coverage up to $10,000 for any shipment. Plus, the customers have the flexibility to decide how they choose to calculate the shipping insurance.

Whether they want to ensure just the selling price of the product, a set percentage of the selling price, or set their price as the insurance value, Easyship allows them the freedom depending on the value of their products.

5. Research shipping couriers for your shipping strategy

When choosing a shipping courier, ensure that you choose one aligned with your and your customers' needs. Different couriers have their pros and cons, so you need to weigh your options and consider the one that is best suited for you. For example, some couriers cost more than others because they offer faster delivery and better tracking services.

How to Send a Parcel to Israel with Easyship

For online store owners shipping to Israel, Easyship is the top choice. With a robust network of 250+ couriers worldwide, we are dedicated to helping ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs boost profits and scale effortlessly. Even to international destinations like Israel.

Take advantage of exclusive discounts on top carriers, available for your shipments worldwide. Inlcuding:

  • Save up to 76% on UPS Worldwide Saver®
  • Save up to 33% on SF Express
  • Save up to 52% on Asendia - e-PAQ Plus
  • Save up to 73% on DHL – Express Worldwide
  • Save up to 91% on DHL eCommerce services

We understand the unique challenges of shipping to Israel. Checkout our range of market-leading user-friendly shipping tools, designed to help you boost profits and create a delivery experience customers love:

  • Easyship Shipping Rates Calculator: Access high-volume discounts from major couriers. Plus, get instant access to delivery lead times from premium shipping couriers for faster shipping
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  • Duties & Tax Visibility: Easyship works out all duties and taxes for your international shipments to handle your international orders with ease. Calculate your duties for overseas shipments here

Ready to ship? Sign up for a FREE Easyship account and instantly access high-volume discounts for shipping to Israel.

Shipping to Israel FAQ

Does Amazon ship to Israel?

Yes, Amazon ships to Israel. However, if the products you want to purchase are not available to ship internationally, you can use an International Shipping Forwarder like

Does FedEx ship to Israel?

Yes, FedEx ships to and from Israel. However, you should note the list of prohibited and restricted items that FedEx cannot ship on behalf of their customers.

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