TL;DR: Easyship enhances eBay’s global reach, driving $3.68 billion in GMV by supporting over 50% of eBay’s 1.8 Billion listings with seamless international shipping solutions.

In a strategic partnership, Easyship has revolutionized eBay's shipping capabilities, making global connections more accessible, affordable, and profitable. This collaboration empowers eBay sellers to tap into a universe of new business opportunities across 200+ countries.

Adam Ireland, VP and GM of eBay US, highlights in TechCrunch:

eBay’s Journey to Global Reach

Since its inception in 1995, eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY) has continuously embraced innovation, achieving significant global reach and scale in over 190 markets. Key figures from their Q4 2022 performance include:

  • 1.7 billion live listings
  • 134 million active buyers worldwide
  • $18.2 billion in GMV
  • $2.5 billion in revenue
  • 51% revenue from international operations

Recognizing the importance of global reach, eBay launched its Global Shipping Program (GSP) in August 2012, facilitated by Pitney Bowes Ltd. However, in April 2018, an executive order mandating a review of USPS operations posed a risk to international shipping rates, necessitating greater flexibility and agility.

The Easyship Solution

Easyship's performance during the Covid-19 pandemic, with its agile and extensive courier network, impressed eBay. Consequently, Easyship won a full RFP process to enhance and streamline US exports for eBay sellers.

In less than eight months, Easyship identified eBay's specific needs and launched a custom solution swiftly. The resulting eBay International Standard Delivery (eISD) program offers sellers a low-cost solution for US exports to 200+ countries. Easyship’s comprehensive support includes:

  • First-mile labeling
  • Optimal route calculation
  • Trade compliance verification
  • Courier safety and documentation compliance
  • Last-mile labeling
  • Package tracking
  • Billing agent role
  • Financial reconciliation
  • Shipping insurance

Watch: Behind-the-scenes at the eBay International Shipping Hub

Key Benefits of Easyship for eBay

Improved Conversion Rates

Easyship connects eBay buyers to optimal shipping solutions, boosting conversion rates. Lower shipping costs give sellers a competitive edge, enhancing the perceived value of listings and reducing cart abandonment.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Easyship’s algorithm and Smart shipping hub enable significant savings. eBay’s custom shipping rules, in partnership with Easyship’s algorithm, ensure the best shipping solutions. Further savings are achievable through Easyship’s 550+ courier services ecosystem.

Compliance and Accuracy

Easyship’s smart US Shipping Hubs ensure 99% dimensional weight accuracy, automatically routing packages based on custom shipping rules. This minimizes courier adjustments and compliance fines.

Flexible Courier Rate Shopping

Easyship’s extensive courier network offers flexibility, crucial during and beyond Covid-19. With 550+ courier solutions, sellers benefit from exclusive prices and enhanced reach.

Transparent Billing

Easyship provides a fully loaded cost, covering courier payments, shipping hub operations, and insurance. With clear visibility and simple reconciliation, sellers and eBay enjoy full transparency.

Boosting International Growth

Handling over 200,000 packages a week, Easyship powers 10.4 million international packages annually. Its rapid implementation makes international shipping as easy as domestic, supporting eBay’s global growth.

Q1 2023 Results:

  • Over 10.4 million shipments per year
  • 550+ courier solutions available
  • 200+ countries and territories connected


Easyship’s partnership with eBay exemplifies how innovative shipping solutions can unlock vast global opportunities. To make international shipping as seamless as domestic for your business, schedule a free consultation with the Easyship team today. Join eBay’s over 7 million US sellers in leveraging Easyship’s expertise for enhanced global reach.