Online shoppers convert only once they trust the retailer. For this reason, eCommerce sites use a variety of site elements to build trust, including testimonials, product reviews, and quality guarantees. Many brands, however, lose sales by overlooking a key trust signal in checkout: cost visibility.

The most common reason (49%) online shoppers give for cart abandonment is unexpected shipping costs and fees in the checkout, according to Baymard research.

A trustworthy shopping experience hinges on fully transparent costs in the checkout, in other words. But many brands struggle to serve buyers with fully landed shipping costs, especially duty and tax for international orders.

With Easyship, you can show buyers all costs associated with their order in the checkout, including shipping. Our shipping platform offers two automated cart features to provide total cost visibility to shoppers, helping you drive conversions where it matters most:

  • Rates at Checkout: Offer three courier options with fully landed costs in checkout
  • Duty and Tax at Checkout: Display accurate duty and tax for international orders

Over 100,000 merchants use Easyship’s conversion-optimizing features daily to display fully landed costs in the cart for greater conversions.

Show Fully Landed Costs with Rates at Checkout

Free shipping is the most transparent shipping option, yet it’s unaffordable to many growing merchants. Rather than fret about free-fixated shoppers, you can focus on converting the rest of your audience.

Research shows that 2 in 3 buyers prefer to shop with brands that offer multiple shipping options. Your best shoppers will understand that you can’t free shipping. And many more love your products so much they’re happy to pay a bit extra. To gain the trust that drives these sales, you can offer varied shipping options, including fully landed, transparent costs.

Rates at Checkout is a cart-optimization feature that enhances your checkout with three fully landed shipping options. You can display three live courier rates in checkout: the cheapest, the fastest, and the best-value option (a mix of speed and savings). With total costs and options at hand, every shopper can find something that works.

Eone Watches, the world’s first inclusive watch company, serves its Australian shoppers with varied courier options from HK Post, DHL, and DPEX.

The company increases the likelihood of a sale by offering shipping options for every budget and timeline. Meanwhile, pre-calculated rates for each specific shipment defuse any doubts about costs shoppers may have.

With Rates at Checkout, your brand comes off as transparent. And with a trusty checkout experience, you win more sales.

Display Accurate Duty and Tax at Checkout

Your international customers are equally sensitive to unforeseen costs, yet all foreign shipments are subject to country-specific duty and tax. How can you keep conversions up in the face of sticker shock – from both international shipping and variable duty and tax?

With Duty and Taxes at Checkout, you can display the fully landed shipping costs for international orders, including duty and tax. Working alongside Rates at Checkout, this feature displays the country-specific duty and tax for all international orders in checkout. Now your cart displays the exact duty and tax due for each specific shipment, plus three liver courier rates.

Below, the design studio Cragihill uses Duty and Tax at Checkout to display the fully landed shipping cost to ship to Medellin, Colombia.

Craighill shoppers see one final cost for their shipping, which includes the pre-calculated duty and tax amount. This transparency reduces doubts and instills much-needed confidence in the retailer. You can also choose whether to prepay duty and tax or let customers pay on arrival. With Duty and Tax in Checkout, buyers know exactly how much they’re paying, which paves the way for the sale.

Merchant Insights

Cost visibility is important for merchants as well as customers. When you can see country-specific duty and tax, you can accurately estimate your fully landed shipping costs to any country for any shipment. This allows you to predict your total costs, choose the right couriers, and plan for expansion into new markets. Without visibility into landed costs, you risk losing money on international shipments without even knowing it. Fortunately, Duty and Tax at Checkout is fully automated to ensure your clinch more sales without any extra effort.

Add Transparency to Your Checkout

In eCommerce, it's up to you to give buyers the confidence to convert. In checkout, this comes down to providing visibility of all costs, including shipping plus any duty and tax. Customers with a single cost are more likely to convert, so be sure to use Easysip’s Rates at Checkout and Duty and Tax at Checkout to boost your trustworthiness and conversions at once.

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