It’s never a good time for things to go awry in your supply chain, but we can probably all agree that the worst time for hiccups to happen is during the holiday season.

What if…

  • You’re running low on inventory and due to the shipping time from China to the US, it’s too late for you to use your usual fulfillment partner for Christmas delivery?
  • You sold out your products during Black Friday / Cyber Monday – and now you don’t have any inventory left for Christmas or Chinese New Year 2023?
  • Your factory had a production delay, causing you to miss your Christmas shipping deadline from China with your freight forwarding company or freight consolidator?

These situations can negatively impact your holiday sales (not to mention, disappoint your new and loyal customers)!

It can also cause you a lot of stress, as you frantically search for the fastest and cheapest way to ship goods from China to the US during the peak shipping season.

If your supply chain meets the following requirements, we can help you out:

  • Your products are manufactured in Asia (ideally, southern China)
  • You dispatch your stock from China directly to the US, Europe, or Australia
  • You have a short production lead time (either your products can be made quickly, or it’s currently close to completion)

Here’s how we can help you meet your Christmas shipping deadline!

  • Take advantage of our global warehousing network. We have 20+ partner warehouses located across the US, Europe, and Asia, allowing you to be closer to your customers and cutting down shipping costs.
  • Utilize our Hong Kong warehouses for the fastest way to ship from China. Worried about deadlines to send holiday packages from China? Hong Kong connects to 220 cities worldwide and has multiple direct flights to all major cities. Shipping from Hong Kong means reducing transit by as much as 3 days or more, allowing your customers to receive their parcels sooner.
  • Save on shipping with pre-negotiated rates. Our partner warehouses are integrated with Easyship’s fulfillment services, allowing you to access 250+ courier solutions with discounts of up to 89%.
  • Enjoy a fully automated process. Easyship integrates with all major eCommerce platforms, making the fulfillment process seamless. Updates to all your shipments can be synced directly to your eCommerce platform dashboard.
  • No minimum commitment! Just starting out? Worried your volume isn’t enough? Not a problem – we love helping businesses of all sizes grow!
  • Keep your customers updated with automated tracking. You can automatically set up tracking emails branded with your logo and other personal touches to your customers, with the latest status of their parcels.
  • Include insurance and pre-pay taxes for a smoother shipping experience. Add insurance to your shipments in one click. If duties and taxes apply to your shipment, we also give you the opportunity to have customers pre-pay these fees before delivery, allowing shipments to be processed quicker by customs.

Here’s a rough outline of what the fulfillment timeline can look like:

December 5: Final day freight forwarding company must ship from your supplier

December 10: Final day cargo should arrive at warehouse

December 14: Final orders are entered into Easyship/WMS system

December 17: Shipping deadline from China (will vary by service. Consult our Holiday Shipping Guidelines for more details.)

December 23: Latest date your product should arrive to your end-customer

*All dates are guidelines and will vary based on order volume, courier services, warehouse used, and other circumstances.

Want to learn more? Contact our logistics experts for more details!