We all need a helping hand when it comes to shipping. Heck, everyone at Easyship did a lot of learning to get savvy about this complex industry. Our lived experience, in turn, translates to a real zest for customer service.

Easyship support is unique to your business. After all, there are no cookie-cutter approaches to shipping. Each merchant needs a tailored solution to match their exact needs. And to reach those larger business goals, a shipping strategy is crafted with a blend of proven insight and expert guidance.

Our support process begins in sales with problem-solving. Next, our customer success managers stay close to help you find your groove. Need 24-hour tech support? Our award-winning support team is on call around the clock for you.

Here’s how Easyship client support makes your shipping experience, well, easy.

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The Sales Team Solves Problems

Merchants get in touch with Easyship because they need flexible solutions to complicated problems. As you search for that perfect solution, the know-how of professional shipping experts is oh-so-helpful. And so, our sales team spends its days time sharing best practices, finding answers, and tailoring our flexible platform to your needs.

eCommerce Problems Get eCommerce Solutions

“Whether you're a beginner or an expert at eCommerce logistics or shipping globally, Easyship makes it so easy.” – Method

One day, a would-be client asked Easyship for help slashing shipping costs. For merchants without shipping software, overpaying for shipping is common. There’s just no practical way to manage all the real-time rates without integrations and shipping automation.

Rather than share a demo video and call it good, our team took the hands-on approach. We explained how to set up automated shipping rules to access the cheapest available couriers for every shipment, automatically. Equipped with 250+ newfound shipping solutions, the merchant saved thousands per year on shipping.

“Using Easyship has been the best decision we've made. We offer more shipping options at lower prices and the automatic integration makes workflow a breeze!” – Herbolab

People also contact Easyship to resolve issues with their existing shipping platform. For example, how annoyed would you be if your shipping platform re-billed you for $30,000-worth of shipping labels every month? To solve the issue for the prospective client, our sales team went down the rabbit hole.

Inquiring with our tech wizards revealed that the competitor's software was bugged. It was skipping the volumetric weight calculations for shipping labels, which triggered the repayment function at month’s end. Much appreciative, the merchant came over to Easyship and now enjoys our set-and-forget solution.

Crowdfunding Campaigns Get White Glove Treatment

Crowdfunding campaigns tend to treat shipping as an afterthought until it's the only thing that matters. When bootstrapped crowdfunders realize they have a lot of important decisions to make in short order, the sales team switches into full consultation mode. What comes next is one long teaching moment.

We help to crowdfund campaigns craft their entire shipping and fulfillment strategy from the ground up. This includes all the key factors like pricing, customs clearance, and warehousing in foreign markets. By the end of their consultation, crowdfunders have everything they need to breeze through fulfillment with plenty of cash to spare.

Customer Success And Nothing Less

Easyship clients get direct access to the customer success team from onboarding onwards. These experts' sole mission is to make your shipping experience as painless and profitable as possible.

Easyship is intuitive to use, but it’s also feature-rich. Our customer success managers (CSMs) are devoted to helping you leverage the platform to reach your goals –  or at least get competent enough to let our shipping automation do all the work.

“Our account manager was amazing throughout the entire [onboarding] process. She walked me through the dashboard as many times as I needed, made herself available to answer my questions, and [still] regularly checks in on how we’re doing...I have never loved a service so much!” – Jacqueline Heumann, Bone Daddy Blade Werx

Here are 3 ways our customer success team helps you reach your goals:

1. Consulting

After years of experience, our CSMs have come to anticipate client needs. In other words, we proactively reach out to help you utilize the features most relevant to your goals.

Say sales conversions are a focal point for you. However, you've yet to use Rates at Checkout, our conversion optimization feature. Seeing this, your CSM will chime in to show you the ropes on this key money-making feature.

CSMs are even there to conduct quarterly business reviews for our larger clients. Expert analysis plus cooperative planning is a real asset for fast-growing businesses.

2. Escalations

As your dedicated point of contact, a CSM is your advocate. Bring any questions, issues, or tech adjustments you need to your CSM right away. This person will tailor the product to your needs – even if that means requesting for new features to be developed. When this happens, it’s the CSMs who champion these changes and push them to the higher-ups.

3. Feature requests

Say you want to see a new feature added to Easyship, or need a feature tweaked to suit your needs. Done. Your success manager will funnel your feedback up the chain to our software development team. In fact, user feedback is so valued at Easyship that we have a dedicated feature request board in our project management solution.

Everything here is forthcoming additions to Easyship’s core technology.

The cycle of listening, mentoring, and advocating is core to the customer experience at Easyship. It's also a vital part of how we’ve become the world's leading shipping solution – by listening to every customer.

“They have amazing support who will reach out to you ASAP whenever you need them. They are working to make their platform better and more efficient so we can have a one-stop-shop.” – Fluent Pet

Award-Winning Support That Leads The Industry

Unlike other shipping platforms, Easyship operates across four continents – Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. That means you can talk to a real human for 24 hours of any business day.

You can reach our award-winning support team via:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp (coming soon)

Easyship is the top-rated shipping platform for customer support because we’re both accessible and responsive. Our happy clients have been vocal in their appreciation of our personalized care, and word gets around. Confirming this love, our team has received several awards for outstanding customer service, including:

  • 2020 Stevie Award for Customer Service
  • 2020 Globee Awards Gold Medal Winner for Frontline Customer Service
  • 2020 NCSA Service All-Stars silver medal winner

Below is some of the positive feedback our support team receives on a daily basis. We share it in a company Slack channel to keep the good vibes flowing.

Easyship may be the world’s leading shipping platform, but we’re not an actual shipping company. Think of us as the helpful middleman between your couriers, warehouse, partners, your eCommerce platform and your customer.

This means if FedEx messes up your shipment or USPS loses your package – we can’t jump in and fix that. Only couriers can resolve in-shipment issues. But what we can do is answer your questions, resolve our own tech hangups, and ensure you get back to shipping in record time.

Our customer feedback is also visible on top websites like G2, Shopify, and TrustPilot, where 3 in 4 of clients give us 5 stars. Negative reviews happen infrequently, and most result from the misconception that we’re a shipping service ourselves. In other words, we can’t do anything about delivery issues like loss, damage, or returns. But as a middleman to these couriers, we show up in every other way and have the love of our customers to show for it.

“I definitely recommend this app. They respond to questions quickly and provide great guidance on logistics issues. Love the various useful tools and functions!

– We The People

Easyship Support: We’re Here For You

Easyship is an all-in-one shipping platform for full-service customer support. From teaching moments to tech support, questions to feature requests: our entire staff is involved in making your experience in shipping the best it can be.

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