Key Points:

  • 24% of online merchants say that more than 10% of orders aren't delivered on the first attempt
  • The average merchant cost for a failed delivery is $17.20
  • Easyship saves merchants up to 91% off discounted shipping rates for 250+ courier solutions

The Notorious B.I.G. was the only Billboard 100 artist to achieve two #1 singles posthumously. That’s right: Biggie was smashing records even after he was tragically slain at the age of 24.

Biggie’s first hit, "Hypnotize," remains a dance floor classic. His second single, "Mo Money, Mo Problems," highlights a very real truth: too much of a good thing can bring you down.

As eCommerce adoption grows, more shipments are leading to more problems. Of those surveyed, 24% of online merchants say that more than 10% of orders aren't delivered on the first attempt. A full 8% of deliveries result in failure. The average merchant cost for a failed delivery? $17.20.

Faulty Fulfillment by region

Delivery snafus are costly to eCommerce brands. Missed deliveries frustrate customers, driving costly chargebacks, returns, and churn all at once. As if losing sales and customers weren’t enough, every issue saps your precious time.

This blog highlights the four most common delivery issues in eCommerce, and what to do about them. If this post hits #1 on Google, I can die happy.

Before we start: Easyship saves you up to 91% off shipping rates. The proof can be found in our shipping rate comparison tool, which is free to use.

saves you up to 70% off shipping rates

1. Incorrect Address? Verify it.

Faulty addresses result in failed deliveries. According to Loqate, 41% of deliveries are delayed when the address is inaccurate or incomplete. 39% fail outright.

Yes, it’s hard to deliver to a faulty address. And it falls to sellers to ensure these details get entered fully and accurately. The same study found that almost 3 in 4 online businesses cite bad addresses as the cause of at least 25% of failed deliveries. Yet 1 in 3 online sellers also say they don't verify addresses pre-delivery, or leave it to the courier to handle.

Address validation is an eCommerce process that helps you verify the address numbers, street names, and postal codes for an order. Adding address validation software to your store is the best way to fix this common eCommerce issue.

For example, below we see Nike use address validation software to make sure I buy some kicks.

Address verification inaccuracies

Address verification calls attention to inaccuracies and offers courier-confirmed corrections. This way, every shipment has the address right from the get-go. With verification tools live in your store, expect a boost in conversions plus a dip in returns-related shipping costs.

To learn more, check out this blog about address verification.

2. Clear Customs with the Right Paperwork

Shipping internationally? Excellent! As you prepare for shipping, remember that all cross-border shipments must clear customs in the receiving country.

Any inaccuracies, oversights, or unpaid import fees will delay your shipment indefinitely, though. For speedy cross-border deliveries, make sure to include all the necessary customs paperwork.

You courier executes the process of customs clearance on your behalf using the information you provide in the shipping label, including:

Delays at customs can result in chargebacks, returns, and customer dissatisfaction. As expectations for reliable delivery inflate, customers often expect compensation for failed or delayed deliveries. In other words, it pays to be careful about your customs paperwork.

Shipping software like Easyship automatically generates all customs paperwork for all your international orders. Thanks to direct integration with all top eCommerce platforms, your customs forms auto-populate with customer info entered at checkout. This way, you don’t have to sweat the details. And your cross-border shipments will sail through customs.

To learn exactly what customs paperwork is required for any country, hit up the country shipping page.

customs paperwork per country guides

3. Courier Delays Lead to Customer Support

Online shoppers have been spoiled by Amazon's free two-day shipping. Unsurprisingly, patience for delivery delays has dipped to an all-time low in recent years.

This wouldn't be a problem if your packages weren't transported by actual humans through a wild place known as “the real world.” Hangups are inevitable, is all I'm saying. Worse yet, the most common delivery delays are 100% out of your control, including:

  • Inclement weather, traffic, etc.
  • Delivery truck breakdowns (USPS shipping, especially)
  • Package loss, damage, or theft (estimated at 5-15% of all shipments)

Only your courier service can remedy in-shipment delays. For the record, this also means that Easyship is unable to assist as we’re a shipping platform, not a courier service.

So when customers ask you “Why is my USPS shipment stuck in transit?” – what should you do?

Create a customer service policy to help you defuse tension and reassure shoppers. If you can afford it, maybe promise to replace lost, stolen or damaged items. Or just offer shipping insurance in your store.

Giving shoppers your full and authentic support is usually enough to salvage the relationship. The customer may not always be right, but they’re still the customer.

4. Missed Pickup? Reschedule.

Even if it's your side hustle, the eCommerce grind can feel like a full-time job. Many merchants schedule pickups with couriers to save time on package drop-offs.

But what happens if you miss your pickup time? Or need to change the time because something came up? Easy, just reschedule. To do this, contact the courier or use Easyhip’s auto-reschedule feature in your shipping dashboard.

Easyhip’s auto-reschedule feature

With Easyship, if you need to change the pickup time, it takes just a couple of clicks. No more waiting on hold and slowing down your busy day.

For best results, try to schedule pickups at least 24 hours in advance. This gives the courier plenty of time to slot you into their pickup route. If you schedule a same-day pickup late in the afternoon, it might not go out until the following day.

More Deliveries, Fewer Problems with Easyship

Every day, the world ships more packages. People love eCommerce, so you're in the right biz. Now if you could only minimize the daily headaches around delivery issues.

Shipping platforms like Easyship give you total control and visibility of all shipments in real-time. This means you'll be responsive, resolve issues before they snowball, and start costing you money.

Easyship is 100% free to use for all merchants shipping 100 or fewer monthly shipments. Larger merchants can try Easyship for free up to 100 packages as well. Want to ship more with fewer issues? It takes seconds to create your free Easyship account.