Key Points:

  • Before you start shipping away, you need to acquaint yourself with the list of countries that are included in the Caribbean
  • DHL is a popular courier company that offers its services to customers who wish to ship goods and other packages to most of the major Caribbean markets, including Grand Cayman, Haiti, Bahamas, and Jamaica
  • DHL offers a full range of services to deal with customs formalities to any country, including those in the Caribbean

If you find yourself in need of shipping to the Caribbean, there are a few things you should consider before you begin. Whether you’re sending small personal packages or commercial freight, you’ll need to think about getting the best rates, having your packages shipped as quickly as possible, and working with highly reliable shipping companies.

However, you should also have a solid understanding of the countries that make up the Caribbean, which couriers ship there, and the basic costs involved. Then, you'll be prepared to tackle Caribbean international shipping!

In this article, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about shipping to the Caribbean. You’ll find helpful tips, cost estimates, courier companies, and more insights to help you find the best rates without compromising the quality of your shipping service.

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Which Countries are Included in the Caribbean?

Before you get in touch with any of the shipping companies to the Caribbean, you need to acquaint yourself with the list of countries that are included in the Caribbean. Easyship ships to most Caribbean countries, including all those listed below.


Most people consider these places paradise-like holiday destinations, but like anywhere else, these places need supplies and the people who live there will order personal items online. Although the Caribbean is officially made up of over 7,000 islands, the most important ones are:

Cuba Haiti Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago
Guyana Suriname Guadeloupe
Martinique Bahamas Belize
Barbados St. Lucia Curaçao
Aruba St Vincent and Grenadines US Virgin Islands
Grenada Antigua and Barbuda Dominica
Cayman Islands St Kitts and Nevis St Maarten
Turks and Caicos Saint Martin British Virgin Islands
Anguilla St Barthélemy Monserrat

Caribbean Shipping Services

Often, the success of your attempt to ship items to the Caribbean will depend mostly on the particular Caribbean shipping services you choose. That’s why it’s important to use a reputable carrier. Below, you’ll find a few courier and shipping companies that you can trust to get your goods to the Caribbean.


You can choose to ship to the Caribbean with plenty of third-party services, and Easyship is one of them. You can use our platform to ship to numerous Caribbean destinations, including Antigua and Barbuda.

With access to over 250 courier solutions, including the companies and services mentioned above, you’ll find something that suits your needs - and, we’re usually even cheaper than booking directly with these couriers. All you need to do is create a free account and start creating shipments. You’ll find direct services from USPS, but for other carriers, you may need to have your own account with them first, then connect this to our platform to access the best rates.


This popular courier company offers its services to customers who wish to ship goods and other packages to most of the major Caribbean markets, including Grand Cayman, Haiti, Bahamas, and Jamaica. How quickly your packages get to their destination is determined by the particular service you opt for.

For example, for customers in need of faster delivery, this courier’s DHL Express service can get your shipment to the Caribbean in approximately 24 hours.


The United States Postal Service (USPS), which is known to have the largest delivery network within the United States, is another reliable company for the Caribbean, whether you're shipping to Jamaica or any other country in the region. The good thing about them is that whether you’re shipping for business or individual needs, they offer a variety of affordable shipping services.

For example, they offer the USPS Priority Mail International for customers who want a cost-effective solution and don't mind waiting a few extra days for their Caribbean deliveries to be made. With their online price calculator, you can easily find services and rates that suit your budget.


Depending on the part of the Caribbean your package is going to, UPS offers its customers guaranteed time-definite and day-definite delivery services. They also offer other value-added services that make international transactions easier, including delivery notifications, pickup/delivery options, and special handling.

A good example of one of its services for shipping to the Caribbean is the UPS Worldwide Express Saver, which you can opt for if you wish to have your packages delivered by the end of the day. There are other Express services, too, though these rates will be higher.


This is another reliable courier company that offers worldwide delivery coverage, including to the Caribbean. It offers customers shipping solutions to select Caribbean islands, including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. They also offer day-definite and time-definite shipping services. One good example is the FedEx Next Day shipping service, which ensures your package is delivered overnight to certain locations in the Caribbean. There are other reliable and affordable services, too.

