Key Points:

  • Crowdfunding promotion is essential to your campaign's success
  • You want to create as much awareness as possible about your crowdfunding campaign
  • Show your backers appreciation by offering them free samples of your product, branded apparel and other fun rewards

Crowdfunding promotion is essential - especially with so many other campaigns out there on various platforms competing for your prospective backers’ money!

With hundreds of thousands of campaigns on multiple platforms, knowing how to promote a crowdfunding campaign cost-effectively is crucial. To help give your campaign an edge, here are six crowdfunding promotion tips to keep in mind to help you better reach out to and obtain funding from potential backers!

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How Do I Promote My Crowdfunding Campaign?

While there really is no single best way to promote crowdfunding, a combination of the following online and offline strategies can help to boost your campaign’s visibility and attract prospective backers quickly!

1. Work with Influencers

Working with social media influencers, even micro-influencers, can potentially be a great crowdfunding promotion strategy. Reach out to relevant influencers with sizeable followings and see about collaborating on various projects to expose your campaign to a new audience, or at the very least, see if they can drop a quick mention of your campaign!

2. Use Video Marketing on Social Media

If you’re exploring how to promote a crowdfunding campaign on social media, video marketing is always an excellent idea. Try posting videos on your social media platforms about your team members, product development, news and the like in order to help establish a connection with your backers and give your campaign a more human touch, especially in its early stages.

3. Show Your Backers Appreciation

Show your backers appreciation by offering them free samples of your product, branded apparel, and other fun rewards. This will not only help keep them engaged and eager to keep donating but also create some positive PR and turn them into advocates for your campaign, getting their friends involved and spreading the word about it in general.

4. Promote Your Campaign at Local Events

This is especially useful if your products are primarily for a local audience.

Apart from carrying out online crowdfunding promotion efforts, it’s important to engage with people in real life at local events. Try creating an event and inviting people nearby you believe may be interested. You can demonstrate how your product works, give away free samples, and, more generally, get the word out about it in general. Be sure to promote these events on social media too!

5. Join Forums

You want to create as much awareness as possible about your crowdfunding campaign. Go ahead and join as many relevant online forums as possible to do this!

There are many highly-active forums online that cater to crowdfunding campaigns, such as These digital forums offer the perfect place to promote your campaign, engage with prospective backers, learn tips, bring aboard new team members, and more!

6. Partner with Marketing Professionals

Finally, consider partnering with a marketing and advertising agency or consultant in order to better promote your campaign.

Marketing professionals, while they do come with a price tag, can offer invaluable advice when it comes to promoting your crowdfunding campaign, including particular expertise in areas such as paid advertising, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and more!

Crowdfunding Promotion: Grow Your Campaign Today

Don’t let a failed earlier campaign or a slow start to your current campaign discourage you. Crowdfunding can be tough, but with enough crowdfunding promotion in both digital and real-life, your campaign can steadily attract backers and grow financially!

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