What Products Can I Ship to the Caribbean?

The Caribbean has certain regulations, just like any other country when it comes to shipping packages. Certain products are strictly prohibited. Others may be termed restricted or dangerous goods, which means you might be allowed to ship them, but you’ll need to follow certain protocols and provide more paperwork. Below, you’ll find a list of products that can be shipped with any of the reputable shipping companies to the Caribbean.

  • Car parts
  • Furniture
  • Health and beauty products
  • Home appliances
  • Documents
  • Books and collectibles
  • Fashion accessories
  • Cameras
  • Dry food and supplements
  • Computers and electronics

However, there are certain products you can’t ship to the Caribbean, like:

  • Animals
  • Cash
  • Dangerous goods
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Ivory
  • Loose gemstones

You should be aware that if you’re shipping items that need to be frozen, most courier services won’t accept dry ice, especially for air shipments.

What About Customs for Shipping to the Caribbean?

Shipping items or packages to the Caribbean is no different from shipping to other international destinations. This is especially true when it comes to rules and regulations, taxes and duties, and properly filling out the required paperwork.

One good thing about using a reputable courier service is that often, they will handle everything that has to do with customs, especially when it comes to taxes and duties, whether you are shipping to Jamaica or any other Caribbean country.

In fact, DHL offers a full range of services to deal with customs formalities to any country, including those in the Caribbean. In order to ensure that your package gets to its destination without any issues, you should do the following:

  • Provide a working contact number for the recipient
  • Write a detailed description of the items in the package, including their value
  • Ensure you provide accurate harmonized codes
  • Provide original invoice or proof of purchase

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the factors that will help you determine which courier service to use is the cost of shipping your packages to the Caribbean. Before you go on to calculate how much it would cost to ship an item, bear in mind that there are certain factors that will affect the rates being charged by the Caribbean shipping services. Some of these factors include:

Now, let’s talk about the cost of shipping packages to the Caribbean using the different couriers mentioned above.

For this, we’re going to use the example of a 4lb shipment going from Miami (Florida, USA) to Nassau (the Bahamas)

Courier Service Lead Time Tracking Total Cost
GlobalPost - Economy 10 - 15 working days Basic $40.45
UPS Worldwide Expedited® 8 working days Excellent $42.72
Asendia - Epaq Select 4 - 9 working days Regular $47.87 (Save 31%)
UPS Worldwide Saver® 3 working days Excellent $48.87
USPS - First Class International 10 - 12 working days Basic $52.29 (Save 17%)
DHL - Express Worldwide 1 - 2 working days Excellent $59.79 (Save 71%)
USPS - Priority Mail International 8 - 10 working days Basic $65.85 (Save 4%)
USPS - Priority Mail Express International 4 - 8 working days Basic $82.46 (Save 5%)
Aramex - Parcel 10 - 15 working days Basic $148.50 (Save 40%)

As you can see from the example rates above, Easyship can provide better rates for the same service compared to what you would get by booking directly with the courier. So, if you're thinking about shipping to the Caribbean, check our platform first to get the cheapest rates!

Things to Consider Before Shipping a Package to the Caribbean

As well as the above information about sending packages using shipping companies to the Caribbean, there are a few other important things you should know about. We’ve made a few suggestions below.

  • Identify shipping companies you can trust that offer feature-packed delivery services
  • Get quotes from multiple couriers (Easyship is great for this!)
  • Make sure to provide accurate weight and dimensions of your shipment to get the most accurate quotes
  • Make a comparison of value-added services offered by the shipping companies
  • Go for quality above affordability—don’t compromise the service quality for a low price.
  • Consider insurance – if your courier service doesn’t offer it, you can get up to $5,000 insurance through Easyship, and we offer flexible insurance solutions.

How Easyship Can Help

Looking to ship to customers in the Caribbean? With our unbeatable network of 250+ couriers spanning the globe, we are committed to assisting ambitious entrepreneurs in maximizing profits and seamlessly scaling their businesses.

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  • Save up to 71% with DHL - Express Worldwide
  • Save up to 41% with Aramex - Parcel
  • Save up to 91% on DHL eCommerce services

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